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Flend Straightening Brush is the Best Alternative to Flat Iron

Last update: Sep 21, 2017 09:55, April Williams

I have a head of thick unruly hair. Some would think this is not something to complain about, but I can honestly say that I could do with a bit less! Even though I am vain about it, of course, taming it day in day out is a daunting task. And this is my story: “How I met my Flend straightening brush”:)

I am over forty years old working for a big audit company. Needless to say, my hair has to be tidy, well styled and discreet on a daily basis. Visiting a salon is not much help, because the hairstyle only lasts for two days, at best. How do I cope? I get up at 6 am, which is an hour earlier than I would if it wasn’t for my hair, and struggle to get it into a ’civilized’ shape. It is no surprise that I have tried out each and every hair styling appliance, in the hope to find the one that will facilitate my daily hairstyling routine (and add at least half an hour to my morning sleep time). Recently, I have been flat ironing my hair. I think it looks best with this kind of styling. Unfortunately, you can’t use flat irons regularly. I have noticed that my hair has become kind of dull and less shiny.

How did I know about it?

One day my teenage daughter was sitting in front of TV and saw that commercial for a hair brush straightening which looks like a flat iron. I decided to go for it and made an order. And I must honestly say that the result exceeded my most daring expectations.

When my order arrived, I had a nice surprise even before I started using it. The Flend brush was very neatly packaged in a nice solid box with custom cut foam to hold all the items. Besides the tool itself, there was a small handy brush to clean out the pins and keep the appliance neat and tidy. The hair brush straightener looks very much the same as a normal hair massage brush, but it has a long cord. The product is beautifully shaped, holds well and pleasant to touch. It is very handy and easy to use because the cord rotates 360 degrees. When I straighten my hair, the cord doesn’t twist or tangle. In fact, I only notice it when I finish styling and wrap the cord using a velcro strip attached to it. The set includes a high quality compact mirror. It is both pretty and handy. One side is a regular mirror, the opposite side gives you a zoom view. (I like the mirror so much that I keep it in my handbag now).

Flend straightening brush in black, white, pink colors

Our first acquaintance

The Flend straightening brush comes in three colors — black, white and pink. I picked white and I see now that it was the right choice. The paint has some kind of coating that protects the handle from scratching and greasing. After one month of use it still looks pristine. There is an LCD display on the back of the handle to show operating temperature and three buttons — one to switch it on and two other buttons to increase or decrease the heat. The product reaches the temperature you need quite quickly. As I said, the buttons are located on the handle. There is a lock feature to prevent pressing the operating buttons accidentally once your brush is ready to use, so make sure you switch it on before you start straightening your hair.


Even though the handle doesn’t heat up to give you burns, it still gets quite warm. So if your palms are sensitive, you might want to wear a heat protective glove. This is what the manufacturer recommends, although I feel fine holding it without protection. The bristles have silicon tips which prevent the scalp from burning and scratching and hair follicles from damaging. So, while brush straightening your hair, you give it a massage at the same time. The tips sit firmly on their bristles and do not get torn off when I am cleaning the unit with a cleaning brush.

Temperature level

There is an instructions manual which gives clear explanations about the use of this product. It also gives advice on what temperature to use for each hair type (Obviously, with my hair it has to be the highest possible setting). Having said that, it still appears to be less damaging and much more effective than flat ironing or blow drying. The product doesn’t have hot spots (unlike flat irons), so there is practically no damage to my hair.

Dry or wet hair?

Even though you can use it on wet hair for drying, just like a blow dryer, the manufacturer recommends against it, because this kind of styling is rather damaging for the hair. This product is not meant for drying your hair. Its purpose is to straighten or style hair.

The unit only straightens dry hair. If you use it after washing, you have to blow dry or air dry it before straightening (which is not an option for me, since my hair would take ages to air dry). The only option for me is to wash my hair in the evening and style it in the morning. The next step is to separate your hair into strands and brush each one from the roots to the tips a few times, depending on how thick and rough your hair is. I think that with softer hair a couple of times would do.

Using on traveling

My job involves occasional business trips. Obviously, my styling brush is the first thing I pack. I can’t imagine now how I used to cope without it! The product has another great feature — dual voltage, which is great because you don’t have to worry about an adapter when you travel. The last thing you want at 7 a.m. before an important meeting is to discover that you can’t use your hair styling tool because you forgot to pack the adapter!

Flend brush with a mirror as a present


Needless to say that I am not the only one person who has appreciated this appliance. As I said before, it was my teenage daughter who discovered it. Unlike mine, her hair is soft and easy to style. She likes to experiment with our new magic styling tool, and I must say that the results are much more impressive than with a blow dryer. Guess who is the first one to use it in the morning! Luckily for me, my daughter is not an early riser, so I still manage to get my extra half hour of morning sleep on most days.

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  1. Is it easy to use?

    1. Hi, Gabriela!
      This hair straightening brush couldn’t actually be easier to use! I found it completely straight-forward without a manual or instruction guide. It has a power button and two other buttons clearly labeled “–“and “+” regarding the temperature adjustment. So you simply turn the power on and select the appropriate temperature for your hair type.
      Best regards, Monica

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