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Lescolton Electric Hairbrush Review

Last update: Sep 20, 2017 16:58, Alice

Not long ago, I was browsing online to see what new hair styling tools were on the market and one particular tool caught my attention. It was, in fact, the Lescolton. I was intrigued of this unique tool and started to inspect the many reviews to see whether it could be an ideal tool to help me manage my thick, unruly strands. It seemed I was in luck because I noticed that many people stated it coped with their thick hair perfectly. Long story short, I decided I needed this tool in my life and hoped it would really be as good for my hair as the many positive reviews I had examined.

Lescolton features:

  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • 3 adjustable heat temp settings
  • Safe grip handle
  • Auto shut-off (30 min) and auto lock
  • Emits ions
  • Lightweight of 450grms
  • 100W power
  • 360° swivel cord


~ $35*

* Approximate price


First Impressions

When I opened the box, I thought, Wow this thing is big! The size expectedly led me to believe that it’d be quite heavy to hold which kind of had me worried as I know my arms are quite weak but I picked it up and noticed it was quite the opposite! Despite my first impressions about it being quite a big size, I soon realized that the size is perfect after using it for the first time.  I picked it up and it was so comfortable and light to hold! The center of the tool is formed for a comfortable grip and it serves that purpose perfectly well. It has a large paddle brush head design, which I’ve always been a fan of when it comes to any kind of brush because a paddle brush head covers more hair at a time and feels great to pull a paddle brush through my thick long hair.


It was very easy to use, no need to even look at the manual.

You simply plug it in; adjust the temperature with the twisting dial at the end of the handle choosing from:

  1. Cool air with high fan
  2. Hot air with low fan
  3. Hot air with high fan

You can use it on just towel dried hair too, the brush is powerful enough to dry and style the hair with ease.

The brush separates the hair evenly and evenly distributes the air through the hair which cut my usual styling time at least in half! I love the brush head, the fact that it’s wide with wide set bristles makes it easy on tangles and comfortable to brush through my thick strands.

It’s not as loud as a usual hair dryer which means I get can ready in the early morning hours without obnoxiously waking anyone in my house up.  It made my thick frizzy strands smooth and soft with the perfect amount of volume. I believe this brush is ideal for anyone with thick, long hair as it styles super-fast and will make your hair look naturally healthy, soft and smooth.


I don’t have much to say in terms of the flaws because as you can probably tell, I am a massive fan but I will mention a couple of factors which may be problematic for some people.

  • It’s quite big – for someone with small hands, it may not be all that comfortable to hold.
  • Single voltage – to travel with this electric brush, you’ll need an adapter.

As you can imagine, I had quite high expectations for this tool after reading so many positive reviews. I can say for myself that this tool has met and exceeded all of my expectations! I’m very impressed with the quality of this electric hair brush and more importantly how easy it is to get a beautiful hairstyle,  even my husband commented on how soft and shiny my hair looked which is big deal when he notices something like that (you know what men are like). You will definitely notice the difference in your hair if your start using this tool. I did, and I’m so happy I took the chance and went for it. It’s such a great find and now I couldn’t manage styling my hair without it.




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