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Best Hair Straightening Brushes That Really Work

The decision comes down to these main factors: your budget and your hair type.


If you’re stuck deciding, the deal breaker will come down to your own personal preferences from anything from the color to the brand. You can get a brilliant brush hair straightener for a very affordable price as low as $30.

Decide which features are necessary for your ideal hair brush straightener to have and keep in mind that not all tools with a higher expensive price contain more or the best features.

Hair Type

Your hair type is an essential aspect to take into account as the temperature will have an effect on the final result and also how quickly the hairstyle will be achieved:

  • thick hair requires higher temperatures (120°-200°C) in order to get the best result;
  • thin hair can be easily maintained and styled from low temperatures (100°-180°C).

Upon choosing a device, an LCD is an option to consider when taking into account your hair type as this allows you to accurately and easily identify which temperate is the best to straighten your hair.

Best Hair Straighteners Comparison Sheet: Part 1

Model Max Temperature Heating Time LCD Tips Cord
Uspicy straightening brush
Uspicy Hair Straightening Brush
450°F (230°C) 2-3 min LCDYes Built-in tips 6 feet cord, swivel


Simply straight brush
Simply Straight Hair Brush Straightener
450°F (230°C) 2-3 min LCDYes Built-in tips 6 feet cord, swivel


Femjolie straightening brush
FemJolie Lightweight Straightening Brush
450°F (230°C) 2-3 min LCDYes May fall off 6 feet 5 inches cord, swivel


Apalus straightening brush
Apalus Hair Straightening Brush
450°F (230°C) 3-5 min LCDYes May fall off 4 feet cord, swivel


asavea straightening brush
Small AsaVea Heating Comb
390 °F (200°C) 1-2 min No LCD Built-in tips 6 feet cord, swivel


Small image of Daeni straightening brush
Dafni Original Hair Brush Straightener
365°F (185°C) 60 sec No LCD Built-in tips 6 feet cord


MiroPure straightening brush
The Best MiroPure Hair Straightening Brush
450°F (230°C) 30 sec LCDYes Built-in tips 6.5 feet cord, swivel


Instyler brush straightener
InStyler Ceramic Hair Straightener
450°F (230°C) 30 sec LCDYes Built-in tips 6 feet cord, swivel


isa brush mini picture
ISA Professional Hair Straightening Brush with LCD display
450°F (230°C) 30 sec LCDYes Built-in tips 6 feet cord, swivel


The Main Functions and Features

The tool works on the principle of a thermal effect on the cortex (middle layer of the hair shaft).  The cortex is responsible for the ripple of the hair and contains a hydrogen compound. When you heat your hair the brush hair straightener, the cortex loses moisture, and your hair becomes straight. These have another appealing effect, when you use this device on your strands, you seal your hair scales which making your hair smooth.

But let’s get back on track of choosing the best straightening hair brush for your needs. Consider the following:

1. Temperature Characteristics

This is the main characteristic of the tool, so you should pay attention to the maximum heating temperature (which varies from 365°-450° F). 365°F is sufficient for medium-thick hair. If your hair is thick, the best model for you needs to have a high maximum heating temperature. Afro hair needs straighteners with a high temperature because they are thicker and stronger.
Secondly, the heating rate should be noted – it generally takes from 1 – 5 mins to heat up. You can also choose a model equipped with an LCD display which shows the exact temperature it is sitting at, or the other option to consider is lights that indicate the temperature displaying the heat level. The LCD display is more precise while the indicating lights are cheaper. So, decide what’s best for you.

2. Width and Shape of the Heating Surface

The width of the brush head should correspond to the thickness and length of your strands. Small straighteners are perfect for short hair, and large plates are best for long hair. Also, if you want to reach right to the roots, the best models for you are those with rectangular shaped brush heads.

3. Tips on Teeth

There are a number of models on the market that are equipped with rubber massage tips. They make the process of styling not only enjoyable but also safe, as they protect your skin from hot teeth. But when choosing these models, you need to pay attention to the mounting of the tips – they must be firmly attached. Otherwise, they will pull your hair and fall off.

4. Cord

The length of the cord is very important. If it’s too short, it will be extremely inconvenient for you to style your hair from the back, 6 feet is the minimum length for comfortable styling.  A long cord with a rotating swivel at the mounting of the cord is the best variant, as it keeps the cord completely out of your way. A hanging hook is a complementary and a favorable detail. You can hang the tool in a convenient place and not have to look for it throughout the apartment every morning.

5. Power

On the market, you can find models from 29 to 60 W. The more powerful the tool is, the faster it heats up, but on the other hand, it consumes more energy. Again, the decision is up to you. What is more important for you – efficiency or economy?

6. Anti-Scald Design

Safety is one of the main advantages of the straightening hair brush compared to other styling appliances. The edges of the brush usually have an additional row of protective teeth which protect your head and hands from burns. Also, the manufacturers have made sure that the tips of the teeth and the outer surface of the brush are not heated. Always look for this feature when choosing.

7. Button Layout

The location of the control buttons and power button are situated on the outside or most practical, the inside. Allowing you to easily avoid accidentally pressing the buttons during styling. It is worth noting that some manufacturers add a special key lock function, meaning the location of the buttons doesn’t matter.

Additional Functions

Additional functions include:

  • Auto shut-off: A very useful function for those who often forget to unplug devices from the outlet. If you ever leave the appliance plugged in, it will turn off automatically after a while.
  • Dual-voltage: Some models support both American and European standards. So, if you love to travel, you should choose a model that is capable of both standards.
  • Package contents: Additional products, such as a comb, a protective glove, a brush to clean your straightener, a branded case, etc.

Budget Alternatives to Expensive Brushes

Sometimes two different models are equipped with the same features and made of identical materials, only differing in price because of a brand name. Here’s an example of cheap alternatives to popular tools that can be useful for you.

You can save money by purchasing an appliance without a well-known, trendy brand name while still providing the same quality to the alternative.




DAFNI Hair Brush

Le Angelique


See more cheap but reliable straighteners >>

How an Electric Brush Straightens Curly Hair

I would love to share with you the simplicity of how to use a straightening hair brush. Once you have received your new handy appliance, your mornings are going to be much more stress-free. Let’s face it, when you have to spend an hour or more preparing yourself for the day it’s not fun, it tends to become a chore! Sure, it’s an enjoyable process when you’re having a girly night with friends, doing each other’s makeup preparing to go out dancing. But, I mean wouldn’t everyone rather half the amount of time it takes to eliminate bed hair every morning of the week in order to get an extra hour or even 30 minutes beauty sleep?! – Or perhaps extra time doing anything else like having an enjoyable breakfast with your family, reading a book or magazine, doing a morning yoga flow, spending time with your cat…or whatever floats your boat!

Life’s too short to spend excessive amounts of time taming unruly hair 🙂

The hair brush straightener was created to provide more time to busy people without causing damage. I will briefly explain how easy it is to use…

  1. First of all, apply a heat protectant of some kind. With any application of heat, it’s important to apply these protection thermal hair protection
  2. Switch the device on and to the appropriate temperature for your hair type and allow it to heat up.
  3. Glide the brush through your strands in a continuous gradual motion.
  4. If your hair is really thick, then sectioning may be necessary but otherwise just brush until you achieve a naturally straight look.

That’s really all there is to it.

How I Discovered my Straightening Hair Brush

I have had long curly hair and as long as I can remember and originally I styled it with a blow dryer and a paddle brush. Soon after, my hair became dull and began to split because the blow dryer made it too dry. I used various thermal protection sprays, but they never gave the results that their respective manufacturers promised. Meanwhile, my hair was still splitting and still looked dull.

A friend convinced me to try flat irons. When I first tried one, I liked the result as my hair was straighter and sleeker than after a blow drying, it appeared less dry, and look less damaged as a whole. But, there was a new problem – styling took about an hour. Every morning I got up at dawn, wasting an excessive amount of time in front of the mirror styling my rebellious mane before going to work. It was awful.

And one evening, I saw on TV… a brush hair straightener. I was aware of flat irons before I purchased one, but this was something completely new and unheard of for me.

However, I became interested in the very idea of it. I shared my thoughts with friends. After much discussion, we came to the realization that we couldn’t choose the best one and ended up ordering several different electric hair brushes. Later, while we were discussing our new purchases, an idea popped into my head – we must share our experiences with other customers. We made a list of the best brushes. Each of us wrote a hair review with our honest opinions and descriptions of the specific features of the respective brands.

Flat irons have certain benefits that hair straightening brushes don’t have such as the possibility to curl. If you long for something that can straighten and curl, certain flat irons are capable of doing this.  A professional flat iron such as the chi-pro or the ghd will give you the best curled and straightened results leaving you looking like you’ve just left the salon.  It’s not a necessity to spend big bucks to get a flat iron that can straighten and curl while providing a gorgeous, salon-looking hairstyle; Remington is also a reliable brand known for producing high-quality tools at an affordable price for all budgets.  I mentioned before, how straightening brushes differ to flat irons due to several reasons but one major difference is the ability to curl, and there is actually an option for those who would love to use a straightening brush but still have the possibility to curl without needing to buy two separate devices! There is, in fact, an interchangeable curler on the market which is equipped with 2 different sized curling wands and a hair straightening brush – which provides the best of both worlds!

Popular Questions

Here are the most popular questions people want to know before making a purchase. You can read the short answer or continue your research by clicking on the appropriate link. Also, feel free to ask any further questions in the Q&A section.

What is a hair brush straightener?

It’s a brush that straightens hair, more precisely, it is a combination of a flat iron and a scalp massager in the form of a brush. It straightens and styles the hair while you brush it. Almost all tools have and ionization function which releases negatively charged ions to the hair when the element heats up. The negative ions provide a beneficial effect to hair and improve its look.

Does a straightening hair brush really work?

Yes, leave all your doubts behind. It is the most effective straightener ever. Progress never stands still. So forget about the old tools. New technologies will help you save time on hair styling and do no harm.

Just take a look at this photo, it took me around 15 minutes. So, straightening brushes do work!


What features should I take into account when choosing?

At first glance, all of these models appear to be quite similar and you can assume there is no need to examine each of them in detail. This is a misguided judgment. They have various head shapes (rectangular, oval), speeds, maximum temperatures, etc all suitable for different hair types.

How to use an electric hair brush?

Plug the straightener in, and select the appropriate temperature. Separate hair into locks and comb them thoroughly. Then, do the same using the tool. The end result is that you will get smooth, perfectly straight locks as well as an excellent mood for the entire day. I think it will be useful for you to read a detailed instruction on how to straighten your hair without damaging it using a hair brush straightener.

Are high temperatures harmful?

As I mentioned previously, I have learned from my experience that high temperatures during hair styling made my hair dull and caused split ends. So, be very careful when choosing the temperature.


Also, consider your hair type. If you are unaware of what exactly your hair type is then you can easily find out how to determine your hair type.

Why is a brush hair straightener better than a flat iron?

First and foremost, this is the time difference: I used to spend 40-50 minutes for styling with a flat iron, and only 15 minutes with my hair brush straightener. 15 minutes vs. 50 minutes? The preference is obvious! Another important advantage is that when you style with a brush, you do not press it tightly with hot plates, so the negative impact of high temperatures is minimal. You can read a more detailed comparison of straightening comb vs flat iron.

How much does a hair straightening brush cost?

The prices range from $18 to $150 depending on the set of functions and the materials that they are made of. Keep in mind that cheap does not necessarily mean bad. If you are a more advanced user, then you will likely want to upgrade to a professional tool. Which, of course, is more expensive but has more functions making it more comfortable.

Can I use ceramic brush straightener for kids?

Of course, you can! In this case, pay attention to models that feature an anti-scald design. The surface of the brush must not become hot during styling. Also, there should be protective bristles at the edge of a head.

This straightener is awesome! My hair is really curly and unruly and this straightens my whole head in about ten minutes. I can even use it every day if I want to without all the hassle of the blow dryer or the flat iron. I just brush my locks and it’s done! And it becomes silky soft too. It’s a game changer! What are you waiting for? My advice: go get it! About Luma, Nina

My hair is thick, frizzy, slightly wavy, and this works fantastic on it.
I usually don’t wear my hair down because I hate blow druing. But I go to the gym 4 times a week, so I have to wash it often, or use dry shampoos… I ran a hair brush straightener through my hair and it was straight in 10 minutes. It also keeps the volume I had at the roots from sleeping with wet hair. This is my new favorite hair tool. I think we are going to be great friends! About FemJolie, Ann

37 comment(s)

  1. How quickly can a hairstyle be created with this straightening brush?

    1. My hair is done within 15 minutes. I used to blow dry which took me 20-30 minutes and then go over with a flat iron to eliminate the frizz. I could never get a naturally straight look with a flat iron; my hair always looked heat processed and stiff. But with this, my hair is smooth with good movement.

  2. Is it a problem or painful if the bristles touch your head

    1. No, the tips of the bristles are the only part of the brush that comes into contact with your scalp and they stay cool.

  3. Does the hair straightening last in humid weather?

    1. For me, it lasts throughout the day. I am however not in a climate to answer your question although I would assume that it’s necessary to apply a specific hair product which will stop that annoying frizz in the humidity. I hope this helps.

  4. Can electric brush be used directly on wet hair or does hair have to be dried first?

    1. Hi Arlene, you should always use an electric brush on completely dry hair. Using it on wet hair will result in damage to your hair and ineffective results.

  5. How to clean product build-up on my hair straightening brush? I should maintain this, doing it once a week, but I haven’t and now I really need to get it done… What’s the most effective way to clean the brush?

    1. Hi Elyse,

      Some brushes conveniently come with a perfect sized brush for cleaning but for those that don’t come with a cleaning the brush it’s actually really easy and doesn’t require much effort at all.

      1. Ensure there are no strands of hair in the brush.
      2. Use a warm damp cloth and rub all over the brush, in between the bristles to remove the residue of product and dust in general.
      3. If just water isn’t enough, use a little soap or cleaning solution of some kind to get the gunk off the brush completely.

      Oftentimes, an old toothbrush is recommended for cleaning and this works well too, but make sure that the bristles aren’t too hard because this could scratch the brush and damage the materials, so be careful with this.

  6. How long does the straightening last with MiroPure?

    1. Hi, Samantha, this differs from person to person due to different lifestyles and environments but generally 2-3 days. Straightened hair may not last as long in humid environments or after physical activity for example.

    2. Mine lasts until my next shampoo, I only straighten my freshly washed hair. It gives me the best results and it lasts for until I need to wash it again which is two nights later.

  7. When is the best time to use a straightening brush?

    1. Hi, Lucy!
      It’s always best to use any kind of hot styling tool on completely dry and clean hair.
      Try to avoid straightening every single day, instead try straightening directly after washing, once you’ve allowed it to dry completely.

  8. How well do straightening brushes work compared to using a flat iron?

    1. Flatirons provide a straighter hairstyle overall, but there are other benefits to using a hair straightening brush like a fast styling time and less damage to your hair as a whole. To compare the two tools in greater detail, you can go over the differences by reading this article comparing flat irons and straightening brushes.

    2. My sister recently purchased the Miropure and she loves it. I tried it too, and am going to get one for myself!

  9. Some brushes look so similar, how can I decide which one to buy?

    1. Brushes like the Miropure, Head Kandy and Bearmoo all look very similar with very similar features but they have minor differences which can help you decide. Other brushes that look similar with almost identical features may only differ in price due to a less popular brand name. Your decision can come down to several factors such as the warranty on the device or the price. (Usually, this is the main difference between similar tools.)

  10. What is the exact size of the mini straightening brush called the Miuphro? Will it fit in a handbag easily?

    1. It’s precisely 7.1”, 1.7”, 1.5” – super small and lightweight.

    2. I purchased the mini Miuphro to take with me on business trips. It’s better than I expected as I thought it’d just be capable of straightening my fringe and the top layer of my hair but it’s actually powerful enough to straighten my whole hair in minutes, and that’s just on the medium setting!

  11. Do straightening brushes taker the knots out of your hair?

    1. You should always take the tangles out of your strands before running the electric brush through your strands.

    2. I’ve never used it without combing my hair first, but I’m sure it would remove small knots but to be on the safe side, I always brush my hair first.

    3. No, if the brush gets stuck halfway down your hair because you have knots, it’ll most likely damage your hair.

  12. Can the Uspicy get really close to the scalp?

    1. It has little plastic guards that prevent you from getting close but you can press it as close to your scalp as you want without getting burnt which is a great feature. It’s ideal for people with longer strands. The best brushes for getting really close to the roots are rectangular shaped brushes.

  13. I need a cordless tool for straightening. I’ve got several camping festivals ahead of me and I’d love to be able to leave my hair natural, but it’s not an option for me because it’ll be in my way and bothering me. I just need something simple that will keep my bangs out of my way! -any suggestions?

    1. There are several decent cordless several options on the market. You’ll need to make sure the battery is completely charged before going to the festival because when the battery is fully charged, most cordless flat irons allow only 30mins of styling time, so just a quick straighten each day is ideal. Here are some cordless flat irons to consider.

    2. I been using the NEXGADGET for the past year and haven’t had any issues. I’d recommend this tool. I love that it charges with a USB, I usually charge it up in the car when I’m away from any electric PowerPoints to charge.

  14. I live in Australia. Does the femjolie work in the 230V range?

    1. Yes, it is dual voltage with the range of 110-240V and works worldwide. You will have no problems using the tool in Australia. 

  15. I’ve noticed some brands include a heat resistant glove, is it necessary to use when straightening with hair straightening brushes or not?

    1. The hair can become quite hot after running the brush through your strands so it can be useful but I don’t think it’s necessary. In any case, the hair will cool down within 10 seconds and you’ll be able to move it with your bare hands. Some people find them useful, but others receive them with their tool and don’t use them.

  16. I bought the Karmin G3 Hair Brush and so far I really like it, also great for quick touch ups.

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