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How to Straighten Hair without Heat

Last update: Aug 17, 2017 13:27, Trina

Chemical Straightening (protein treatment): Pros & Cons

Chemical hair straightening salon procedure

Protein straightening is a very popular salon treatment. It leaves the hair smooth, strong and shiny by nourishing it with vital substances. Specialists use specific products that include both potent and nourishing components for straight, healthy and beautiful strands.

Basic Steps

Chemical straightening is performed as follows:

  • Hair is carefully combed with a few tooth comb and is washed with a keratin-based shampoo – the substance should be carefully rubbed into every strand to get the best result, then thoroughly rinsed out.
  • Hair is combed again and left to dry naturally for a few minutes.
  • The specialist applies the straightening composition on damp locks, then it is carefully rubbed into each strand throughout the full length of the hair and is left for 30-40 minutes.
  • The stylist dries hair thoroughly with a hair dryer and irons each strand at the temperature of about 230 degrees to seal the keratin inside and smooth all of the hair scales carefully.
  • To remove excess keratin, the hair is washed again and then dried with a hair dryer.

As a final result, the hair becomes perfectly flat and smooth from the roots and will shine admirably without any hair sprays. The effect can last for up to 4-6 months, and growing roots can be quickly and easily touched-up.



Specialists providing professional chemical hair straightening may offer you the following:

  • Smooth, never tangled, very easy to comb and well-groomed hair – even if you are just out of bed!


  • Impressively shiny strands every time – as you know, nothing makes a woman look so stunning as a striking hairstyle does!


  • Effective and careful treatment for all hair types, including thin and weak.


  • A hairdo that holds constancy, even after being in wild conditions such as rain and strong wind – just comb your hair and it will be sleek again!


  • Your hair will be protected from harmful environmental influences such as the sun, dust, and polluted air.


  • There is an easy and safe way to adjust the chemical wave if you don’t like it!
Despite obvious advantages, protein treatment tends to have some drawbacks as any procedure where chemicals are used:

  • After chemical straightening, you have to keep your hair from moisture for 72 hours. If you wash your head or accidentally get caught in the rain, the effect will be lost.


  • Products for straightening can contain ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction, so you should be careful.


  • There is a risk of poisoning if a specialist uses inadequate compositions.


  • Hair can get dirty faster, so you may have to wash it more often.


  • The treatment process takes quite long, usually from 3-5 hours.

Another important advantage of protein treatment is the long-term effect it has. You can forget about straightening for a few months! However, be sure to use the special keratin-based shampoo and conditioner, as this will allow you to save the beauty and accuracy of your hairstyle.

In addition, if you have very thick, frizzy hair, the effect of protein straightening may not be so effective and long-lasting as you may expect. However, this treatment technique has already proved its benefits, and therefore it is considered to be a good alternative to heating tools.

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  1. I’m considering getting my hair chemically straightened to give it a break from the heat I use on it daily. How long does it hair last?

    1. Trina

      It is a permanent service, so it will last until your hair grows out. So if your hair is naturally curly then all of your hair will stay straight except the re-growth will, of course, be growing out curly. So I would say about 60 days, depending on how fast your hair grows.

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