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Remington Tame the Mane Detangling Brush

Last update: Sep 22, 2017 06:00, Alice

We all know how hard curly strands can be to manage, especially for young kids. When it’s time to brush their hair it can be a nightmare of screaming and tantrums because of how much it hurts and how tangled their curly locks get throughout the day. When I saw this brush, to tell you the truth I wasn’t sure how well it would work for my niece’s hair, but I wanted to see if it could be helpful for her and her mom too. My niece has very curly, quite thin hair and because she’s such an active child, her hair gets pretty matted throughout the day which leads to tears and tantrums every evening when it’s time to detangle them. Even during the night her hair gets pretty tangled from moving around in her sleep.

Remington Tame Properties:

  • Cordless battery powered
  • Wet/Dry use
  • Protective cover for storage & travel
  • Dimensions – 2 x 1.4 x 10.6 inches
  • Weight – 1lb
  • 2-year warranty
  • 60-day money back guarantee


~ $20*

* Approximate price

remington-tameShe’s used wide tooth combs when her hair is wet and just been washed which was the easiest time to get rid of the knots, but all other times when the hair was dry, it was never a pleasant time of the day. I hated seeing my niece crying when she had her hair brushed or combed, I don’t have curly hair and neither does my sister so she got it from her father and guys can simply cut their hair really short and not have to worry about tangles.

First Impressions

The device had me quite skeptical when I first saw it, but I thought for such a cheap price it’s worth a shot! When the brush arrived I took it to my sister’s place and introduced my purchase to my 7-year-old niece. She instantly liked the bright purple color of the brush and was intrigued mostly because I said she’d be able to get the tangles out of her hair without the help of anyone. We all agreed on how strange the brush/comb looked but were equally curious and intrigued to see how well it would actually work.


  • First of all, the brush is cordless, so there’s no need to be near a power point to brush your hair; it just requires two AA batteries (which are included).
  • There’s just a simple on/off switch for operation of the brush, which makes it uncomplicated for children to operate without any help and be independent with detangling their own hair.
  • The brush can be used straight after washing hair when the hair is wet or it can be used when the hair is dry.
  • It gently loosens knots and removes tangles as the bristles rock back and forth while gliding through the strands of hair. It works tangles out with the unique shaped bristles that vibrate. You should slowly move the vibrating comb down the length of the strands and it gently and gradually removes the tangles.
  • The teeth of the brush have soft tips which ensure the process is not painful and unpleasant. My niece uses this brush herself in the morning and night and detangles her hair by herself. There are no more tears or debates trying to avoid brushing her hair before school or bed.
  • After the detangling is finished, simply put the protective cover over the bristles for storage.

In Conclusion

I can say that this handy, weird looking device has made life so much easier for my sister’s family. It has saved their family’s sanity. She said that wide tooth combs don’t compare to this and my niece actually enjoys detangling her hair by herself. This brush is recommended for children but it’s an awesome tool for anyone with curly hair as it makes detangling super easy. Many people with really curly, natural hair are using this tool and have reported that it works wonders!

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