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Luma Brush Hair Straightening 3d Ceramic Brush for All Hair Type

Luma was created to solve a problem many women face each morning- lack of time to do their hair. We wanted to create a device that could do what a flat iron does but be faster, gentler on hair and more effective! Without needing to section hair and have to go over the same parts again and again, without using clips, without burning your scalp in order to get close to the roots. A quick and easy alternative to achieving straight hair fast! Product Specification: Input: 100V-240V 50HZ-60HZ Power: 50W LED circle light indicator display MCH Heater 3D Ceramic surface Luma brush has the following safety features Sleep mode: if Luma brush has been left ON and have not been used for more than 15 minutes, it will automatically turn OFF into standby mode. Luma brush heating surface will then start to cool. The Luma brush power light will turn OFF at the same time with three sequential tunes. a.. Note that although the Luma brush is turned OFF, it is still connected to the power and should be unplugged at the earliest opportunity. b. To restart the Luma brush while it is in cooling mode, simply turn the Luma brush ON by pressing down the ON/OFF Failure mode: in the unlikely event of a control system error, the heaters will be turned OFF, and the Luma brush will emit rapid tunes.
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