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How to Determine Your Hair Type?

Last update: Sep 22, 2017 07:35, April Williams

How to Determine Your Hair Type by its Oiliness

Normal Oily Dry Combined
How often do you wash your hair? Once every two- three days. Almost every day. Once a week. Once every four days.
State of roots Oily by the end of day 3. One day has passed and it’s already oily. Dry after shampooing, normal on 3-4 day, oily on the 7th day. The roots are oily by the end of the 2-3 day.
State of ends Dryish or normal, sometimes they split. Good condition, no splitting. The ends are brittle, they often split. Brittle, dry ends, they also split.
Shine Healthy and shiny. It is shiny only on the first day after shampooing. Mostly dull. The ends are dull and the roots have an oily sheen.
Electrification Extremely rare Almost never Relatively often Usually the ends
Volume Medium volume. Normal volume only on the 1 day after shampooing, then the strands begin to stick together and lose their volume. Increased volume. The ends come apart within a short period of time, normal volume by the roots.
Styling Generally, it is easy to fix. It is easy to fix, but the styling is not so durable. It is difficult to fix. Usually, it is easy to fix, but the ends mess quickly.

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  1. Thanks for the info; I have now determined my hair type. My hair is medium-thick, curly and quite dry. Sometimes I love my hair to be looking sleek and straight after using my hair straightening brush, but other times I like to embrace my natural thick curls. I want a product which will enhance them, any suggestions on how and what to do?

    1. Trina

      Apply a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer with your fingers by scrunching the tips of your hair with the product. Using a leave-in product will greatly help with the dryness of your hair. You probably already know this, but don’t brush or comb your hair because it will make it frizzy. I hope this helps you.

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