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GHD Flat Iron Review: What an Amazing Straightener!

Last update: Dec 28, 2016 08:32, Kathy

A hair straightener is a necessary tool for creating curls and super-smooth locks. Once you have found your perfect iron, you can enjoy your hair every single day. It’s probably the most revolutionary device for creating and modeling hairstyles over the past ten years.

Today, they are not those bulky singeing flat irons, which we remember from the late 1990s. Now we have are thin tongs available, which allows us to create captivating smooth strands while actually taking care of the condition of our hair.

There is no doubt that hair straighteners have changed our lives for the better, now allowing us to create super straight locks or rich bouncy curls within the blink of an eye.

Whether you are curling or straightening your strands, flat irons are an incredible way to create a variety of different looks.

How to Choose a Flat Iron?

It is not easy to find a good hair straightener because it is difficult to decide on what you really need and which brands are the most popular and of course the most reliable.

I wrote this GHD hair straightener review to assist anyone when making a choice, as I had been deciding on an iron for a couple of months. I looked through a lot of thematic websites and I read many reviews. I was trying to understand which one was the best to buy. After elongated searching, the leader appeared; GHD straighteners are considered to be the best in all aspects. There were so many positive reviews on them and they are actually used by many professional stylists and hairdressers. and as a result, I could not resist. Users are completely happy with the GHD and professionals often recommend it… What more evidence did I need? – This was enough for me to make my decision! After watching the illustrative examples in many different videos (I added one below), I realized how much that I really like the result of this brand. I was extremely impressed with how easy it is to twist curls with this professional iron. I also add that I used many different irons in the past but as soon as this one appeared in my life, I forgot about all the others. GHD is the best!

My Opinion

I made my choice and now the time of the day when I am creating my hairstyle is a very pleasant time of the day for me. Styling now takes me no more than 30 minutes. Most importantly, with this magical styler; my hair is no longer getting burned. I have been using the GHD for more than six months and my hair is in the same condition and when I started using it; despite the fact that I rarely use thermal protection products, it hasn’t been damaged at all! – I am very pleased. Another important thing to mention is that my hairstyle is kept for 24 hours! I don’t think every iron can boast this fact.

GHD classic styler ceramic hair straightener is very easy to use and it is a real gift from god that will serve you for many years. Those who doubted whether to buy it or not, as I once did, you truly will not regret the purchase.

Available in Two Colors

I received the black GHD (!!!pay attention, it is the official seller; GHD stylers have many fakes due to their high popularity!!!). You can also choose a red one if you like. The design of this GHD hair straightener is simply to the point but stylish at the same time. There are no buttons to regulate the temperature, but it is believed that the iron independently adjusts to your hair type. I think it’s quite incredible and also very handy because you do not need to constantly adjust the temperature, but these are favorable little things; the most important thing is that it straightens the hair perfectly!

Ideal Size

The perfectly matched dimensions of the GHD hair straightener and rounded plates make it effortless to add volume to your hair from right close to the scalp while smoothing out the rest of your locks at the same time. No matter how thick or curly it is, these plates will easily style it efficiently and can easily cope with bangs.

CHD IV hair straightening brush

Some Advantages of the GHD Straightener:

  • It straightens perfectly – pull through each strand only once.
  • It comes with a GHD case, heat protector and comb – a very pleasant surprise.
  • The GHD styler with a ceramic coating is absolutely safe. If the iron is not used for 30 minutes, it switches off automatically (indicating this fact with a sound signal).
  • It is suitable both for both straightening and curling.
  • Thermostability. Its body is made of tamperproof ABS-plastic.
  • It’s ceramic coated floating plates smoothly slide through your hair and provide consistent heating. Ceramics are by far the most popular material for used irons because it is affordable and actually works better when straightening at a lower temperature. The ceramic plates of this best price GHD hair straightener are great for eliminating curls, smoothening your hair, and even for moisturizing.
  • It takes only 30 seconds for the tool to heat up. The GHD flat iron heats up very quickly to the desired temperature (374˚ Fahrenheit max).
  • Overheat protection.
  • It provides some of the most advanced technologies. If you use any other irons you will never be able to achieve the effect of perfectly straightened hair simply because the straightening plates charge your hair and allow it to electrify. In order to protect your hair from static electricity, special advanced plates are essential, they allow you to keep your hair in place during hair styling.

My Conclusions

When using an iron, nothing is more annoying than the feeling of your hair-pulling as you slide it between the plates. This iron is designed to cause the least damage to your hair. Thanks to its floating plates, this is not a problem anymore. No matter how strongly you press your hair, be assured that there won’t be any pulling, the highest pressure being to straighten your curls and moisturize them.

It looks like an ordinary straightening iron; it has nothing out of the ordinary. The matte plastic is not heated and it lies comfortably in your hand. When you switch it on, the lamp lights up, and 30 seconds later a sound signal beeps, indicating the iron is ready to use. It takes me about 7 minutes to straighten my hair. The result are just perfect! After straightening, my hair is shiny and silky, I couldn’t be happier!

It is the best option for the lovers of high-quality and cheap goods. The GHD wide plate hair straightener is known for its durability and quality. Many ladies, who have bought this iron, are very pleased and are not willing to change it for another one.

I dropped my iron twice (butter fingers) and I thought that after this it would just break down, but the manufacturer has promised that it is tamperproof. I can assure you that the promise is kept and its body is very durable. The iron still looks as good as new and works perfectly. So, this is also a huge plus. In general, this iron has a number of pros and no cons at all. It has a rather long rotating cord (it rotates 360˚), which is very comfortable when using, it heats up in no time, and it will both straighten and curl your hair. This wonderful hair straightener is worth every dollar you`ve paid. Take care of your hair and use high-quality straighteners! Your hair deserves it.

Last, but not least, do not forget to care for your hair and buy a good thermal protection cream! No matter how perfect your iron is, be sure to protect your hair from the heat.

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    1. I don’t feel any heat on my hands when I use this tool. This styler is awesome, nothing compares to it in my opinion. I would definitely recommend it.

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