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Kealive Hair Straightening Brush Review

Last update: Jan 20, 2017 13:26, April Williams

This review is dedicated to a new product in the field of hair styling, namely the Kealive straightening brush. I would like to begin with the fact that I have thin wavy hair, so I always use a straightener to style it and to make it look good. I used to style my curls with a flat iron, but it took me a lot of time, and after a while, I noticed that the use of this device causes harm to my hair.

Then I started looking for an alternative to my old iron and learned about the existence of a straightening brush. The description said that it is very easy to use and gently affects the hair, so I really wanted to buy it. When I found an online store with this straightening brush, I immediately placed an order. Now I am the happy owner of this unusual instrument and I can tell you more about it.

Construction and design

So, I started using this hot brush to straighten my curls. This brush is very similar to the regular massage hairbrush; the only difference is the cord with a plug attached to the handle. The body of the brush is made of high-quality and durable cute pink plastic, and its bristles have ceramic coating that best protects your strands from heat.

The power button and the heating controller are located on the side of the handle, and a small digital display, which shows the exact temperature, is located on the back. The cord rotates around its axis by 360 degrees, which facilitates the use of the device.

I got the brush in its original cardboard box. It came with detailed instructions.

Features and characteristics

This device is designed for styling different types of hair. It combines the features of two instruments — a comb and a straightener. Thus, this device performs three steps at a time — it brushes, smoothes and straightens the hair, which can significantly reduce time for creating a hairstyle. In addition, the shape of the brush makes the tool very convenient and understandable for the user.

Massage cloves give the device another advantage over other straighteners. The fact is that in the process of styling they affect the scalp, improving blood circulation and awakening dormant follicles, which stimulates the rapid growth of new hair.

Ionizer: Another feature of this device is ionization, which is very useful. Negative ions, emitted by the brush, provide the following actions:

  • Accelerate the absorption of moisture, preventing its evaporation and hair over-drying;
  • Remove static electricity, so your strands become smooth;
  • Repel dust and dirt particles;
  • Make the hair manageable, shiny and beautiful.
  • Thus, the use of this brush with the function of ionization not only does no harm to your hair, but it also benefits — it moisturizes, protects against breakage, and revitalizes.

Temperature adjusting: the brush is also equipped with a function of adjusting the heating temperature. You can set any temperature from 80 to 230 degrees Celsius, depending on your hair type. The manufacturers recommend you to use:

  • 170-190 degrees — for thin and weakened type,
  • 190-210 degrees — for normal type,
  • 210-230 degrees — for coarse and curly type.

High-quality ceramic coating of the bristles, which supports a uniform temperature, warms strands over the entire length, preventing them from scalding and damaging.

Kealive brushesHow to use it

The process of styling is as follows:

  • Wash your hair and dry it naturally or with a blow dryer.
  • You can apply a thermal protection product if you want.
  • Plug in the device and then press the power button.
  • Select the desired temperature mode using the side buttons.
  • After the device is heated to the desired temperature (its digital display will show you the exact temperature), you can start styling.
  • For straightening, separate small strands and then slowly brush them with massage bristles over the entire length.
  • The time required for styling is 5-15 minutes.
  • After the procedure, turn the device off.

ALSO: This appliance has a fire protection function. If the user forgets to turn it off, the device will automatically shut down 30 minutes later.

My opinion about this kind of straighteners

I can say that this straightener in the form of a brush is really a great invention. It is as easy and convenient to use it as to comb your strands with a massage brush. I can quickly style my curls with it, and they are perfectly straight and smooth after this procedure, they are not fluffy anymore and they acquire natural shine, and this result is preserved for a few days until the next shampooing.

I use the brush almost every day, but it does not worsen the condition of my strands. On the contrary, thanks to ionization, my hair has become more moisturized and healthy. So, I am very pleased with my purchase, and I don`t feel like I will use conventional ironing again.

Advantages of Kealive brush:

  • Convenient shape of the brush;
  • It combs, straightens and smoothes your curls in one movement;
  • It reduces the time of styling;
  • Ionization;
  • You have an opportunity to adjust the heating temperature according to your hair type;
  • It stimulates hair growth;
  • It protects your hair from dryness, breakage and overheating.

If you want your hair to look perfect all the time and to be healthy, I advise you to buy the Kealive straightening brush. You will forget about the damaged burnt hair and hours, spent in front of the mirror, trying to style your unruly curls. Also, there is no doubt that this device will be a perfect gift for your female relatives and friends. The result will be a welcome surprise for them. Looking forward to your reviews, my dear friends!

8 comment(s)

  1. Has anyone who’s African American tried this?

    1. Hi, I am African American and I have pretty long hair. Well, it works, but doesn’t give you as good result as a flat iron.

  2. I have a 14-year old who wants her hair straightened every morning, is it really as simple as just brushing the hair and its straight?

    1. Hi, Mia!
      Yes! – It’s the best part of this straightener…it is a brush. All you do is brush! Slower than you would with a regular brush but it works just the same. All you have to do is brush or comb your dry or slightly damp hair. But first, make sure you have no tangles. Also, the straightening brush needs to be hot enough to straighten your hair but not too hot that it will burn, so I suggest you start at a lower temperature and gradually increase it to find what is best for your hair type. Just brush through your hair slowly making strokes from top to bottom. It works great and lasts all day! If your daughter’s hair is quite thick, you could separate it in half to get a consistent result all through; but this is a personal preference.

  3. How comfortable is it to use?

    1. The long swivel cord is long makes it easy to attend to the entire head of hair with ease. It will glide nicely through the hair as long as tangles are taken out beforehand.

  4. So, how long is the cord exactly?

    1. It’s approximately 7 feet. It’s definitely long enough to use without the need of an extension cord.

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