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VAV Hair Straightener Review

Last update: Aug 17, 2017 13:54, Trina

Care should be taken when selecting a hair styling tool so that you ultimately will end up with the one that is perfect for you and your personal needs.  This is a VAV flat iron review where  I am going to go over what I believe to be the positive and negative aspects of this hair straightening tool because an informed consumer is a wise consumer.  You need the right tool to make your hair look great this tool might not be the best professional flat iron but it can undoubtedly straighten and curl my hair with ease.  From my experience, this is the best flat iron for curling hair that I have used thanks to its rounded shaped edges and it doesn’t take much time either because it heats up really quickly and is easy to grip.

First Impressions

The VAV Hair Straightener has a very compact design. The measurements are 9 x 1 x 1 inches. The unit weighs in at a featherlight 15 ounces. This lends itself to the straightener being ideal for the traveler. But, like most other models with these particular features, it is also a good tool to use at home too. In either setting, it will not take up much space.

This model is currently only available in white. No other colors appear to be offered. In white, it looks fresh and clean.

The body of this flat iron is made of plastic. The heating elements are constructed with tourmaline ceramic. Ceramic is the best material for hair irons as it provides a consistent distribution of heat and protection to the hair.

The plates are rectangular and are the standard, one inch in width, making this straightener suitable for most hair types. An additional point to mention regarding the heating plates is that they are floating plates. This means that they pivot multi-directionally based on the pressure put on them as the hair glides through them. This results in a very gentle touch on the hair during use.

Also included in the box is a pair of hair clips. These will help section your hair making the process thorough and easier to get every strand of hair.

The VAV straightener only operates at one temperature so there is no LCD display on the body.



Heating to the maximum temperature of 410°F takes approximately 60 seconds.

This straightener has a 360° swivel cord accommodating ease of use as well as a reducing the chance of a burning the cord too.

There is no hanging hook for easy storage. But, then again, the tool is small, so this is not a major issue as it doesn’t take up much space on a shelf, in a cupboard or bag.

The button layout is simple and very straightforward. You see, there is only a lone on/off slider switch located on the inside of the body. The switch is accompanied by a LED light that indicates when the device is ready to use.


Upon Further Inspection

As stated previously, this straightener only operates at one temperature. It is 410 Fahrenheit (210 Celsius).

The heating plates emit negative ions, which leave your locks silky smooth and give the hair more durability to the straightening meaning that your finished style will last all day long.

The surface of the heating elements is tourmaline ceramic. This material is very gentle to hair and provides a uniform temperature across the surface of the plates.

There is no automatic shutoff function. So, after each use, make sure to turn it off and unplug it.

The VAV Hair Straightener is designed to use with 110 volts (60Hz) electrical service. If you need to use your tool in another part of the world other than North America, an inexpensive and readily available adapter will need to be purchased separately.



The VAV is an effective, compact and highly portable hair straightener. It can be used at home or on the go and will not take up much luggage or storage space. It is lightweight and very easy to use. Just turn it on, wait about 60 seconds for the LED next to the switch to light up, and it is ready for use. There are no changeable temperature settings to deal with.

The addition, a pair of hair clips is a useful free bonus and is also a pleasant way for the manufacturer to say thank you for purchasing their product. Additions like these could have a positive influence for the purchaser to not only come back in the future but could also result in the person recommending the company and its products to their friends and family. Word of mouth is the best and most inexpensive form of advertising.

The white, all plastic design looks clean and modern. This will not seem out of place wherever you will use it.

The tourmaline ceramic plates on this tool are extremely gentle and kind to the hair with the unique feature that they pivot. This takes the stress off the hair as it goes through the plates and makes this iron very comfortable to use.

A 360-degree rotating cord is always a welcome addition to a hair iron. This is because is keeps the power cord out of the way while using the tool, and most importantly, out of harm’s way. It’s convenient that the VAV hair straightener is equipped with this.

The heating plates are ionizing, so, they emit negative ions during the heating process, which results in longer lasting straightening and promotes very smooth hair that does not come out over-processed or damaged.

Although the tool is intended for use in North America (110-volt service), this straightener can be used anywhere in the world with the addition of an inexpensive adapter.

At $16.99 currently, this is a real bargain. It’s had a massive 76% ($53) markdown from the regular price of $69.99. Free shipping is also available for Amazon Prime subscribers.

There are only two negatives, both of which are quite minor. First of all, there is no hanging hook on this unit. Again, however, with the small dimensions of this straightener, this makes this fact almost a non-issue and secondly, there is no automatic shutoff feature is also fairly minor. You just need to make sure to remember to switch it off and unplug it after each use.

2 comment(s)

  1. I want something relatively cheap just to straighten my fringe in the morning and to get the kink out of my hair as it is already relatively straight. Would this be a suitable option for me?

    1. Trina

      It sounds like this would be a fine option for you; personally, I love how it’s so light and portable. It sounds like I have the same hair type as yours; I use mine only for touch ups too and I can just put it in my bag and can simply touch my hair up quickly anywhere I need to. If your hair is mostly straight already, then a tool like the VAV would be a good choice for you as it will surely give you the look you want while being completely inexpensive!

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