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Solia Tourmaline Flat Iron Review

Last update: Aug 22, 2017 07:59, Alice

I’ve gone through my fair share of flat irons over the years, and have had enough of buying replacements of cheap devices every year or so, for one reason or another. When I found out about the Solia Flat Iron, I was intrigued instantly after hearing that it’s a typical for people to have this straightener for 5 years. Of course, I then considered all other aspects of the tool before deciding it was suitable for me. It seemed to be exactly what I needed, so I went for it and ordered a Solia flat iron for myself. The price is fair when I compared to other models with similar features. I had read a lot of positive reviews so to be quite honest I had high hopes for this flat iron, to cope with my thick curly hair.

Solia properties:

  • Adjustable temperature (140°F – 450°F)
  • Dynamic alignment system
  • Hanging hook
  • Dual-voltage
  • Ceramic/ Tourmaline plates
  • Swivel cord


~ $20*

* approximate price


First Impressions

I got my device in matte black but it’s actually available in several other cool colors too. There’s hot pink, bright red or bright blue, all in matte so that means no fingerprint marks. As I got the black variant, the plates are bright blue which looks really awesome! – If you decide to go for one of the brighter colors the plates are black. When I held it in my hand it felt comfortable and most of all, I felt that it was much lighter than other flat irons I had used in the past.


When I plugged the device in, it heated itself up really quickly to the temperature highest temperature. It doesn’t have an LCD screen, but it’s not necessary as the temperature is easily indicated on the dial wheel where you easily select the temperature and can realize what it is without any difficulty.  It reaches a high enough temperature to straighten thick strands with only one pass through a section of hair.

It’s comfortable to hold and the plates are ultra-smooth and glide effortlessly through the hair without any snagging whatsoever. The Solia flat iron plates are made of ceramic with tourmaline which heats quickly and evenly while emitting negative ions to promote shiny healthy hair. I can say that I definitely notice the difference of using a hair straightening devices with and without a negative ion release. The negative ion release truly makes the hair look much healthier.

The plates also feature a dynamic alignment system which ensures the plates get close together to grip the hair in the same place, this results in accurate straightening and only needing to pass over a certain section of hair once, reducing the chance of heat damage – the less heat applied the better and these plates are designed to reduce the amount of heat that needs to be applied resulting in healthier hair and the hairstyle being achieved in a shorter time span.

The swivel cord eliminates that annoyance or the cord tangling and getting in the way and the cord length is of a suitable for styling without running short during the process.  My hair is long and curly and this is perfect for dealing with my hard to manage hair, the plates are an ideal size (1.7”), there is a smaller variant of 1.25” if you plan to use it for curling too.

Upon Further Inspection – Mentioning a Few Minuses

I’ve already mentioned everything that I love about the Solia, but now I will mention a few factors that I believe could be improved.

  • The outer shell can actually get too hot to touch sometimes, so a heat resistant glove would be something ideal to have when using it, so it can’t be switched on for longer than 30mins without the need to turn it off to allow the device to cool down a bit, or you can use a low temperature. To be honest, it never takes me that long to style my hair but if I happen to get distracted and notice that it’s been on for longer than 30 minutes, that’s when I’ve noticed how hot it gets.
  • No automatic shut-off – this took some getting used to, as my previous tool had an auto-shut off, but once I made it systematic to turn it off after each use, it wasn’t really a problem at all. This saves energy anyway, it’s like when you get in a habit of turning lights off when leaving a room, it’s just something that you are used to and easy to do it systematically.
  • It didn’t come with a pouch or case of any kind to store it in, but it does have a hanging hook, so I got my husband to attach a hook in a convenient space near the mirror in the bathroom for me so that makes means it’s always kept tidily and ready for me to use at any given moment. A pouch or case for the device for traveling with the device would still be something favorable, but I’m sure I’ll find something to put it in, perhaps I’ll make something myself or purchase a cheap one online.


Overall I’m really impressed with the Solia and I can say that it’s the best tool that’s been able to cope with my hair with such ease.  I’d also like to mention that once my hairstyle is complete, it stays all day long without the need to touch up which is something that wasn’t apparent with other flat irons that I’ve had in the past. For anyone with really thick hair struggling to find a device to manage their hair, I recommend the Solia. You can scoot on over to Amazon and buy the 1.25 inch here or the 1.75 inch here.

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