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John Frieda Hot Air Brush Review

Last update: Aug 17, 2017 12:59, April Williams

I should say that I have good hair; after all, it is quite thick, strong and slightly curly and people are often making me admirable compliments. However, my entire perception is spoiled by one major flaw; the texture of my hair extremely disorderly. The things I have to do to not only put my hair in an attractive hairdo but even just to tie it up into a regular ponytail! My hair is always puffy, fluffy and tangled. I usually solve this problem by using a flat iron or curling iron, but after all the remarks I have heard about the safety of hot tools, I am afraid of using them too often. Over dried hair not only looks worse but often isn’t tamed at all.

Recently I was looking through several online stores in search of the safest hair styling tool and I came across the Hot Air Brush by John Frieda. Attracted by how compact it is; its efficiency and safety claimed for the hair, I decided to make an order. Now I would like to tell you a wonderful story of how I tamed my own strands.


I was amazed at how the John Frieda Hot Air Brush is very compact. At the length of just 11.6 inches, its weight is about 1.3 pounds; meaning it’s is very easy to take with you actually anywhere if necessary, to a party or on a trip.

The design seemed very attractive to me. The comb body has a nice streamlined form and a pretty silver tinge, so it looks incredibly stylish and modern. The handle of the tool lies very comfortably in my hand, which greatly facilitates the process of creating a hairdo. The flat switch doesn’t create any discomfort, and the rounded end of the brush helps to avoid hair damage while using the tool. In general, I was impressed the appearance of the John Frieda Hot Air Brush and definitely wanted to try it out immediately; seen as I had just washed my hair and the brush was at hand.


So first of all, I would like to state something important to remember about the difference between a hot air brush and a hair dryer; do not confuse the two or assume they can do the same thing. Yes, they both provide hot air which helps our hair become dry faster, but applying a strong mechanical action to wet locks is extremely harmful and damaging. Taming your hair with the hot air brush is only possible when your hair is dried at least 75-80%, where the tool will provide perfect effect and won’t do any harm to your locks. If you are in a hurry, try to dry your hair at least with a towel if possible.

And now a few words about why I liked John Frieda Hot Air Brush – I’ll tell you what advantages I have found:

  • Great care. The ceramic coated barrels provide excellent efficiency under the influence of negatively charged ions and hair scales are sealed and smoothed without losing any moisture. My strands became much more manageable and obtained a natural glitter.
  • The size and shape. As it turned out, the brush is actually really is practical in all ways, including its design which plays an important role. Due to the comfortable short handle, hair can be effortlessly arranged from any angle! And I forgot to tell you about the swivel cord, it is incredibly beneficial, you feel like a real stylist! The cord is never getting tangled which is a massive plus.
  • Soft bristles. Oh, this is really brilliant! After reading some unpleasant stories about air styling brushes with hard plastic teeth tangling hair, I used the hot air brush the first time with caution. Thankfully the soft bristles didn’t tangle my strands at all; they worked effectively throughout my hair, gliding smoothly.
  • Security. John Frieda Hot Air Brush works at the exact temperature that you want to style your hair without overheating or drying. You can safely take your time, spending as much as you need without worrying about causing any serious damage to your hair.

Finally, the main advantages of this model – it provides a brilliant overall effect! The diameter of 1.5 inches allows you to create lovely big waves, stylish flowing and flawless strands. I have done it myself; my hair has now become tamed, without fluffing, and with glamorous shine!

John Frieda Hot Air Brush: to Buy or Not to Buy?

What will help to tame unruly hair better – a visit to a salon to experienced professionals or purchasing such a convenient device? Of course, each solution has its benefits. John Frieda Hot Air Brush possesses the following:

  • Speed and efficiency – only 15-20 minutes and your hair may cause serious envy!
  • Exceptional convenience. Working with John Frieda Hot Air Brush is extremely simple, and the result exceeds all expectations.
  • Use for hair. Curls are moisturized and manageable, and shiny as if I had visited a beauty salon!
  • Safety. Adjusted temperature and ceramic coating protect the hair from a negative impact of hot air, making this an absolute benefit.

The disadvantages of the John Frieda Hot Air Brush can be credited to the short-term effect as the hairdo keeps no longer than 4 hours. However, modern fixing mousses can preserve the beauty of your styling for a longer period and besides super easier to just take the Hot Air Brush with you. I sincerely recommend you to try and win the battle against your unruly hair!

2 comment(s)

  1. Does the brush rotate?

    1. Trina

      No, it doesn’t. It is stationary and easy to hold in place while the hot air dries the hair wrapped around the barrel. In my opinion, this is the best brush you can buy! It goes through your hair easily and dries quickly leaving a really nice shine. My friend has a hot air brush with a rotating barrel and she is always having trouble with it, her hair is always getting tangled. After she tried mine, she loved it too and found it super easy. Now she is always coming to my house before we go out together to do her hair with my brush. I think I will get her one for her birthday for her convenience, it’s worth every cent.

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