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iMissiu Interchangeable Straightening Brush & Curling Wands

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I’m someone that likes to change my hair style from day to day depending on my mood or the occasion. I never mastered the technique of curling with my flat iron so when I came across this kit with interchangeable curling wands and a hair straightening brush I was super keen to get it straight away. I already own a flat iron so now I have all the tools I could possibly need or want! I had been eager to try out the so raved about straightening brushes tool. Although I had never heard of this brand before, it seemed to be the most popular with the best ratings, so I decided to go for it. Today I’m going to share my experience I’ve had with the tool and how well it worked so that you can decide whether it’d be something ideal for you to have in your life.

Interchangeable Straightening Brush:

  • Swivel cord, length of 2.5m
  • Tourmaline, ceramic
  • 2 heat settings
  • Dual Voltage 100/240V
  • Hair straightening brush
  • Large curling wand for loose lush curls
  • Small curling wand for tight spirals


~ $30*

* Approximate price



Assembly is straightforward. The curling wands and hair straightening brush attachments are easy to snap off and change.

After powering the device on, you need to select what temperature you want either “1” or “2” on the switch and it heats up within 1 minute. There’s an LCD flashing light that’s shown until the temperature has been met, then you know it’s ready to use. You should try to style your hair on the lower temperature first and see if it’s enough to style your hair with because the lower temperature you use on your hair, the better. I use the high temperature of 410°F for curls as I have found that it makes them stay longer but when I use the straightening brush attachment, I use the lower temperature and it takes away any frizz and smooths out my hair perfectly fine with just the temperature of 300°F. My hair is neither fine, nor really thick – it’s somewhere in between so both temperatures seem to be suitable for my hair but you’ll have to experiment for yourself to see what works best for you.imissiu

The smaller curling wand allows you to create a small spiral curl while the larger wand makes lush large curls. I just wrap my hair around the wand and hold it there for about five seconds and then release it to achieve gorgeous curly locks that last all day.
The hair straightening brush straightens my hair in a way that looks natural within mere minutes. I love using the hair straightening brush when I’m really pushed for time in the mornings! – It’s just perfect. Flyways are gone within minutes and my hair looks smooth and it’s truly effortless!

It’s necessary to use the heat resistant glove when styling your hair with the curling wand. You don’t want to sacrifice your hands for beautiful hair. Keep your hands free of burns and always use the glove. They included it in the kit because it’s crucial for this styling tool-trust me, I figured this out the hair way the first time I used it. The resistant glove allows you to hold the iron while you wrap your hair around the wand properly, so not only does the glove protect your fingers, but it actually allows you to have consistent results from top to bottom.

In Conclusion

This interchangeable set is such an affordable set that offers so much. I happy I discovered it and that I now have plenty of options to style my hair any way I feel on a particular day. Since my purchase of the iMissiU kit, I’ve bought a 2 more, one for my sister and one for my cousin – both for birthday gifts. They loved them just as much as I do. I’ve got to admit, I definitely noticed how much faster it is to straighten my hair with the hair straightening brush than with the flat iron which I already own.
Although the straightening brush attachment doesn’t make my strands pin-straight like how it looks after using the flat iron, it has more volume and looks more natural. I like to use my flat iron when I go out at night and want my hair to be super straight but on a day to day basis if I want straight hair, I use the straightening brush as it’s perfect for a quick smooth style before going to work and I’m aware that it’s less damaging too.








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