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Infiniti Pro by Conair Spin Air Rotating Styler Review

Last update: Dec 29, 2016 09:35, April Williams

In this review, I proudly present you an exciting hair styling tool, The Infiniti Pro Spin Air Rotating Styler by Conair.

Do you have straight or slightly wavy hair? Do you wish to transform your hair to a curlier look? If yes, then this is the hair tool for you.

Let’s look at this tool in detail, and along the way, I will point out all of its features. I will relate to you, describing what I feel are the tools good and bad points so that you can purchase your choice with confidence.

First Impressions

The Infiniti Pro’s body is made of plastic. The heating element utilizes tourmaline ceramic technology.

The unit is cylindrical in shape. Its measurements are: 3.6 x 6 x 15.5 inches. It weighs nearly one pound.

This hot air brush is currently only available in black.

In the box, you get:

  • The powered brush handle/controller
  • 2” spin air brush
  • 1 1/2” spin air brush
  • Protective brush cover for each brush


This brush does not feature a rotating cord, nor does it have a built-in hanging hook.

The one feature that sets this apart is that the attachments of the brush spin while the tool is set to operate on low or high heat modes. When it is set to the cool mode, the brush attachments do not spin which allows it to function like a conventional hairbrush. It is also worth noting that the brushes spin in both directions offering further hair styling possibilities.

Infiniti Pro Conair Hot Air Brush picture 2

It also has a removable filter for lint. This is great because it can help to extend the motor life by keeping lint and other remains away from the motor.

There are two attachments included in the box, a two-inch brush head and the other is a smaller one and a half inch brush. Protective covers for each brush attachment are also included.

Upon Further Inspection

The Infiniti Pro operates at 500 watts. Out of the box, it is compatible with 110-volt electrical service. It is not universal, but it can be made to use internationally with an inexpensive and readily available adapter.

It features ionic technology which results in soft, smooth, tangle-free hair after each use.

There is no automatic shutoff, so you must turn the tool off and unplug it after each use.

There are three heat settings: cool, low and high. The heat settings will help dry damp hair during the styling process, but overall, they will not do much in terms of drying wet hair. Some people actually achieve better results when starting with hair that is damp.


The Infiniti Pro is a great deal at approximately $39 (check the sale). It is lightweight and very easy to use. Free shipping is available for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Additional items in the box are always a pleasant bonus when purchasing hair care tools. In this case, you get a two-inch spinning brush (for large curls and full body) and a one and a half inch brush (for smaller curls and waves). A cover to protect the bristles from getting bent is included for each brush head.

Infiniti Pro Conair Hot Air Brush

The fact that the brushes spin is a unique feature. The end result of this feature is that styling is accomplished much more quickly and requires much less work than it does with a non-rotating device. Additionally, the brushes are capable of spinning in both directions.

It is important to note that the brushes will only spin when the control is set to heat on either low or high. It is ok to use it on damp hair. It is not extremely effective at drying hair that is super saturated, though. It is important to note that the brushes do not spin when the cool setting is used, so this device can be used much in the same manner as a regular hair brush.

Tourmaline ceramic is the material used for the heating element. This is quickly becoming the material of choice in hair styling tools because it heats evenly and safely. The device emits a generous amount of ions during operation. The key is to not only soften and smooth out the hair, but also for it to be long lasting styling. Your end result can last up to 24 hours!

The Infinity Pro is very economical to operate as it only consumes 500 watts. So, it will have a minimal impact on the electricity bill even if it is used every day. It literally only costs pennies each month to operate.

The removable filter is a brilliant addition as it keeps lint, dust and other foreign debris away from the motor. This helps to prolong motor life by maintaining good cooling airflow to it. Cleaning the filter is fast and easy.

It operates on 110-volt electrical service, with the purchase of a separate adapter can make it compatible for worldwide use. These adapters are easily found at travel stores or online through Amazon.


This unit has a lot going for it. Although, I must express that there are only two quite minor negative points to bring up. This brush does not feature an automatic shutoff function. So, you must always remember to switch it off and unplug it after each use. Also, there is no hanging hook on this model. Due to this fact, it is wise to let it cool a bit before putting it away after each time that you use it. This is not only to protect your things but also, it is to protect the brush head covers. These are very few things, though.

All in all, you get a nice brush that features the latest technology to guarantee great results each and every time. It is affordable, lightweight and consumes very little electricity to operate. It is a great device and should be included in every hair care kit.

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    1. It will definitely give your hair a good lift! I have extremely fine hair and I think it works really well with mine. It dries and styles my fine hair in mere minutes. I have really short layers too and the brush provides an awesome lift of volume right from the scalp. There are instructions included which explain how to achieve volume for short hair.

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