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MHD Mini Hair Straightener Review: The Smallest Iron I’ve Ever Seen!

Last update: Aug 17, 2017 14:09, Trina

Who would refuse perfectly straight shiny hair or light airy curls? – not me!  I needed to find a hair straightener capable of both straightening and curling, with excellent functionality and absolute protection of my hair. After sufficient searching, I paid attention to the models of the well-known MHD hair tools. I read MHD hair straightener reviews to see which would be the most suitable for me. The MHD professional flat iron hair straightener appealed to me but I decided to go for the mini MHD as the compact size would be perfect to take to with me literally anywhere. I was attracted to the fact that it was compact but still had the popular tourmaline coating plates, so I thought why not take advantage of this modern item?

First Impression

The design of this hair straightener for someone might seem too strict or basic, but overall it is quite original and simple – there is nothing excess in it. Golden plates against the background of the classic black exterior look particularly bright and rather unusual compared to commonly black, gray or dark red plates, used in other models.

The shell of the straightener is made of anti-slip plastic, it’s gently curved in the upper part of the body providing a comfortable grip. In addition, the device is really quite compact  – it is only 15 cm long which is especially convenient for girls who are accustomed to looking perfect even while traveling. I also like how the plates are the traditional rectangular shape. This device fits easily into even a small bag and you can afford perfect styling any time you want! Now then, I think it is necessary to switch on the device and see how it actually works.


From the very beginning, my attention was attracted to its very simple switch. The button is equipped with a LED indicator allowing you to determine whether the device is off or on. So, when the backlight is lit, you just have to wait a little bit. The plates heat up very quickly and is ready for use within two minutes after switching it on! The maximum heat you may obtain is 180C (356F), that on one hand allows you to protect the hair from excessive moisture loss, but on the other hand, it is hard to straighten if your hair is really thick, long and heavy. However, I’m not one of these girls, so I was happy with what the creation of the tool and what it could do for my hair type providing me with different hairstyles and little effort.

The main thing I’ve noticed and admired is how silky and smooth my hair has become. It’s all about the tourmaline coating, if you’d like to learn more about this feature, I am going to share some interesting facts interesting facts for you!

Tourmaline in nature is a gem with unique properties. Physical experiments have shown that when it’s heated it forms a plurality of negatively charged ions, which prompted the creators of hairdressing tools to provide tourmaline coating over the ceramic plates. It turned out that tourmaline can cope with static electricity, protect strands from drying out and perfectly smooth the scales of hair. However, let’s leave aside the scientific terms – I saw the results with my own eyes! My hair was fixed as a solid shining waterfall which made me realize that this device is the most luxurious styling tool I have ever had!

MHD hair straightening brush

In addition, due to the small size, this model can cope with tasks such as creating brilliant volume as it can get right to the roots with ease. To create a soft curl or wave all you need is to clamp a section of your hair between the plates, holding the device vertically, wind it around the plates completely and carefully – and you will have a charming wave in no time at all! So, I used the MHD the second day I had it, preparing myself for a hot date and I was thrilled with the results. However, if you want to achieve tight springy curls, this may not be the right device for you; it is better to use curling irons or larger flat irons as this flat iron doesn’t create steep curls but rather soft and light waves and curls.

While admiring my reflection in the mirror, I turned off the straightener and prepared to wait at least half an hour to cool them down completely to get them back into the box. It turned out that I underestimated this wonderful device! After five minutes, I touched the plate and found that it was already cool. That is especially useful if you need to tidy your hair away from your home!

By the way, I forgot to mention something else. In spite of a quite compact size of this tool, the cord length is 1.8 meters! Even if you don’t have a power point socket right next to your dressing table, you can still find somewhere further away and straighten your hair comfortably. However, I haven’t faced such a problem, but for future buyers, I can confirm the MHD is effective in almost any circumstances!

Summing Up

Would I buy this device again if I had the choice? Like anything, this straightener has advantages as well as disadvantages, so I will share my honest opinion with you.

I WOULD recommend the MHD hair straightener if:

  • You need a compact and simple device.
  • You like to look flawless every day without too much effort.
  • You like to travel and need a light and portable tool.
  • You’re often in a hurry and need to freshen up your look very quickly.
  • You care about the health of your hair.

However, there are a couple reasons why it’s worth to think about buying another device.

I WOULDN’T recommend the MHD hair straightener if:

  • You have very thick and wavy hair.
  • You have long hair that is difficult and tiresome to be tamed with small plates.

The MHD hair straightener is perfect for active girls carefully watching their everyday looks. This stylish, convenient and effective device will always take care of the beauty of your hair. This straightener is my faithful!

4 comment(s)

  1. Does anyone have experience using this on really short hair? I have short fuzzy hair; about 2 inches long.

    1. Trina

      It certainly will. Due to its small size, it works remarkably well on short hair. This mini tool will be the perfect choice for really short hair.

  2. How hot does it get ?
    Does the outside of the tool where you hold get really hot?

    1. The temperature is not adjustable. Just one steady temp of 356°F, hot enough to work quickly but not fry the hair.

      Some people have mentioned it get’s too hot for them to hold which led them to purchase a heat-resistant glove in order to straighten comfortably. These gloves are inexpensive, but this should be taken into consideration before deciding on this straightener. It would be ideal if a heat-resistant glove came with the flat iron.

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