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Revlon Hot Air Brush for Daily Hair Styling

Last update: Aug 17, 2017 13:18, April Williams

If you are someone who has difficulty styling your own hair then you are in the right place.  I’m going to review the electric Revlon round brush today which is a device that can relieve you from all the stress and frustration often involved in a daily hair styling process. The Revlon Hot Air Brush is a state-of-the-art styler that overcome an eternal bad hair challenge and create a trendy hair-do with one hand in mere minutes! So I want to start by telling you why I decided to pick up the Revlon hot air styler and dryer brush? Well, there are over fifty thousand people who have already bought this product in America and I got curious to know what makes it so highly-sought. I can now say that I found out! Don’t confuse this brush with the Revlon Hot Air Spin Brush as that’s a different device but I think this is plus and I’ll get let you know why a little bit further down.

Revlon Hot Air Brush: Features and Characteristics

My impressions when I first tried the Revlon hot air styler and dryer were truly deep. I was positively shocked: inspiring design, comfortable handle, tangle-free bristles, and removable barrels – they are all ideal for curling, straightening, and brushing while drying. But the coolest thing is that this tool adds volume to the hair regardless its length and type, it eliminates frizz, and makes static hair smooth too! Revlon is a great find for my fuzzy, rebellious mop. I got a stunning result from the very first use!

I fell in love with Revlon hot air styler and dryer on the spot! First of all, this instrument is a multifunctional hair appliance. Whether you want gentle waves, bouncy curls or straight hair – This tool does it all! I really like its design too; the tool looks like a round brush with stiff bristles, which are aimed to provide smooth combing on both wet and dry hair.


The device itself is made of high-tech materials: two barrels are ceramic with triple baked tourmaline covering. Such a smart coating was developed to provide safe heat application and supply your hair with conditioning ions. This ionic technology contributes to a more shiny and healthy hair look.

The Revlon styler body is made of impact-resistant and non-heating plastic to ensure the dryer will not break even if fallen from a high height and you will never burn yourself while using it.

The model is black with hot-red buttons. I think this color scheme looks rad and up-to-date. These heat brushes are available in other color combinations too like silver, blushing red, gold and black, and bright pink. I am sure everyone will find a Revlon hot brush in their favorite color composition.

The handle is a bit massive but very convenient for gripping, the knob-like shape is meant to prevent slipping while operating; which is convenient.

The two red buttons are truly eye-catching. The smaller button is an on/off switch, while the larger one sets the intensity. This electric brush boasts three speed and three heat settings with a cold mode.

Other items in the box include a user manual and two different barrel sized connections suitable for any hair length. The bigger attachment features more sparse bristles to style long hair and the smaller one has more dense bristles to serve short locks. Multiple holes around the barrels contribute to better air conditioning and quick drying.


The attachments are easy to change – just pull a barrel to release, take it off and then place another one – they simply just click on!

Here I need to point out one important point about the Revlon round brush the barrels do not rotate. I personally do not think it is a disadvantage because if they rotated automatically, your hair could easily become tangled. (I understood this many times with my previous styling brushes). With manual rotation, you are in control of the situation! Some people prefer a rotating hot air brush but this one works perfectly for me.

Revlon Heated Brush: Usage

In addition to the excellent design, the manufacturer took special care of usability and convenience of the hot air brush. First of all, this dryer has ideal dimensions; 2 × 7 × 16 inches, which makes it very simple for storage.  The styler is so compact that it can be kept anywhere from a wall cabinet to the bathroom shelf. The device weighs nearly 1 pound, making it easy to hold while styling.

The sizes of thermal barrels are 1inch and 1-1/2inch what is very desirable for those women who love to style their hair differently every day. With different attachments, it’s possible to create a unique hairstyle and accentuate your individuality.

Though the cord is not rotating, it is tangle free and has a swivel which prevents any defect or tearing of the cord. What is more is that the tool has a cord of a professional salon length – 1.8 m! Besides that, the model is equipped with a hanging hook which is very handy because if all your cabinets are full, you can simply hang Revlon brush on a wall out of the way.


The device is 500W. This wattage is pretty good if you have fine, damaged or dyed hair because the machine won’t harm to it.
The only disappointment about Revlon hot brush is that it is not dual voltage meaning you will need to have an adapter if you are not going to use the tool in America.

The shut-off function is a must-have feature of any heated hair tool because even the most responsible person can forget to turn their heated tool off. The Revlon hot air brush switches off automatically after 30 minutes of inaction.


After having tried this heated brush on my coarse hair, I now completely understand what makes this styler is so prioritized and trustworthy. The Revlon hot air brush is a very worthy purchase because:

  • The device is multifunctional; it is ideal for drying, but straightening and creating waves as well. Moreover, it adds colossal volume to thin hair.
  • The innovative tourmaline covering traets all hair types and lengths safely. The use of coating acts like an ionizer for silky, beautiful hair.
  • The minimalistic, design promotes easy and convenient tool usage.
  • The dryer has three heat and speed settings to control and adjust the power of heat.
  • The Revlon hot air styler and dryer is made of high-quality materials what ensures lifelong working.


I hope this review has is helpful for you.


4 comment(s)

  1. How hot does the brush get & does it give a long lasting result?

    1. Trina

      The brush gets pretty hot. It gives a good shape to the hair, providing volume and a gentle curl. It does not give the distinct curls that a curling iron or straightening tongs can provide, though. But I am really happy with how my hair looks after I have used it. The style lasts all day, sometimes even through to the next – depending on what I was doing on that particular day or how active I was, or of course on the weather!

  2. I want to know more about the bristles. Are they soft, or more so – how do they feel when going through the hair?

    1. They are fine flexible bristles that don’t hurt your head but lift and separate the hair to let the airflow through. They will not tangle up in your hair – they do not extend very far from the barrel. They are made to grasp your hair lightly and allow it to glide smoothly through at your pace.

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