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Xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Hair Straightener + Travel Case

Last update: Sep 25, 2017 05:51, April Williams

God only knows how much time I’ve spent searching for the right device to tame my hair! People around me have always admired my thick frizzy curls, but I have always dreamt of having straight shiny falls of hair.

Unfortunately, all the straighteners I’ve tried in the past could hardly help me to keep up with my unruly hair. Some hair straighteners just couldn’t cope with my locks while some had good results but it was a short-term effect and after all these experiments my hair became dry and lost its natural shine.

I was tempted to say goodbye to the perfectly styled and wonderfully straight hair that I wanted so much when I coincidentally saw an advertisement of the Xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straightener — a brand new device, declared to provide salon styling and luxury luster to any type of hair. The Xtava Flat Iron reviews I read on amazon made me feel hopeful. I decided to take it as my last chance and make the order. I’ve now been using the Xtava Pro-Satin Straightener for a couple of weeks I am ready to share my impressions with you!


First and foremost I was really impressed with the design of Xtava Pro-Satin. Its stylish silver appliance and unusually wide plates look fantastic, created on the base of future technologies!

The shape is streamlined which makes the grip very comfortable. However, the stressing point is that this attractive device is rather heavy — its weight is about 1.7 lbs. For those who have never been a fan of the sport and have long thick hair, the Xtava straightener could be a difficult task to manage.

However, in all other respects, the model is very attractive. A small temperature LCD-display is located on the top of the shell and for me, that is much easier to control temperature settings. Red band infrared emitters inside the plates look intriguing and the buttons are hidden in the special cavity to prevent accidental pressing.

It was a real surprise for me that the straightener is equipped with a rotating cord 2.5 meters long. I remember how I suffered from knots and twists using other devices so this feature made me especially pleased. In addition, the sleek packaging, a travel pouch, and heat protection glove included in the set were to top-notch too.


The Shape

The shape isn’t as important as how the tool actually does its job. I was intrigued by the fact that Xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straightener works on infrared technology. After learning about it in detail, I was very impressed. As it turned out, its main purpose is the styling itself, but also hair treatment and recovery. Under the influence of infrared rays, the scales of the hair are sealed tightly which keeps all the moisture and nutrients, allowing the hair to retain and restore its vitality. The plates have a tourmaline coating providing a heat flow of charged ions for maximum smoothness.


Another interesting point is the width of the plates which are over 5 inches long! According to the manufacturer, this allows you to deal with very thick long hair quickly and effectively. The work of the device is based on the unique technology of a Dual-Plate, where the plates warm up evenly for perfect styling. Intrigued by these promises, I decided to try Xtava Pro-Satin in action. And I dare say that I was conquered!

Temperature Settings

For me, it is very convenient that this model has so many different temperature settings. There are 10 regimes ranging from 265°F (130°C) up to 465°F (240°C), giving you the possibility tho choose the temperature depending on your hair type. My hair is very thick and unruly, so I selected the maximum mode. Within only 10 minutes I saw my hair transforming strand by strand! Absolutely straight, shiny and smooth! – It was the most spectacular hairstyle I’d ever had! I looked as though I had just left the hair salon!

Tip 1: If you use this straightener with special styling substances, the result will be simply amazing. I experimented by applying a special balm before using the device, and my locks remained stunning even the next morning.

Auto Shut-Off

Additionally, it is super convenient that the Xtava Pro-Satin Straightener heats up in just 90 seconds and has an automatic shut-off function for absent-minded people like me!

Tip 2: If you want to get really straight hair quickly, for a long time, don’t assume that the wide plates can cope with excessively thick chunks of strands at a time! Once, I wanted to finish my styling quickly and foolishly added too much hair which meant I had to straighten some curls again! Take a lock of standard thickness or section as would for any other straightener — otherwise, you have the risk of sloppy styling and damage.

Xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straightener: Pros and Cons

I have major respect for the Xtava brand for this straightener! Thanks to this, millions of other girls and me are finally able to tame their frizzy hair. I could talk endlessly about the benefits of the device, but I’d just like to mention those that are the most important:

  • Straightens hair quickly and effectively.
  • Provides fantastic glitter and doesn’t harm the hair.
  • Can be used with styling products (use mousses and sprays produced specially for heat styling).
  • Convenient adjustment of temperature regimes.
  • No twisting and tangling of the cord!

Of course, some girls would consider Xtava not very comfortable to use, due to the weight and the lack of proper experience, your hand may get tired pretty quickly, resulting in the styling taking more time than usual. However, in my humble opinion, the beauty demands effort and with just a little practice and you will soon get used to it. The result will exceed all your expectations! Now I’m so happy with how my hair looks — and I’m in love with my Xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straightener!

You can read Xtava Flat Iron reviews on amazon.

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  1. I see the buttons are right on the side and I have read a few comments about this being a major downfall for some people, as they seem to be switching it off completely and not even realizing until the tool has cooled down. Is there a way to lock the temperature so that it will not be adjusted during the process of straightening?

    1. Trina

      Thank goodness, yes! You can actually lock the buttons by pressing the on/off button twice, fast. It will display a lock icon on the screen and the buttons won’t turn off unless you specifically turn the tool off.

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