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Straightening Brush with Ceramic Surface from Isa Review

Last update: Mar 24, 2017 09:16, Trina

Not so long ago, straightening brushes started replacing flat irons, and now many women prefer this kind of straighteners. The ISA Professional is one of those new devices. And I have to say that if you choose this tool you will never regret.

Basic properties:

  • Professional model
  • 100% Titanium Ceramic brush plate
  • Temperature control 330-450F
  • 30 Minute Auto shut off
  • 2 year warranty
  • 360 degree no tangle cord


~ $120*

* approximate price


Frankly speaking, this straightener is just perfect! You just have to brush your hair slowly. After being brushed, your curls will look as if you`ve straightened them with a flat iron, having spent a lot of time. But I have to say this product doesn`t leave any lines as regular irons do. And by the way, if you have long hair, this item will be a real salvation for you because you won`t have to spend half an hour or even more to make you strands look great. Fast heating and ease of use are the main features of this ceramic straightening brush.

Now I would like to say some words about my personal experience. To begin with, this is the best straightener I have ever used. It is rather compact and you can take it with you wherever you want. And to say that I was impressed by its design very much is to say nothing. But first things first.

Temperature adjusting

Well, first of all, you have an opportunity to adjust the temperature of this device. It has three different buttons:

  • a power button and
  • two buttons for adjusting the temperature.

The buttons are located on the front so you will not push them by accident. You can use these arrow buttons to adjust the temperature up or down. The temperature display is also on the front. So, you can control how much heat you are getting. Just push the button to increase or decrease the heat.

This is great because sometimes you do not want your locks to be glam straight and you do not need to overheat them. In this case, 330-400 degrees F are enough. The maximum temperature of 450 degrees F is the standard for salon tools and this fact indicates that the model was designed with professional use in mind. In addition, different girls have different hair types and textures. If you have curly strands the hotter temperature will work for you. The temperature ranges from 330 to 450 degrees F which covers almost all hair types. Thin hair requires a lower temperature to be styled, so even 350 degrees F might work.

Isa brushe in redFeatures and characteristics

Thanks to the unique shape of the head of this professional tool you can do more than just straighten your curls. It will be so easy to make it wavy using this wonderful tool. Just keep experimenting. The effect will be more than great! And it saves so much time! Why? Read below.


I am going to say some words about its features and characteristics. First of all, this amazing product has a 100% titanium ceramic heating plate, which will help you get salon quality locks at a leisurely pace at home in a short time and not to burn your hair. So, it has a top quality ceramic coating and springy bristles to protect your scalp. These bristles are very smooth and allow locks to easily slide among them without snagging. Moreover, this ceramic brush will not pull or toggle your strands. They will stay hydrated after styling and will look super natural. This tool will help you keep natural volume and will leave your hair soft. The secret is simple. A ceramic plate uses infrared technology to emit negative ions that lock the moisture in strands, making them naturally shiny and glossy. In contrast to rubber or metal plates, this new technology transfers heat quickly and gives you the most even heating that is necessary to style your hair. This is why the brush heats up within a minute to an appropriate temperature. You also have to know that if you have thin hair, you should choose ceramic styling tools because they protect hair structure and do not cause damage.

Auto shut-off

Besides, a 30-minute auto shut-off will make you feel safe. The device will actually shut itself off after 30 minutes of non-use. This automatic shut-off ensures you have one less thing to worry about.


The brush runs on electricity (it is dual voltage) and has a nice long cord. The round 360 degree no tangle cord is very convenient. This rotating cord really helps. You are able to move quite freely when using the tool. A hanging hook is also present.


And the most pleasing fact for the customer is that this styling product has 2-year warranty.

Available Colors

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that it comes in two colors: red and blue, which look very attractive. Whatever the case, the color gives the product a personality.


The brush comes with a heat resistant black glove that will help you avoid burns. By the way, most brands do not offer this protective item.

Conclusions: would I recommend this brush?

Let`s draw conclusions. If you use this professional product you will definitely have less hair breakage. After using this brush, your locks doesn`t get oily and greasy as if after an ordinary flat iron. The ISA brush will let you either straighten your curls or get various waves on your own without any difficulties.

I`m sure it is a must have for every girl, who wants to look well-groomed every day!

Your strands will look perfectly smooth and shiny all day long! If you`re looking for a high-quality straightening brush, I would highly recommend purchasing the straightening brush from ISA Professional. This will make your life so much easier and your hair will look so much healthier when combined with a good conditioner.

Also, it is a very good alternative to flat ironing. It really makes styling easy and comfortable. Less worry about burns and no hair damage! The brush is very comfortable to work with and you do not get tangled in the cord.

This straightener is made with fantastic workmanship details and superior quality materials. The brush heats up in no time at all, so if you`re in a hurry just run it through your hair a few times and it will look so much better! No more bushy ends! It will be a great present for any woman!

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  1. I received my order yesterday and I am about to go overseas, I need to know if it is dual voltage before I take it away with me?

    1. Hi, Jane! It is indeed dual voltage and can be used worldwide! The only thing you may need is a plug adapter. Happy travels!

    1. This brush goes through hair easily without causing damage and I would highly recommend this hair straightening brush for those with really thick hair.

    2. I have super thick hair and am very impressed with this brush, how it makes my hair look and feel. It cuts the time I used to spend doing my hair in half! I do go over the same section a few times if I want it really straight.

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