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Chic Republic Heated Straightening Brush Review

Last update: Sep 21, 2017 09:56, April Williams

I got this heat straightening brush as a present from my husband. I have naturally wavy shoulder length hair. When I go out, I like to wear it straight and used to have it flat ironed at a salon. We have two toddlers, so visiting a salon is sometimes problematic (to say nothing of the cost). When my husband saw a commercial for a heated straightening brush on TV, he thought it might be a great gift for our anniversary. And he was right!


I really loved the gift. The brush is black with purple silicon tips (it also comes in white and pink colors, but my husband knows my taste and he made the right choice). It came in a box. The set includes a few replacement silicon tips in case some are lost or broken. There is also a black velvety pouch to store the brush in and a handy booklet with clear explanations on how to use it. It also gives useful styling advice. For example, it gives recommendations about what temperature to use for different hair types.

The heated straightening brush looks like a regular brush, but it has a cord attached to it. I don’t have to worry about twisting or breaking it because a special cover allows for 360-degree rotation of the cord at the place where it connects with the handle, which makes brushing totally carefree.

Temperature adjusting

Depending on your hair type, you can choose one of the three possible temperature settings. There is a LED display on the handle which shows the temperature you want to use. It can be set in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Once the brush has heated up to the desired temperature, it remains constant. There are buttons on the handle to make all the settings you want.

Auto shut-off

There is another feature that I find really useful. Whenever I forget to switch it off (which has happened a couple of times when I was distracted by my kids) my smart brush switches off automatically. This is a feature I really appreciate.


There is dual voltage, so you can use the tool when you’re traveling, which is really convenient. The last thing you want to do on holiday is experimenting with hairdresser’s salons!

Chic republic pink hair straightener

Detailed inspection

Even though it feels pretty much the same as any other hair brush, in the beginning, I was wary about using it frequently and only used it for styling my hair. However, I soon found that it does not damage or dehydrate my hair like flat ironing or blow drying. In fact, the brush is not just a hair styling tool, but it also detangles and massages your hair. It has a protective ceramic coating, and you can be sure it won’t give you burns or damage hair follicles. Unlike flat irons, there are no hot spots on the brush, so there is practically no damage to my hair. It heats up very quickly, so now after six months of use it has become my daily routine to fix bed hair with it. In addition to straightening my hair, it also adds volume like with blow drying without making my hair dry or brittle.

There are silicon tips which protect the scalp from scratching and give it a gentle massage.

Heating up takes about five minutes or even less. If you need just a quick fix, it’ll take another couple of minutes. Proper styling for a special occasion may take up to 20 minutes. It has to be used on dry hair. Unless it’s a quick fix in the morning, I wash my hair and let it air dry. Then I start brushing my hair slowly from the roots of my hair to the ends. As I said, it may take 15 to 20 minutes, but the result is amazing! It adds volume to my hair and makes it sleek, smooth and glossy. I love it!


A friend of mine, who noticed the change in my hairstyle immediately, asked to try out the miracle brush. Unlike mine, her hair is thick and kinky. We chose the highest possible setting for her and took about 20 minutes to work on her mane of hair. She was so impressed with the result that she bought the same tool the next day.

Since I got this brush half a year ago, I have had my hair flat ironed at a salon once. It looked perfect, but with my hair type, this is a kind of styling I can only do on special occasions, while my hot brush keeps my hair sleek and tidy on a daily basis without making it dry or brittle.

All in all, I think it is one of the most useful appliances I have.

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  1. Can the brush be used on wet hair?

    1. Hi, Nataly!
      Unfortunately, on the box, it says not to use on wet hair. So no, please save your hair from getting damaged and let your hair dry naturally or blow dry it first. Also if you attempt to straighten your hair while it’s still wet, it will take much longer and I doubt you will get the desired look.

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