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Hair Straightening Brush VS Flat Iron: Comparison

Last update: Aug 17, 2017 13:28, April Williams

The Advantages & Disadvantages of a Flat Iron & Hair Straightening Brush

Flat Irons

Flat iron advantages:

  • Flat irons will straighten even the most rebellious hair, no matter it is thin or thick, straight or curly.
  • You can straighten even afro hair using this wonderful device.
  • The flat iron can make your hair look sleek and shiny.

Flat iron disadvantages:

  • But the flat iron is harmful to the hair, the hair becomes dry and lifeless, and the hair ends break off.
  • Eventually, the shine is lost, because the hair loses moisture!

The process of work is as follows: you apply a high temperature to your dried hair and it gives it a straight look. After you straighten your hair with the iron, your hair gets sleek, well-groomed appearance, additional shine appears!

Straightening Brushes

The hair straightening brush recently went on sale. The electric hair straightening brush is a unique device 2 in 1.

Hair straightening brush advantages:

  • It makes brushing your hair easy, ionizing each hair, and also straightens wavy curls.
  • It makes your hair look perfectly flat and smooth, keeping shape during the whole day.
  • It removes static electricity from the hair and adds negative ions, which is good for thin or damaged hair.
  • Daily scalp massage while brushing your hair improves blood circulation and increases hair growth, which is a great benefit for your health.
  • Hot straightening brushes are a safe option because they have no “hot spots”. At the same time, the process of styling is easier and the brush makes your hair more manageable.

In conclusion, flat irons are the best option when it comes to thick, curly and even frizzy hair. But hair straightening brushes do not dry and damage your hair. They are a healthier option, although you will have to pay slightly more. After using this tool, your hair will look smooth, shiny and healthy.

P.S. And what straightener do you use and why? Leave your opinion in comments below 🙂

11 comment(s)

  1. I’m feeling a little bit puzzled, in the past, I have always used a hair straightening flat irons but haven’t had one for the past few years. After reading lots of positive statements I’m considering trying a straightening brush. My hair is curly and big; I’m worried it won’t give me the sleek look I want, do you think I should give it a go or stick to wat I already know works for my hair?

    1. Trina

      It can definitely work for you; just take into consideration a few things before making your purchase. First of all, you will need to use a high heat on the straightening brush; you should definitely section your hair and glide the brush through your hair nice and slowly. Apply a serum to hold your look and it will give you that lovely smooth, sleek look you desire. I recommend using a professional hair straightening brush to give you the best results.

    2. Try it out you never know if the change will end up being better

    3. You should give it a try. I’ve thick and curly hair. I’ve recently started using a straightening brush, it gives me a very natural look. My hair is soft, a little wavy/straightish, its not greasy or sticky and no frizz too. you just have to use it on smaller sections of your hair.

    4. You should definitely try a straightening brush they look and are better for your hair

  2. I have both a flat iron and brush. The brushes don’t make your hair as straight as it would with a flat iron. Brushes also make your hair a little frizzy. It takes me about 15 mins to do my hair with a flat iron and about 10 with the brush. The brush is safer and better for everyday use but the iron gives a smoother, straighter finish. They are both very hot and take a while to cool down but quick to warm up.

  3. Best I have ever used is the flat iron by Karmin 😉

  4. I used to flat straightner every day but it takes a lot of time but it looked very fine and so flat .i use the brush now. it dosen’t look very flat but it’s easier and faster and not so bad .

  5. I have wavy frizzy hair. will the brush do the make my hair more manageable and frizz free like the look keratin treatment gives?

    1. It will definitely make it smooth and manageable, I do however recommend if your hair is naturally frizzy applying an anti-frizz serum to get the best look possible.

  6. I have a flat iron and a straightening brush. The flat iron takes way more time and leaves strange dents in my hair. So I bought a straightening brush and it takes half the time a flat iron would. It also makes my hair more silky and leaves no dents.

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