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How to Straighten Hair without Heat

Last update: Aug 17, 2017 13:27, Trina

« A woman with curly hair always wants it to be straight,  a woman with straight hair always dreams of having curls»

For some, it may seem amusing, but us ladies know there’s definitely truth to that statement. We tend to experiment with our hair and are always eager to try something new. This applies to the lucky owners of curly hair as well as they continue to dream of a luxurious cascade of straight and smooth glossy strands even if people sincerely admire their lively curls.

There are many ways to make your hair straight. Heating tools will definitely make your hair straight quickly and you don’t even need to go to the salon for that. However don’t forget that high temperatures can do irreversible damage to the hair, especially if you misuse your hair straightening device. There’s even a risk to burn your hair.

Besides styling, you have to use a lot of special products, such as thermal-protecting sprays and silicone-based serums which can actually aid your hair temporarily. So, if you don’t want to spoil your hair by using a popular straightening brush or iron regularly it would be a good idea to turn to alternative methods of straightening:

Chemical Straightening

Natural Oils

This method includes techniques such as thermal straightening and ionic treatment.

However more often girls prefer protein treatment that has been recognized to provide the most care for the hair.

This technique implies the use of special products based on proteins known as keratin, which is the most important component of the hair structure.

They also contain chemical ingredients for thickening, moisturizing and softening the hair to make it super straight and maintain its health.

This way is perfect for those who want to make their hair sleek and shiny at home without causing strands any harm.

It will not take much time and doesn’t require any special tools. You just need to apply the oils to your hair and leave it overnight.

This method is really cheap and does not cause any damage.

But, unfortunately, this method doesn’t work for thick curly hair.

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  1. I’m considering getting my hair chemically straightened to give it a break from the heat I use on it daily. How long does it hair last?

    1. Trina

      It is a permanent service, so it will last until your hair grows out. So if your hair is naturally curly then all of your hair will stay straight except the re-growth will, of course, be growing out curly. So I would say about 60 days, depending on how fast your hair grows.

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