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Magictec Ceramic Straightening Brush

Last update: Sep 21, 2017 09:53, Alice

I was tired of the amount of time it took me to straighten my hair and had heard about hair straightening brushes from some of my friends who started using them. They were enjoying the fast results and noticing less damage. My hair seemed to be getting dryer every day when I was blow-drying and flat ironing my hair so I was keen to see how well a straightening brush would work for my hair too. I heard about the Magictec straightening brush and decided to take the plunge.

Magictec properties:

  • LED screen display
  • Lightweight
  • Built-in ionic generator
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Temperature: 330-430℉
  • Ceramic heating element


~ $30*

* Approximate price


First Impressions

I loved how it looked. The color combination of white and gold makes the brush itself look very stylish. It felt lightweight and comfortable in my hand.


When the Magictec straightening brush was delivered to me I was super excited to try it for the first time. I turned the device on with the single switch and it heated up to the highest temperature within 2-3 minutes. It operates at a range of different temperatures from 330° – 400°F and if you only require a low temperature, then it just takes 90 seconds to heat up. It has an LED screen which makes it easy recognize what temperature the styler is set to. The temperature on the LED screen flashes until it has reached the selected temperature. The bristles feel comfortable going through my hair and I don’t experience any tugging whatsoever (I do always remove any tangles out of my hair beforehand though).The cord is not very long so you should be right close to a power point in order to style comfortably – or use an extension.

• 60-minute automatic shut-off.
• Adjustable temperature.
• Ceramic heating provides consistent temperature throughout the element.
• Anti-scald design.
• It has a built-in ionizer which promotes healthy, smooth hair.

• You need to get used to placing your hand holding the handle away from the button for power and temp adjustments,
• The brush could have included better instructions how to use it as it was difficult to realize how to adjust the temperature and the manual basically just included a whole bunch of warnings. – I will explain exactly how to use it down further.
• It’s not dual voltage – so you’ll need an adapter to take it overseas.
• 3-4 foot long cord – not the longest but still workable.

How to use the brush:

1. Hold your thumb on the power button for a few seconds to turn the device on.
2. Once it’s on you can press the same button in faster motion to adjust the temperature which will be displayed on the LCD.
3. Turn it off by holding the button down for a few seconds again, the same way you turned it on.
Many models are equipped with several different buttons to adjust the temperature, power the device on or off and lock etc., but the Magictec hair straightening brush has one button that controls everything. Push the power button to turn the device on. The gold button is what turns the device on, off and changes the heating temperatures.

In Conclusion

This brush has done exactly what I expected it to do, straighten my hair fast. It’s just what I needed. When I turn the device on, it takes about 2 minutes before it heats up to the temperature that I need, and then I section my hair roughly to get a consistently smooth style throughout my hair. I can basically unplug the device after 5 minutes of it being hot. It doesn’t flatten my hair like my straightener does, instead, it smoothens it, eliminates frizz while holding the volume. If you do like the pin straight hair style, then this product may not be the best variant for you, but for me, this is perfect for everyday use and I love the changes that I’m noticing in my hair. It truly is a great buy!



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