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PERFECTWO Flat Iron Happy Customer Review

Last update: Dec 30, 2016 09:05, April Williams

I didn’t believe that non-expensive hair straighteners could perform the same level as professional tools, but the characteristics of PERFECTWO have exceeded my expectations. I was surprised by its power and effectiveness! This is what I love about the device, and what makes it the best of its kind.

My First Impressions

One of the main reasons I decided to purchase this model was its compact size and ergonomic design. It doesn’t have LED display, but the temperature can be set by using of several buttons, and the chosen mode will be reflected when using the device. I like the fact that the numbers are big enough. The plates are made of tourmaline and have a ceramic coating, which prevents any spreading of static electricity. The frame and the handle of the tool have an anti-heating cover, protecting your fingers and head from burns. The rectangular ceramic plates are middle-sized, 1.5″ wide — this is enough to work with my thick long hair.

This flat iron is about 12″ long and 2″ wide, which is a bit smaller than other straightening irons that I used to have. Weighing only 15 ounces, PERFECTWO is ideal for carrying in a bag, so now I always take it with me when I’m traveling. This model is only available in white color, but I think it looks great anyway since the design is elegant and smart. There is only the flat iron with power cord featured in the box, but nothing else is required to start using the device. I didn’t additionally buy protective gloves simply because the tool safe to use without them and doesn’t burn your hands at all. My first experience was positive, it was very straightforward and easy to use it for the first time, controlling was intuitive, and it took me only ten minutes to make a splendid hairstyle!

A Few Words About Usage

This is the most optimal variant I have ever tried, from a convenience outlook especially. PERFECTWO is compact and effective, which is rare among models for such money. First, I want to note that heating takes about 30 seconds to the lowest temperature and up to a minute to heat up to the maximum. The flat iron features rotating cable, and I did not have any problems with any kinking of the wire. This is very useful if you have to work on your hair without anyone’s assistance. You have to move hands a lot when straightening all locks, and rotating cable will ensure the wire will not get in your way.

Unfortunately, the device does not have a hanging hook, which makes the tool less convenient for storing at home or using in hair salons. However, I often take it with me and just put it in my bag seen as it cools down pretty quickly, so this disadvantage doesn’t really matter. The button layout is handy; you simply switch the on/off button and choose the temperature with the help of the buttons on the handle. But the on/off button is located right at the place of hand grip — I accidentally pushed it a couple of times while I was using it so that actually took me a wee while to get used to it and start holding the device in another way.

Technical Issues

Another thing that makes PERFECTWO suitable for different hair types is its wide range of temperature modes.

  • Minimum temperature 260 °F (127 °C) is perfect for girls with thin blonde hair — it is quite mild, and will not destroy their structure.
  • Maximum temperature is 410 °F (210 °C), and I usually choose this mode, because I have thick long black hair.
  • My friend with curly hairs also tried the device, and was amazed by the effect — straightening was easy and she enjoyed her new style for two and a half days.

Every user can figure out the best temperature for them that will not only be safe but will straighten their locks properly.

As I have already mentioned, the anti-scald design is one of the strongest points of PERFECTWO; the handle, frame and groove have an anti-heating cover, so there’s no need to worry about getting burnt. The heating insulation design does not let the handle near the plates get too hot, I think this is the best device in terms of safety. To this day, I haven’t experienced any problems with burns and heat.

Perfectwo hair straightening iron

The gimmick also features negative ionizing. It seals damaged hair, makes them shiny and healthy, being effective even with frizz. The ceramic surface of the plates allow the tool to glide smoothly, one pass through your hair is enough to reach your desired effect. I also highly appreciate its 60-minute automatic shut-off function, this way I don’t have to worry about fire, short circuit or any other connected issue. The device is single voltage, which should be taken into consideration when ordering it.

In addition, I want to note that cable wire has optimal length, so I can use it in my bathroom or bedroom — the wire is long enough to reach the nearest socket. I also tried it in my trips and had no problems with voltage and power.


I am totally satisfied with my purchase! PERFECTWO turned out to be a versatile flat iron that is suitable for all types and textures of hair — my friends and I have already figured this out. I have been using it for four months, and see no negative effects; my hair is shiny, healthy, and I have no split ends that have appeared. The previous device I was using, burnt the keratin in my hair, and it wasn’t convenient, which resulted in me getting rid of it after the 10th try. Yes, PERFRCTWO has some minor drawbacks, such as single voltage, no hanging hook and a lack of any additional accessories, but these are specific criteria that can simply be ignored by most users. Possibly, some won’t like the fact that the model is available in white color only, but this is minor as well. All these disadvantages are compensated by it’s ergonomic and safe design, convenient dimensions and absolute safety. I fell in love with this gimmick from the first use! If you need a lightweight, compact tool while at the same time being highly efficient, you should definitely have a go with this one. It is a far cheaper alternative to the top-notch professional straighteners. I would recommend PERFECTWO to girls who need an affordable flat iron with decent power and performance.

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    1. I haven’t noticed any damage to my hair and I have been using the tool for a decent amount of time. Keep in mind that I always use a heat protectant spray because I am aware that using any type of heat on your hair can potentially cause the hair to dry or damage. Straighten your hair when it’s completely dry and combed through while only going over your hair with the flat iron once or twice to get the best results without the risk of damage.

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