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The Most Popular Brushes Comparison Chart

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Below is a comparison chart with some of the most popular brushes on the market today. Depending on your personal needs makes certain features more important for you than for someone else with different needs, so you need to understand what kind of features would make the brush most comfortable for you. Here are a few questions to help understand your needs.

What hair type do you have? – If your hair is thin or fine, you don’t need a device with a high temperature, as a low temperature will straighten your hair just as good and high temperatures will more than likely damage your delicate strands. If you have normal – thick hair, a device with an adjustable temperature range will be necessary to ensure the best results.

Are you a frequent traveler? – If you travel often, you should choose a model that has a dual voltage and is lightweight, so that it can be used worldwide without a problem and isn’t a burden to travel with. Models that are 1 pound or less are ideal for traveling.

Are you often in a rush? – If you have limited time to get yourself ready and often rush out the door in the mornings, you’ll understand how every minute counts. The heating time is an important feature for you an well as an automatic shut-off feature, which means you won’t have to worry if you accidentally leave the device on.

Model Temp. Range Heating time LCD Cord Voltage Auto Shut-off Weight
Apalusapalus 365°F – 450°F 60 sec 360° swivel, 3.5 feet Dual, 110-220V 60 min 28.8oz/1.8lb
Asaveaasavea 365°F 90 sec 360° swivel 110V 30 min 20.8oz/1.3lb
Conairconair High and low Immediately 360° swivel, 6 feet long Dual, 100-240V 16oz/1lb
Dafnidafni Fixed at 365°F 60 sec No swivel, 2.2m, 7.2 ft. 110-120V 28.8oz/1.8lb
Ebooteboot 305°F – 450°F 60 sec 360° swivel, 2.5m, 8.2 ft. Dual, 100-240V 60 min 13.6oz/0.85lb
Gisalagisala 300℉ – 450℉ 60 sec 360° swivel Dual, 100-240V 30 min 16oz/1lb
InStylerinstyler 330℉ – 450˚F 30 sec 360° swivel 110-120V 30 min 16oz/1lb
MiroPuremiropure 302℉ – 446℉ 60 sec 360° swivel, 2m. Dual, 110-220V 60 min 12.6oz/0.78lb
MiuPhromiuphro 350℉ – 410℉ 60 sec 360° swivel Dual, 100-240V 60 min 13.7oz/0.85lb
Revlonrevlon 10 settings up to 450°F 60 sec 360° swivel Dual, 100-240V 14.9oz/0.93lb
Simply Straightsimply 365°F – 450°F 2 min 360° swivel,6ft. 110V 60 min 15.2oz/0.95lb
Uspicyuspicy 250°F – 450° F 60 sec 360° swivel, 6ft. Dual, 110-220V 30 min 13.6oz/0.85lb
Bearmoobearmoo 290°F – 450°F 60 sec 360° swivel, 6.5ft. Dual, 110-220V 60 min 14.1oz/0.88lb
Jose Eberjose eber 290°F – 450°F 60 sec 360° swivel Dual, 110-220V 60 min 14.1oz/0.88lb
Hiraliyhiraliy 260°F – 450°F 60 sec 360° swivel, 2.5m/8.2ft. Dual, 100-240V 60 min 13.6oz/0.85lb
ISAisa 330°F – 450°F 60 sec 360° swivel, 1.8m/6ft. Dual, 100-240V 30 min 13oz/0.81lb
RemingtonRemington 3 settings up to 450°F 60 sec 360° swivel 110V 60 min 20.8oz/1.3lb

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