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Wazor Hair Straightener: Awesome Price & Perfect Hairstyle

Last update: Sep 22, 2017 07:05, April Williams

Ladies, let’s not kid ourselves, bed head is one of the most bothersome everyday challenges. I have unmanageable fluffy and curly hair and without the right tool and products, it took too much time, effort, and nerves every day to make it look presentable! I wanted the best hair straightener for my personal needs.

By the way, here is a detailed guide on flat irons, below the article you can find the most popular and superior models available.

This is what I’m going to speak about today. I’m aware that there are several Wazor hair products available:

wazor2 wazor-curling-iron wazor3
Wazor Flat Iron >> Wazor Hair Curling Iron >> Professional Wazor Hair Dryer >>

But I decided to go for this for several reasons but also because I noticed countless positive comments and feedback on the Wazor Flat Iron so I decided to buy it. It is suitable for all hair types from fine to thick, curly, wavy, straight or frizzy and fluffy like mine. Taking into account the temperature range, protection and how well it straightens thick curly hair types and also many reviews stating how well it worked I can say overall this could even be the best flat iron for African American hair.

I’d like to start with the features and characteristics of the Wazor flat iron.


The Wazor professional straightening iron is equipped with 1-inch ceramic plates coated with titanium, which claim to provide higher protection to your hair while styling which is ideal for those with weak or split hair. Innovated titanium ceramic plates are meant to produce negative ions that neutralize frizz and close the cuticle. The ionic generator technology produces negative ions which create glossy hair and prevents it from damage.

The Wazor has 3D floating plates which mean that the plates are flexible and easily follow the direction of the force. Put simply, the Wazor iron is suitable for any hair length and type and can be used for both straightening and curling without hair tangling or pulling.

I read the above information on the box, but I needed proof so I had to try the device on my fluffy, frizzy mane.

My first Impressions of the Wazor hair straightening iron is that it worked remarkably! I was surprised how quickly it heated up and was ready to use. It glides effortlessly and smoothly, leaving my hair gorgeously straight and non-static. While using the tool, there is no burning smell or strange buzzing. It took me less than 10 minutes to do my hair! My hair looks stunning with such a short amount of time spent on it. My verdict on the tool is that I am truly impressed.

Design and Characteristics

The anti-scald design is favorable and professional with anti-slip edges. Wazor Hair straighteners are available in an assorted range of colors; black, red, white, and silver.  It’s always good to have several options!

The dimensions of the tool are 13 × 2 × 4 inches and the weight is 12 ounces -0.75 pounds (approx. 350g). This extra light construction will never make your hands tired while styling.

In regards to the materials, the heating panels are made of ceramic covered with titanium, this coating ensures that your hair won’t get damaged or burnt and the surface of the plates will never be scratched.

The tool’s body is made of high-endurance and heatproof plastic that won’t even crack if it happened to be dropped on a tile floor. These hi-tech materials deliver a super long lifetime (according to an ocean of reviews, some people have been using this iron for 5-7 years).

Wazor straightener in black

A few words about the LCD display. The current model of Wazor hair straighteners doesn’t have an LCD. I don’t actually think it’s a disadvantage because there is a temperature adjuster, with the help of which you can instantly choose the appropriate temperature setting for your hair type from 248°F (the lowest) to 446°F (the highest). The iron heats up in 30 seconds to 356°F. The manufacturer offers other models of flat-irons with LCD displays, but I this one is high quality with an affordable price.

An ionizer is a must-have component of modern flat irons and this Wazor device is equipped with this too. This function of ionization prevents generation of the static electricity and cuticle damage making your hair look silky, smooth and healthy.

Inside the box, there is the Wazor hair straightener, 2 hairpins, and a user manual.


The Wazor has a professional salon length power cord of 1.8m with a 360° rotating swivel and a touchpad lock function which makes it possible to use the tool safely regardless your socket location. The Wazor flat iron is also 110/220 Dual Voltage. Dual voltage means that your tool will perfectly fit any type of a plug so, don’t hesitate to take your Wazor flat iron on any overseas trip!  Wazor has a rotatble cord

The built-in function of automatic shut-off contributes to the usability of my hair straightener. When untouched the Wazor smart device will switch off automatically after 30 minutes.

This model doesn’t have a hanging hook, in my opinion, it’s not a big deal. Due to its compact dimensions, the Wazor hair styler can easily be stored in a cabinet.

The plates are protected with a rim which eliminates the risk of burning your face or neck. This is an advanced feature, not every hair straightener has this.

The Wazor flat iron is simplistic when it comes to the controls, there’s simply a temperature control wheel inside the plates, which also serves as a switch on/off button. People who are fond of minimal style will definitely appreciate this feature.


The Wazor flat iron is a valuable and worthwhile choice for a decent price.

The device provides all the necessary features, which a fine hair straightener should have including;

  • 1-inch 3D ceramic floating plates with a titanium coat to ensure a smooth and safe glide through strands, with the possibility to accomplish both hair straightening and curling;
  • Quick heating (30 seconds) saving your time;
  • Adjustable temperature modes (from 248°F to 446°F) suitable for any type of hair;
  • Ergonomic, anti-scald and slip-free design to provide comfort during use;
  • Long power cord with a rotating swivel to prolong the lifetime of the device;
  • Dual voltage, rimmed plates, and auto shut-off that ensures safety after styling.

Obviously, the Wazor Hair straightener is an excellent buy. It is relatively cheap while delivering top-notch styling and will assist you in looking gorgeous every day. I highly recommend it to those who value their time, money, and efforts.

92 Customer Reviews on Amazon


6 comment(s)

  1. I have been using this flat iron for the past month and love how my hair is now so easy to manage. As I understand; it’s dual voltage, but I can’t see where to adjust the voltage and it doesn’t say anything about it on the plug. I just need to be sure that it will work before I head off on my travels overseas next week.

    1. Trina

      This flat iron is dual voltage 110-220, it just automatically sets to the required voltage. The only thing you may need to get for your travels is an adapter.

  2. I don’t care for it. I just used it for the first time and found it didn’t get really hot.

    1. Sorry to hear that Jessica. The max temp of this brush should reach 446°F. If that’s not hot enough for your hair type then you will need a tool with a higher maximum temperature. If it didn’t reach this tempereature then there must be a fault in the device itself, so you should send it back and get a replacement.

  3. I received no instructions with my wazor flat iron. There aren’t any markings to say dual voltage. Should it be on the plug? – Is there supposed to be a button that switches the voltage? I don’t want to take it overseas for it to not work or worse to blow up.

    BTW, I really love how well it straightens my hair.

    1. It will automatically switch over without any problems. I also found it concerning the fact that it wasn’t printed on the cord and how it didn’t have a switch either but I can assure you that it definitely is dual voltage.

      It’s great to hear that you love the tool!

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