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INSTYLER Thermal Straightening Brush for Hair Review

Last update: Jul 30, 2017 14:52, Anna

In this article, I will review the InStyler Straight Up Ceramic Brush. I will point out the features, characteristics, pros, and cons of this hair tool to educate you so that you will be better informed to make a purchasing decision and determine whether you think it’s the best hair straightening brush for you. The original InStyler has the majority of features you could ever want from a hair straightening brush. Now, let’s go over the brush in detail…

First Impressions

This hair straightening brush certainly breaks the mold as far as hair styling tools are concerned. It is white and purple with black bristles and a black control panel. This is definitely a vibrant attractive site compared from the black body color that seems to be the norm for these tools.

It has a modern look, possessing smooth, gentle curves throughout the body. Overall, it looks modern and actually fun to use. It feels light yet looks quite durable.


Looks are not everything, however. Now let’s look at the design of the InStyler Straight Up Ceramic Brush.

It possesses an LCD display. Immediately, this one feature indicates that the operating temperature is adjustable. I have to mention that this is a very useful feature to have because one temperature does not necessarily suit all hair types. It is necessary to have the possibility to dial in the temperature that best suits your specific hair type.

The entire body of the brush is made of plastic. The heating plates are made of ceramic and the head itself is oval in shape.

The dimensions of the brush are 2.8×4.5×13 inches, and it weighs in lightly at just one pound.

The fact that the heating surface is purple is really eye-catching. The body is white, which provides a very clean and modern look while the bristles and control panel are black. There are no other colors available in this particular model.

Oddly, there is nothing in the box other than the hair straightener itself. There is not even an instruction manual. This is okay, however, because the operation of the unit is pretty much self-explanatory. The controls are simple. There are three buttons: on/off, temperature up, temperature down.


This brush heats up very quickly. It goes from room temperature to the maximum operating temperature of 450 in 30 seconds. This is impressive as virtually every competing unit on the market takes at least a full minute to do this. It’s also worth noting that the back of the head stays cool while the front is heated and completely hot.

This brush has a rotating cord which is helpful in keeping the cord out of your way while it is in use. It does not, however, have a hanging hook. A hanging hook would make storage easier.

Upon Further Inspection

There are seven different temperature settings ranging from 330˚-450˚F.

The InStyler does feature an anti-scald design meaning the bristle tips are always cool to the touch, even while the heating element is on and the brush is in use. The bristles are labeled as ionic indicating that they feature ionic properties which promote smooth and shiny hair after use.

The surface of the heating element is ceramic. This is the preferred heating element material because it provides even heat across the entire surface and eliminates hot and cold spots which are a common characteristic of metal heating elements. Ceramic is gentle to the hair and will not burn or over-process it.

A favorable safety feature of this unit is the automatic shutoff. This means if you happen to forget to turn it off after using it, it will automatically turn off after 30 minutes.

This hair straightening brush is not dual voltage. It runs on 110-120 volts AC so, it is designed for the North American markets. An adapter is required if the brush is to be used outside of the US and Canada.

The button layout is simple and self-explanatory. There are three buttons. One button is for turning the brush on or off. The other two buttons are for lowering or raising the operating temperature.


instyler straightening brush

The Pros

This brush is visually appealing. The combination of white, purple and black is pleasing to the eye and is an exceptional departure from the all black coloration of most competing devices.

The brush is lightweight, coming in at only one pound, it certainly is durable and is built for the long haul. It’s small but not too small and is easy to maneuver. The ceramic heating element is gentle for the hair and provides smooth, consistent heating.

The LCD display is favorable and ideal as is the original InStyler has seven different operating temperatures are available. This allows the brush to work well with all hair types and textures.

The InStyler heats up faster than any other hair straightener that I have encountered.It is fully heated and ready to use in 30 seconds! It is an ideal time even for professional use.

Last but certainly not least, I need to mention the essential safety features. This unit features an automatic shut off. This, in my opinion, should be a mandatory feature on all hair straighteners. If you forget to turn it off or unplug it, the brush will turn itself off.

The Cons

The only thing that comes in the box is the brush itself. There are no instructions included. There is no carrying case either. A carrying case is always a welcome addition as it provides for easier storage when traveling and eliminates having a cord wrapped around other items in the suitcase.

The only other negative, although it is just a minor; it’s the fact that this brush does not have a hanging hook. This is compensated for by the fact that the body of the unit is cool to the touch. So, with that said, it can be laid down on its back after the completion of each use.

All in all, this is an excellent value for money. It is fast and easy to use. It is designed well and looks terrific.

15 comment(s)

  1. Does the back side get very hot? With my previous straightening brush, I had to deal with the back side always being way too hot for me to handle; so eventually, I gave up on it.

    1. Not at all, that’s what I love about it! I can assure you it’s a warm temperature and that’s it! The bristles do get very hot though so please be careful about that.

  2. What temperatures can the Instyler be set to?

    1. It can be regulated to seven different temperature settings from 330 to 440 degrees Fahrenheit.

  3. What’s the warranty for this brush?

    1. It has a 1-year warranty 🙂

    2. I am so happy to have found this brush. Mornings are much easier now.

  4. How long is the cord?

    1. The cord is 55 inches long.

  5. Does your hair need to be completely dry?

    1. You should only really use it on completely dry hair because otherwise, you could damage your hair and the results won’t be as effective. Sorry. If you’re looking for an electric styling tool where it’s possible to style your hair without allowing it to be completely dry, then you should look into hot air brushes. Hot air brushes are fine for styling when your hair is approximately 80% dry. 🙂

  6. mine keeps saying error, what do i do?

    1. Send the device back and get yourself a replacement. It must be a faulty tool.
      This device has a 1-year warranty.

  7. Have you reviewed others? Been looking at the fem jolie as well. Also can the brush in so it will look more of a style rather than just be straight down if that makes sense. Thanks.

  8. Thank you very much for your blog.

    I enjoyed reading this article.

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