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Round Conair Electric Brush for both Straightening & Curling

Last update: Sep 20, 2017 17:18, Alice

I needed an affordable tool to help me manage my hair as the tool I had just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. I always had doubts about purchasing something that’s significantly lower in price than most others on the market but the reviews of this particular Conair tool had me convinced that this was not a dud.

Round Conair properties:

  • Dimensions – 36cm/15”
  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • Turbo heat – extra fast high heat
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Dual voltage
  • Safety counter rest
  • Power on indication light
  • Extra-long cool tip to safely hold
  • 25 heat settings


~ $10*

* Approximate price


Temperature Guide

1-8 is for delicate and thin hair types
9-14 is for average to thick or treated hair
15-20 is for thick or wavy hair
21-25 is for hair to curl hair

This brush has the capability of both curling and smoothening strands. It cannot straighten hair completely like a flat iron, but it certainly smooths it out.

I naturally have wavy-curly hair that’s rather frizzy but if I use this tool intending to smoothen it, I will receive soft waves, free from flyway’s and frizz or I can flip the ends under which pretty much gives a straightened look. I love the fact that this tool is multi-purpose.

This brush is suitable for people with all hair types. Those with curly hair use this brush as a relaxer for their hard-to-manage curls, while straight haired girls usually like to add some volume or curls and wavy hair girls probably like to do a bit of both! I love something that’s multifunctional! I can’t imagine this brush being suitable for people with really short hair because the barrel is too big and it wouldn’t be able to wrap the hair around the length of the hair.


Within 30 seconds of turning the device on, it can be used.

The first time you use this tool, it might seem frustrating if you haven’t used a heated barrel for styling before, but don’t give up on it, the next time you’ll better and soon enough you’ll have it mastered and be creating gorgeous hairstyles with ease. It’s very different from using a regular curling iron and I don’t get any kinks in my hair like I did when curling with a regular curling iron.

A Mutli-functional Tool is always a Favorable One

The bristles are made of hard, soft plastic so as long as you don’t touch the metal strips in between the bristles, you’ll be absolutely fine. Basically, you can wrap your hand around the bristles when the device is on and not get burnt, but if you happen to touch the metal barrel, you will get burnt. The teeth are strong and don’t snag the hair.

• To adjust the temperature, you simply need to twist the dial at the end of the handle.

For curls/waves:
Brush through a section of hair until you reach the end, and then twist your wrist to curl the hair around the brush, hold for a few seconds then release and you will have a beautiful curl/wave. Be careful when wrapping your hair around the barrel because it’s not fun if it gets tangled. Take your time (especially at the start). This barrel size can provide loose, bouncy curls so if you’d like to have tighter, more spiral looking curls, then you can check out the ¾” barrel sized tool.

For a full voluminous look:
Brush the heated tool through your strands from the very top to the bottom. This will give a decent amount of volume to those that usually have flat hair. For those that have fine hair, this hair tool is a good option for you as regular flat irons being used on these hair types can make them look flat and wispy.

• Try flicking the ends out or curling the ends under by changing the direction you hold and direct the heated brush.


• Turbo boost feature – I guess it’s intended to speed up the whole hairstyling procedure but I, of course, tested it out for myself and ended up seriously damaging my hair. So, if you know your hair is super thick and undefeatable then the turbo boost is for you but for anyone with thin-medium hair should stay away from something so harsh and damaging to the hair.
• No handy extras included with the package, just the tool itself. Although, for such an affordable price, I didn’t expect any extras and it’s easy to purchase a few items for easy hair styling yourself anyway.

A Few Items to Consider Buying for Easier Hairstyling:

• A heat-resistant glove – the barrel is not anti-scald, it’s heated metal which gets really hot. So either you make sure you’re really careful or purchase yourself a heat-resistant glove for your own safety and keep those hands beautiful!
• Some clips to section your hair for easier hair styling.
• Heat protectant – no matter how often you use heat on your hair, it’s always best to use some kind of heat protectant to keep your hair in good condition.

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