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Helen of Troy Hot Air Brush Review

Last update: Sep 27, 2017 06:02, Alice

I have very thin hair, jawline length and have been looking for something to give my hair more of a lift. I’ve seen many hot air brushes with large bristle barrels, but as my hair is very delicate and fine and needed something more appropriate specific strands. I discovered the Helen of Troy online, read several reviews which disclosed to me how suitable it is for thin and fair hair types and so I decided to give it a go for myself.


  • Multi-vent barrel dispenses quick airflow for efficient styling
  • Textured soft grip for comfortable handling and a secure grip
  • Lightweight – only 10.2oz/0.63lb
  • High/low heat settings
  • 8ft swivel cord
  • 1-year warranty

This brush does not rotate. I noticed in reviews on Amazon that some people thought it was a rotating hot air brush or a hot iron curling brush, some were disappointed with the reality of what this tool really is and some were pleasantly surprised. Just so that you know exactly what this tool is I want to make it clear: you must rotate it with your hand in the direction you want your hair to be styled.  I think this makes it easier to style because I can imagine brushes that rotate would more likely tangle the hair.


  1. I use this brush on me slightly damp strands. You can either let your hair air-dry naturally or dry your hair most of the way a blow dryer and then go ahead with styling with you Helen of Troy hot air brush.
  2. You can section the hair if you have a lot of hair, it’s not necessary in my case. Run the brush through your strands directing them where you want them to go. I curl mine under and give a decent amount of volume at the roots by holding a section of hair directly up and rolling the brush around my roots.
  3. The ball tipped bristles are soft rubber that gently grabs the hair and softly rests against your head.
  4. The cool tip at the end of the device provides easy styling control.
  5. When I’m done, my hair feels super soft and has the perfect amount of volume.


  • Great for short hair
  • It’s very lightweight so it can easily be taken on trips.
  • Styles great and gives the perfect amount of volume for fine hair.
  • Cool tip unscrews for easy cleaning.
  • Easy to use.


  • It’s not very powerful, so it won’t dry your hair very quickly – even for someone like me with really fine hair so it’s best to use it when your hair is almost dry or completely dry.
  • Not dual voltage.
  • It overheats and turns off if you use it for long periods of time without shutting it off. This is another reason why I think this tool is most suitable for people with thin hair like me because it’s not necessary to leave the device on for so long. It will run for about 30mins, and then turn itself off. You’ll need to give it 5-10 mins to cool down before you can use it again.
  • I would not use this on long thick wavy hair as it’s a thinner brush and the hair could get tangled and stuck.

A Noteworthy Reminder

Do not wind your hair around the barrel, because it will not release! I’ve seen several disasters online amongst users that have their hair wrapped around the barrel and not been able to unwind it! This is obviously the worst case scenario but you should be aware of what not to do, to avoid the same situation. Don’t let this turn you off, because I haven’t had any problems and it truly works brilliantly if you don’t wrap your hair around the barrel like a curling iron. – Perhaps the people that got their hair stuck were attempting some kind of experiment to try and curl with this device, but it is not a curling iron! If you want to curl your hair, use a curling iron or an appropriate straightener.

In Conclusion

The Helen of Troy is a reasonably priced appliance that makes me look and feel good before leaving the house for work. I’d be lost without it. I highly recommend this tool for anyone with short, fine-medium strands, wanting some extra volume and hair smoothening. It’s great to find a styling tool that seems to be perfect for short hair as most brushes, in particular, seem to be targeted for those with long hair.

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