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Remington S 5500 Hair Straightening Iron Review

Last update: Aug 17, 2017 13:15, Anna

Girls are so capricious and fickle, always changing our minds, wanting something or missing something. I mean most of us that have straight hair want it curly, if we have wavy strands – we will not settle until we straighten it. This is why I have three assistants, i.e. a blow dryer, a straightener and a curling iron. Today I want to tell you about my hair straightener, the Remington 1 inch flat iron that I currently use. There are also abundant additional Remington S5500 reviews you can read on here on amazon too but I am going to go into thorough details of my Remington hot iron here so that you can be properly informed before making a purchase. This is one of the best Remington flat irons on the market thanks to its up-to-date features which you’ll find out more about further down. I can say that it’s without a doubt the best I’ve ever used!

First Impression

I have received this digital anti-static 1-inch ceramic flat iron in a cardboard box. It was completed with a wonderful felt cover. The cover is remarkable not only because it protects the device from external damage, but also because the back of the cover has special fasteners for the cord.

The design of the tool is simple and elegant with a matte body is matte that is pleasant to touch and it’s purple which I absolutely love the color! It has a convenient cord length of 1.8 m.

The cord rotates around its axis, which makes it very comfortable to use. You can forget about annoying bends and knots forever. There are 3 buttons on the side of the body; temperature increase (+) and decrease (-), and an on/off. I felt very content while using this straightener, as the straighteners metal plates have a ceramic coating.

The straightener has a digital display which shows the temperature, making it easier to work with the device. The heating temperatures range from 150˚C to 230˚C. The flat iron flashes during the heating process and I must say it does this very quickly, taking approximately 15 seconds to heat up.

When the device is heated, the display is lit in blue. If you have styled your hair and a little bit later you remember that the straightener is still on, don’t worry, after 60 minutes of operation it automatically switches off.

The Pros

So, the pros! There are a lot of advantages! And I`m going to share them all with you. Let`s start.

  • The straightener is very light – it`s like a toy!
  • It has a high-temperature setting range.
  • The digital display with backlight showing the temperature.
  • Long and thin plates, suitable for short hair, they are in close contact with each other without any gaps.  It’s very easy to create volume at the roots, to curl, straighten bangs and short hair with these thin plates. The length of the plates make straightening faster don’t damage your hair.
  • It heats up quickly (just 15 seconds to achieve the minimum temp of 150°C – the manufacturer did not disappoint). It also cools down quite fast.
  • It is extremely easy to smooth out the hair.
  • Automatic shut-off after 60 minutes of operation (special thanks to the manufacturers for this function, I belong to the category of those who always forgot to turn something off).
  • The swivel cord rotates 360°.
  • There is a lock button for the plates, which makes it’s safe and appropriate to heat them closed.
  • Heat-resistant carrying case.
  • Perfectly sliding plates, making your strands smooth and shiny.
  • Floating plates. They provide consistent pressure on the surface of the hair leaving no any curves with styling that looks perfect all day long.
  • Price – it’s not very expensive.
  • Heating buttons can be locked.
  • Automatic voltage selection.


Remington s5500 straightener and its box


That’s enough about the technical specifications. Now some words about my personal impressions.

My hair is quite thick, not thin. I’m currently trying to grow out my natural hair color, so I haven’t dyed it for almost a year. It is wavy by nature, but every time after shampooing, I straighten or curl it (either using a blow dryer or by the means of a straightening or curling iron).

First About Straightening

I usually straighten my curls at the temperature of 180-190˚ C. A  higher temperature, in my opinion, may increase the risk of burning your hair. This instrument is really impressive, leaving no curves or kinks in my hair as most flat irons I have tried do.

But, of course, there`s more to come. Like some other straighteners, this one can also curl your hair. Based on my personal experience, I can say that it is necessary to use broad and flat strands for curling.

And as for the effect of the flat iron on my hair, it hasn’t become worse; actually quite the contrary. Despite the fact that I rarely use thermal protection products, masks, and balms my strands acquire an unreal shine after using the tool, they’re easy to brush, not all over the place and they are no longer fluffy.

My Conclusion

In short, this model is perfect – it straightens quickly and efficiently and at the same time it doesn’t burn the hair thanks to its advanced ceramic coating.

I almost forgot to say. You already know that the body has a display with blue backlight, which shows all the information. When you turn the appliance on, it automatically sets the temperature of 190°C. If necessary, you can easily adjust it to any other, whichever is suitable for your hair structure! Also, it’s super convenient to have the option to turn on the lock to ensure you don’t remove the settings by accident. To do this, press the “-“ button and hold it until you see the image of the lock on the screen.

I wish you beautiful and healthy hair! And don’t forget to use thermal protection when using any heated tool!

I recommend Remington S 5500. The modern advanced ceramic coating completely eliminates any possible hair breakage while sliding the plates gently through my strands that creating a gorgeous look.



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  1. Are the plates completely ceramic or just ceramic coated? – I’ve had a ceramic coated flat iron in the past and over time it started to wear off and became scratched quite easily; I just don’t want to have that problem again.

    1. Trina

      They are fully ceramic. I love this straightener.

  2. The Remington S5500 Digital Anti Static 1 Inch Ceramic Hair Straightener has a lot of different things going for it including the price.

  3. The Remington S5500 Digital Anti Static 1 Inch Ceramic Hair Straightener has a lot of different things going for it including the price.

    1. Yeah, it’s a great tool!

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