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Philips ProCare Blow Dry Straightening Brush

Last update: Mar 7, 2017 13:04, April Williams

In this review, I will discuss the five styling attachments that are available for the Philips ProCare Airstyler H8656 – a new blow dry straightening brush. I will cover the features, characteristics, pros and cons of these attachments to help you, as a fellow consumer, make an informed decision.

My first impression on Philips Ceramic Hairbrushes

Let me start by saying that this is a fantastic set! It offers so many possibilities in terms of hair styling. I feel that at $79.99 it is a great value for money! Also, it is made by Philips which is a company known for producing many types of high-quality consumer goods. So, it is a name you can trust for delivering exceptional quality and value.

Note that there is another seller on Amazon offering the same kit at a much higher price. (Check current price using button above)

In the box are the following items:

  • the powered handle designed to accommodate different attachments
  • five (yes five!) unique attachments
  • and a very nice carrying case

The attachments and their respective uses are as follows:

  • Narrow concentrator: This is used for directing airflow to a small concentrated area.
  • 38mm thermo brush: This is used for hair smoothing.
  • Hair volumizer: This helps create the effect of more hair volume at the roots.
  • Retractable bristle brush: This attachment is used for curling the hair.
  • Paddle straightening brush: This brush is used for hair straightening.

Most parts are made of a very durable plastic with a matte black finish. The exceptions to this are the heating element which is made of ceramic and the bristles which are ceramic coated. All in all, it looks quite modern and sleek.

There are two controls on the handle: a simple on/off slider switch and a push button release for the attachments. This unit does not have any type of display, LCD or other.

The shape of the head depends on the attachment being used. There is a rectangular head, two cylindrical heads and two others that are difficult to categorize.

This set, the handle and all of the provided attachments are only available in black.

Usability: testing the hair styler

The heating time seems to be average for portable units such as this one.

This brush does have a rotating cord which is a very nice feature as the cord can be diverted so that it is not in the way of the user. The base of the cord has a loop on it which serves as a hanging hook. This is another really good feature to have as the loop allows for out of the way storage when the device is not in use. Also, the loop allows you to hand the iron for safe, out of the way cooling after each use.

Upon Further Inspection

  • 🙁 Temperature is not indicated on the brush as there is no display. Similarly, there is not indication of temperature range on the packaging.
  • 🙂 This unit does feature an ionizer which promotes shiny, frizz-free hair.
  • 🙂 The surface of the heating element is made of ceramic. This seems to be becoming the industry standard. Ceramic is an excellent conductor of heat which provides for uniformity of temperature across the surface of the element. In other words, there are no hot spots or cold spots. Additionally, ceramic is a safe, gentle material for use in hair straightening applications. This is key because ceramic heating elements do not burn the hair. Rather, they provide gentle heating and produce consistent, predictable end results.
  • 🙁 This hair tool does not have an automatic shut off feature. The best thing to do after each use is to turn it off and unplug it from the outlet. This is a good plan for almost all short term use electrical devices.
  • 😐 This unit is designed for North American markets as it is wired for 110-120 volts AC. To use it overseas, an adapter is required.

5 in 1 styling brushes from Philips


The Pros: why should you buy PHILIPS ProCare Ceramic Brushes

 For the price of $79.99, you definitely get a lot of value for your money with this set. It is made by Philips, a company that has made a very good name for itself over the years by combining excellent value with exceptional quality. Philips is a name you can trust.

Five unique attachments are included with the powered handle. These attachments offer a wide array of hair styling possibilities and they can accommodate any and all types of hair, from thin to thick, and straight to frizzy. There is literally something for everyone here. This is no ordinary hair straightening brush. It functions also as a curler, dryer and smoother. An onboard ionizer eliminates frizziness and adds much sheen to the hair.

The brush and attachments are black and are visually very attractive.

They are made of a durable plastic with a non-slip matte finish for your safety. No one wants their hair styling tool to fall out of their hand during use.

It is also worth noting that you get a nice carrying pouch for when you travel.

The heating element is made of ceramic. This is another must have feature for heated hair straighteners/smoothers. Ceramic provides uniformity of heat across the element. Equally important is the fact that ceramic is gentle for the hair and will not burn or otherwise over-process it.

The rotating cord and hanging loop are great features that this tool has. The rotating cord keeps the cord out of your way and away from the heat that is put out by the heating element. The hanging loop allows the brush to be stored out of the way but within easy reach when the unit is not being used. (Also, it allows for a safe way for the device to cool down after each use.) This will help to keep your bathroom looking more orderly. These are very simple features that should be part of every heated hair styling tool, but surprisingly many hair straightening/styling units currently on the market lack these.

The Cons: what should you pay attention to before buying PHILIPS ProCare Ceramic Brushes

Actually, there are only a few negative things that I have found with this item. They are fairly minor and should not make you shy away from purchasing it.

This brush does not allow the user to set it to a specific temperature. So, it only works at the factory preset temperature. A user-specified temperature setting would be a nice feature for this item to have as it might allow for a slightly lighter touch when you want your hair to be straighter but not totally straight. Also, maybe if your hair is naturally straight, but you desire to give it a little wave and a little more body, but not make it really curly, the ability to fine tune the temperature would be a nice plus.

Also, there is no automatic shutoff. Simply turn the power off and unplug it after each use.

Speaking of traveling, this unit operates at 110-120 volts AC, and so, is designed for the North American markets.  But it’s not a big deal. An adapter which much be purchased separately is required for overseas use.

Lacking an LCD, the brush only operates at one temperature and has only a simple on-off switch with a push button release mechanism for the attachments.

MY CONCLUSION: this really is a steal of a deal, and it comes highly recommended.


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    1. It really does my hair like magic! To answer your question, yes it is very simple to use; the attachments come easily on and off. It gives my hair everything I could hope for! – Volume, gorgeous curls or straightens it perfectly. I am ecstatic!

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