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Miuphro Mini Hair Straightening Brush

Last update: Sep 21, 2017 10:05, Alice

I’m a busy girl and I’m always on the go so, I needed a portable hair styling tool which would be light and small enough to suit my lifestyle. I was aware of mini flat irons and actually considered purchasing one, but then I discovered Miuphro mini hair straightening brush and decided to go for that instead. To be honest I already own a hair straightening brush but I found it inconvenient to take with me on the go, so I thought the Miuphro mini hair straightening brush would be a perfect option.

Miuphro properties:

  • Automatic Shut-off
  • Anti-scald
  • Small size
  • Dual-voltage (110-240V)
  • Temp. settings from 250 to 410°F
  • Heats up fast – 60 seconds

What’s in the Box:

  • Weight with box 14.7 ounces
  • Size – 18 cm
more properties


~ $35*

* approximate price


• Portable and compact size – 18cm
• Lightweight
• Auto shut-off
• Adjustable temperature – 180℃ (350℉) for thin and fine hair or
210℃ (410℉) for normal to thick hair
• Anti-scald- comb teeth have a plastic covering for safety measures
• Heats up fast – 1 minute


This hair straightening brush heats up fast and is really easy to operate. I set my device at 210℃ and it was ready to use within a minute. If I want my hair thoroughly straightened, I section it, but usually, I just brush my hair the way I usually would but at a slower pace while holding the strands tightly at the tips so that the brush has some resistance – this gives me a naturally straight look, without any flyaways or frizziness. The bristles don’t pull or tug on my hair whatsoever when I’m using it. The power button concaves so you don’t need to worry about switching the device off while using it, I know this can be a problem with some electric hair styling tools.

Benefits of Having the Miuphro Mini Brush

As I mentioned before, this is not my only hair straightening brush but I actually use this magic wand more than my other one that I have at home. They both work equally as good, but this mini electric brush takes longer to achieve a thorough all-over straightening, which I don’t really use this device for anyway. This is what I love about the Miuphro mini hair straightening brush:

• Perfect for making myself look more put together away from home.
• Ideal for straightening bangs, even from home.
• It can fit in my handbag without being me even noticing that its there.
• My hair feels healthy after using it.
• It’s comfortable to use.

The Miuphro mini hair straightening brush is so small that I can leave it in the glove box in my car without it taking up too much room and just grab it out whenever I need it whether I’m going to the gym or to a friend’s house. At my gym, they have hair dryers which I use, so it’s perfect to have my mini hair straightening brush ready to use as soon as my hair is completely dry. My hair is not thin and fine, nor is it really thick and curly – my hair is wavy and in-between fine and thick and it works perfectly for me.

If you ever have the desire to fix your hair when you’re not at home, this is a perfect tool for you because it weighs close to nothing and the size is only 18cm and performs exceptionally!

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