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Best Thermal Protection for Hair: Which One to Buy

Last update: Aug 17, 2017 13:35, Trina

Thermal damage is the result of too frequent and the incorrect use of hair-drying, straightening, curling and any other styling techniques performed with heat. If you heat your hair with these devices, the scales are opened and lifted, therefore opening the cortex. If the use of hot styling tools is done improperly, the moisture will evaporate from your hair, destroying all its natural oils and protein. All this leads to dull, brittle, dry and fragile hair. Therefore, thermal protection is essential in order to prevent heat damage.


Choose Thermal Protection Products

The following types of products are used to protect your hair against thermal damage:

Chemical Protection

  • Rinse-out with water: shampoos, conditioners, rinses, masks
  • Leave-in: sprays, creams, balms, oils, gels

Additional Heat Protection Products

  • Gloves
  • Protection for ears

Let’s Talk More about the Chemical Heat Protection Products

These types of products protect your hair from root to tip. Heat protection products which are required to be rinsed out with water include many different masks, balms, conditioners and other products that are used for both before and after shampooing. They enrich your hair with moisture. The drawback of these products is that they must be washed away with water. Therefore, they are best used in combination with the leave-in thermal protection products.

Leave-in thermal protection for hair is the most effective. These products contain extracts of green tea and cotton, natural proteins, vitamins E and B5. In addition, these are better than the type which gets rinsed off as they stay on the hair for a longer period of time.

Selecting Thermal Protection Products According to your Hair Type

Your strands may be dry or oily, curly or straight, thick or thin. Depending on what type of hair you have, you will require a different type of thermal protection.

For Dry Hair

It is best to use leave-in thermal protection in the form of oils or creams for dry strands. They will moisturize your hair, making it softer and more manageable. The following products are good options for dry hair:

For Wavy and Curly Hair

The following types of thermal protection will help moisturize and slightly straighten curly or wavy hair:

For Oily Hair

If your hair is prone to oiliness and your strands are not fluffy and voluminous; use products which need to be rinsed out with water, such as shampoo or conditioner:

The basic rule when choosing thermal protection:

If you have dry hair — avoid products containing alcohol, if you have oily or normal hair — do not use oil-based products.

Oil Thermal Protection for Hair

Oil-based heat protection products create an invisible film on your strands and prevent the structure from thinning. They have a number of common characteristics: they smooth fluffiness, give your hair a flowing look, neutralize static electricity, simplify combing and styling while making your strands smooth and shiny. These products are usually made of a combination of essential and vegetable oils.

The following products are popular:

Heat Protection Spray to Protect your Hair when using a Dryer and Iron

Sprays have a light texture, therefore they are evenly distributed throughout the hair, and they can be applied to damp curls. But most all of them contain alcohol which is a major disadvantage with sprays because this leaves the hair dry. Avoid sprays which include alcohol, or choose products where this ingredient is indicated at the end of the list, which indicates the content minimal.  They restore the existing damage, give strength and provide slight conditioning care.

Shampoos and Conditioners for Better Thermal Protection

If blow-drying your hair, curling with hot rollers or straightening with an iron are included in your daily beauty routine, then thermal protection is a must and a water rinsable variant will assist you tremendously in maintaining healthy hair.

Silicone is the base of most sprays, creams and other leave-in thermal protection products. Silicone thermal conductivity is very low, so it protects your hair from heat damage, enveloping it and covering it with a thin, invisible film. At the same time as protecting your hair, they actually make your curls heavier and they become prone to rapid contamination.

To provide your hair feeling naturally light and soft, it is best to use leave-in thermal protection in the form of shampoos, conditioners or rinses every day. They restore the damaged structure and maintain healthy hair while drying and styling.

Additional Heat Protection Products

In the case of hot styling, not only your hair but also the skin of hands, face, and ears are at risk. Do not neglect these simple heat protection products. Having spent a few dollars, you will save yourself from scars that could remain for life.


A heat-resistant glove will reliably protect your hand from burns when working with curling irons, straightening irons and any other tools. The glove will make the process of styling much more comfortable.

The glove is made of durable and soft fabric. The material is pleasant to the skin and will protect you from high temperatures, protecting your hands from painful injuries. The size is one fits all, it is versatile and worn over the whole hand. It is easy to wash and it dries quickly. The fabric of the accessory is wear-resistant, ensuring it can be used for a long time.



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