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Gisala Ceramic Heating Hair Straightening Ionic Brush

Last update: Sep 27, 2017 19:28, Alice

I had been looking for an alternative to flat ironing for a while when I discovered electric straightening brushes. I wasn’t prepared to spend a large sum in case they weren’t a suitable option for me, so I found the Gisala straightening brush on special. I purchased the brush in hope that it would replace my daily use of flat ironing, which really was taking its toll on my hair. I’m going to share my experience with you.

Gisals properties:

  • MCH heating elements
  • Lightweight: 380g
  • Built-in ionic generator
  • Voltage: 100-240V
  • 5 heating levels 300-450℉


~ $10*

* Approximate price


Upon First Inspection

I couldn’t help but notice the unique design of this brush. It’s shaped in a way that penetrates right to the roots of the hair as the brush bristles themselves are curved in the shape of a crescent. It’s matte black in color which I am also very fond of because it doesn’t get fingerprints. It felt comfortable to hold in my hand and weighs fairly light too – only one pound. So my first impressions of this tool were nothing but positive.

Usability of the Gisala

Firstly, I was surprised how quickly the electric brush was ready to use after plugging it in – it heated up to the highest temperature in less than a minute! I found that this brush straightened my hair in a way that didn’t damage it. My hair is thick and at a length down my back so you can imagine how long it usually takes me to straighten my hair. I usually have to section my hair, so I did that when I used my Gisala brush for the first time. When I brushed my hair with the electric brush, it didn’t pull or feel uncomfortable in any way. It was effortless to pull the brush through my hair. It took the frizz away from my hair after a couple of strokes on a section of hair. It has an ionic charge which releases negative ions to promote shiny, healthy hair.


  • Ionic charge releases negative ions and promotes healthy, shiny hair.
  • LCD and temperature control.
  • 360 ° swivel cord.
  • The ceramic heating plate that provides uniform heat throughout.
  • 30-minute auto-shut off feature.
  • 2 gloves and hair clips to make styling easy and safe.

In Conclusion

I was surprised how easily it straightened my hair, although I might like to say smoothened my hair, and that’s because it doesn’t make my hair completely straight like how it is when I use a flat iron, but I feel great about the finished look. It’s perfect for me to use every day for several reasons:

1. it’s less damaging than using a flat iron,
2. it’s so much faster and
3. I love how my hair looks natural after using this electric brush! It looks natural. My hair looks silky and smooth and feels great too. I’m very happy with this tool.




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