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How Effective is the Herstyler? With such a massive price drop…

Last update: Aug 22, 2017 08:23, Alice

I found the herstyler for a really affordable price on amazon which made me intrigued as I knew that this particular brand produced some excellent functioning tools.  I soon realized that the price had dropped down 90%! – I checked to make sure it wasn’t a mistake as it seemed too good to be true, but this massive drop in price of the Herstyler was, in fact, legitimate so I ordered within minutes. You can buy straightener in several lovely colors: black, blue, green, pink, red, purple.


When the device arrived and I unboxed it, the first thing I noticed after picking it up was its light weight. I was keen to try it straight away as I conveniently just washed my hair and it had naturally finished air-drying.  My hair is naturally curly and thick so I was eager to see how effective it would be for my hair.


I plugged the Herstyler flat iron in and it heated up immediately – I was stunned. The temperature ranges from 175°F-500°F. It has five heat settings which make it perfect for all hair types. The temperature and on/off switch is located on the inside of the device so there’s no chance of accidentally changing the temperature or powering the device on while it’s in use.


The plates are 100% pure ceramic plates so they heat up evenly without any cold or hot spots and they stay at the set temperature. These ceramic plates release 6x more negative ions than regular ceramic plates which leave the hair completely shiny and smooth. The increased amount of negative ions that are released contributes to the healthy and strengthened hair.

An Ideal Tool for Traveling

The fact that the Herstyler is dual voltage at 110-220V it means that it’s can be used anywhere in the world, all that’s needed is a plug adapter as the plug is USA compatible. It comes with a handy case which also comes in handy for traveling.


herstyler2For anyone fond of changing up their hairstyle every couple of days, the Herstyler is perfect to do so. You can curl, straighten or create beachy waves. If you don’t know how to curl with a straightener then you can either watch tutorial videos on youtube if you’re a visual learner or find simple directions here. In short, you use a 1” section of hair and wrap the hair around the outside of the device and slowly pull the device along.

Convenient Design

It has a 360° swivel cord which makes it really easy to maneuver when styling, as well as a salon length cord of 8ft so there’s no annoying twisting or cord shortage. It features an easy grip handle which makes it really comfortable to hold.

Cons to take into Consideration

Now, that you are aware of what impressed me about this tool, I will now mention a few cons that you should also take into consideration before making this purchase


  • Fragile make. Some people have mentioned it being a fragile make and breaking after they’ve dropped it. This is common for many ceramic straighteners as they’re is not the most durable material for flat irons.
  • I’ve seen other complaints about the tool that it pulled a few strands of their hair while they were using it, which they believe is due to the floating plates. However, this fault has not occurred for me and if this was the case I’d get a replacement because it actually comes with a warranty.

To Sum Up

I can say that this hair straightener is high quality and just what most people are looking for in a flat iron. For this price, it’s an absolute steal! – It turns my thick curly hair pin straight with ease! I have seen reviews on amazon where an uncountable amount of people have stated that they purchased the same device years ago for between 80-200 dollars from a shopping mall and it lasted them 4 years and they absolutely loved it. They stated that they were skeptical when they saw the device for such a cheap price on amazon but have confirmed that it’s the same as the first one they had and are super happy that they managed to catch this deal. I’m ecstatic with this straightener and I’m sure you will be too if you need a high-quality straightener that performs brilliantly and gives the hair a gorgeous shine. I’d get in quick because I’m not sure how long this deal will last!  This tool is well-made and provides a silky smooth finish.

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