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Magnifeko Hair Straightening Brush Review

Last update: Jan 20, 2017 13:33, April Williams

Are you looking for a new hair straightener? Are you unsure of which one to choose? With so many different product lines on the market today, it may make picking the right one for you seem somewhat daunting at first glance. But do not worry, there is a perfect device for each individual’s needs and it does not have to be hard at all to make that ultimate decision.

Today we will review the Magnifeko heated straightening brush.

My first impression

When you first take a look, your first impression might be that the sleek forward thinking style and design will make your head spin. It is as equally attractive as it is functionally useful in hand. The technology driven LCD display makes it stand out from the crowd. Not many other product lines will be able to offer the same for you. Clear screen makers for a better view.


  • Materials: The straightening brush  is made of only the highest quality metal frame that will ultimately stand the test of time.
  • Shape of head: The shape of the brush head is the rectangle which makes it perfect for making a straight line down the length of long hair or short hair as well.
  • Dimensions: It measures the same as a traditional hairbrush in hand, making it easy to use and highly comfortable in hand. It comes in a white color with a highly contrasted blue strip on the length. It is a very attractive to look at and is easy to look at for a long time.
  • Bristles: The heated insulated tips allow the scalp to be messaged while it is being used. The long bristles provide for a detangling component that is incredibly useful and other competitors do not offer. It is very easy to use and takes little to no instructions to be proficient at it.

Magnifeko straightening brush and its original boxTechnical characteristics

  • Heating time: It  heats up in only a matter of about fifteen seconds or less and is ready to be used almost as fast as it is plugged in.
  • Wire: The cord is cleverly able to rotate in a complete circle for better ease of use. No longer will hair get caught amidst all of the twistings and turning while trying to use a hair straightener. This product makes it very easy to use and your hair will never look any better than when you use the product.  It is able to be hung on a hook in order for the device to cool down before it is stored. It is critically important for the cooling down process to occur very naturally so that nothing around the item will get burned. With temperatures of around four hundred and fifty degrees or upward thereof, it will need to be cared for properly.

Upon further inspection

  • Temperature levels: The temperature intervals range greatly but will reach the optimal height in only a short matter of seconds. That means no more long periods of time spent waiting for a device to heat up especially when you are in a hurry to get on your way. That can be a real inconvenience to have to deal with, but you do not have to do that anymore.
  • Anti-scald design: The clever anti-scald design will help you understand how innovative the technology truly is for this device. It only comes complete with an ionizer so that it reaches its fullest efficiency and effectiveness. There is no better hair straightener around.
  • Heating element: The surface level heating element is made of ceramic which is highly useful in reaching the appropriate heat and then also maintaining the same while being used. The full advantage of this type of device is for the overall safety for your hair that it provides. It will not burn up your hair or cause undue damage when it is used. It provides for uniform heating over the surface of the product but also across the length of the hair.
  • Auto shut-off: For safety reasons, the brush straightener does have an auto-shut off mechanism that will ensure that it does not get left on for extended periods of time which can be dangerous. There is a convenience in how it has a dual – voltage system that will help to manage when dealing with anywhere from thin to thick hair. No two heads of hair are the same and that means that they can’t be treated the same. With that being said, thinner hair will require a lesser setting and the thicker and coarser the hair the higher the temperature or setting will need to be in order to be effective.
  • Button layout: The convenient button layout offers sliding buttons for greater ease of use. You will want easy to slide buttons when you are using it because one hand will be sectioning out your hand and the other will be holding onto the device. It provides a much smoother process. You will thoroughly enjoy this perk. The soft tips of bristles not only massage the scalp but also help to detangle long unruly hair. It aids in making long hair much more manageable to deal with which is great.


This heated straightening brush is truly one of a kind in a big field of other products. There really is no downside to it, it is just a useful bathroom piece of equipment that will clearly serve its purpose well. And with the cost being as low as it is, there is no further risk in making the decision to try something new.

It will serve all of your hair styling needs. You will have to look no further, you have found the right product line for you. There are many products that can be purchased but then none of them can compare to the multi setting adaptation that this one has. It is a truly one of a kind product line that is the best choice on the market today.

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    1. Hi, Rayana!
      I haven’t had any issues with my hair pulling at all; it glides through my hair nicely. I love using mine and find it very pleasant.

    1. The manufacturers advise not to. If this was an option it would be brilliant but at this stage, it’s only for completely dry hair. I wouldn’t want to take the risk; it might damage your hair severely.

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