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Karmin G3 Salon Professional Hair Straightener Review

Last update: Dec 26, 2016 09:59, April Williams

I would like to share my joy with you and maybe help someone make a choice. This review is about the most beautiful ceramic hair straightener I have ever used. It is so sleek and stylish. Its exterior is streamlined and resembles some unknown tool from the future. If you decide to curl, straighten your hair or add some volume to it, the Karmin is the only styler that you will ever need. That is what the manufacturer says. And there`s more. The functionality of the Karmin G3 Salon Professional is just amazing!

The Karmin Salon Pro is ideal both for professional use and for use on your own. It provides such characteristics as the ultra-fast heating, a long no-tangle cord (its length is three meters; it is rotating 360˚ and it doesn`t go awry) and temperature control settings for all hair types and a wide range of hairstyles (250° – 460° F). As for me, I don`t recommend to use the temperature over 400˚ F too often. With this device, you will be able to straighten your curls without effort, and as a result, you will get silky, smooth and shiny hair.
This super stylish flat iron is available in three seductive colors (not only black as usual). You can pick up purple, pink, blue or white hair straightener. They are all the same inside but you have the opportunity to select the one that suits your personal style. We girls like to choose products based on appearance.

Product features

The Karmin G3 Salon Pro has improved floating ceramic plates with 100% pure tourmaline coating, as most high-class irons do. This provides the ultimate smooth result. The ceramic surface provides heat conduction and maintenance that are needed to perfectly straighten your strands, and the tourmaline crystals help you get a super smooth surface that is necessary to safely grasp your hair and lock the moisture in it for not to burn your strands. No more sizzle that makes you cringe!

Is not ceramics sufficient?

The answer is “No!” Traditional ceramic units ensure only the usual high temperature that can burn your hair. Karmin means ionic and infrared heating that is better and healthier than the usual. Great results without the risk of hair damage! The high-quality Karmin units provide you with really smooth, shiny, silky and healthy hair if compared with other ceramic tools.

So, what`s the reason negatively-charged ions are so much important when using a hair iron?

Negatively-charged ions create silky, smooth hair surface, closing its cuticle, and lock the natural moisture inside the hair. This gives your strands exceptional shine, color and protects against desiccation. Negatively-charged ions also remove static electricity from the surface of your hair, so that it becomes silky and absolutely straight!
What`s the reason infrared radiation is so much important when using a hair iron?
Infrared radiation penetrates the hair and gently heats it from the inside. This creates a different type of heat that does not burn the hair surface. Instead, more heat reaches the hair body, so your strands become more manageable and can be straightened quickly and easily. Since less ordinary heat reaches the surface of the hair, it does not get damaged.

What is the main difference between the Karmin G3 Salon Pro and other irons?

The advantage of the negatively-charged ions and far infrared radiation is that we do not use very high temperatures, so the risk of damage to the delicate but important layer, i.e. the cuticle, is reduced. A huge number of negatively-charged ions of this kind of straighteners create more smoothness, silkiness, and shine than traditional ceramic devices do.
The Karmin tools are controlled by microchips to ensure constant and uniform heat. The Karmin irons are heated within less than 30 seconds, and the Karmin boasts of floating ceramic plates with 100% pure tourmaline coating, which do protect your strands, while most other straighteners are no more than just ceramic-coated. The Karmin irons are the choice of professional stylists because they combine the latest negative ion technology and infrared radiation to lock the natural oils in your hair, giving it a beautiful shine and straightening it perfectly.

Karmin straightener black

What I really like

The iron is dual-voltage. That`s a very pleasant thing for you if you like to travel. You have the opportunity to take this tool almost anywhere in the world. Thanks to its dual-voltage settings, you will not fry your straightener up if you use it in any other country.
Automatic sleep mode. The iron is switched off automatically after an hour of non-use. So, you will not have to worry about whether you have turned the straightener off or not.
A three-year warranty is provided. As for my personal experience, I used to have different irons – some of them lasted many years and others lasted no more than some weeks. Now, the weirdest thing is that those irons that lasted several weeks were never supported by a long period warranty. A three-year warranty creates confidence.

So, let`s draw conclusions

Karmin G3 Salon Pro is touting itself as the only hairstyling device that you will ever need. The rounded shape of the body allows you to use this device not only to straighten your curls but also to curl your hair or just increase its volume.
Karmin even offers a lot of different visually pleasing colors. The iron is sufficiently tested. It showed good results for use in the protection of dry and damaged hair, while other straighteners can be harmful to your hair. It does its work well and manages to be super reliable for many women at the same time. It suits all hair types and will keep your hairstyle the way you want it. And as I have mentioned at the very beginning, it is really beautiful!

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