Best Hair Straightening Brushes 2017


Uspicy hair straightening brush
  • Automatic Shut-off
  • Scald protection
  • Small size
  • Dual-voltage (110-240V)
  • Temp. settings from 250 to 410°F
  • Heats up fast – 60 seconds

Don’t be fooled by the small size of the Miuphro Mini as it’ll exceed your expectations. The mini electric brush heats up fast and evenly and has an adjustable temperature range that makes it suitable for all hair types. It’s a reliable device for either at home or elsewhere.
This Miuphro mini hair straightening brush is the perfect companion for a busy individual that’s often on the go. Straightening hair anywhere away from home, either at the gym, on a business trip, at a friend’s house or anywhere else is possible without a hassle as you will barely notice this miniature brush in your bag! It weighs in at less than 1 pound and is 7.1 inches in size making it highly portable; it’s dual voltage and light weight makes it ideal for traveling with overseas.

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    1. My hair is done within 15 minutes. I used to blow dry which took me 20-30 minutes and then go over with a flat iron to eliminate the frizz. I could never get a naturally straight look with a flat iron; my hair always looked heat processed and stiff. But with this, my hair is smooth with good movement.

    1. For me, it lasts throughout the day. I am however not in a climate to answer your question although I would assume that it’s necessary to apply a specific hair product which will stop that annoying frizz in the humidity. I hope this helps.

    1. Hi Arlene, you should always use an electric brush on completely dry hair. Using it on wet hair will result in damage to your hair and ineffective results.

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