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Eboot Hair Straightening Brush

Last update: Sep 21, 2017 09:58, Alice

I had seen hair straightening brushes advertised for quite a while and became interested after I started feeling sick and tired of the way my hair was looking from day to day. Naturally, it is thick and with frizzy curls! I hadn’t used heat on my hair for several years so the quality of my hair was quite good apart from slight damage occasional dying about twice a year, so I didn’t want to sabotage all the time that I’d left my hair in its natural form by clamping it together with flat irons – been there done that!
So, I decided to find a hair straightening brush for an affordable price that would hopefully smoothen out my strands and make my hair look smoother without damaging them too much. I found the Eboot hair straightening brush on Amazon and decided I’d give it a whirl.

Eboot properties:

  • Dual voltage: 100-240V
  • MCH Metal ceramics plate
  • Temp. range: 130℃/265℉-230℃/450℉
  • Cord length: 2.5m
  • Automatic shut off: 60 minutes
  • Heat up time: 60 seconds
  • Dimensions: 25cm,9.8”/ 5.8cm,2.3”


~ $25*

* Approximate price

First Impressions

ebootWhen I opened the box, I accustomed myself to all the additional items included in the box. It came complete with everything for convenient and safe straightening.
• 2 hair clips
• Heat resistant glove
• A bag/case to keep it in.
• Instruction manual

When I held the brush for the first time, I felt how comfortable it was to hold. It weighs just over a pound, which isn’t the lightest among straightening tools of its kind but it’s not too heavy either, which I not long after discovered as it straightens the hair so fast, you don’t have to be holding it for very long.

Technical Features and Functions – Taking a Closer Look
• The high-density teeth straighten hair thoroughly and quickly.
• The brush head is anti-scald, so there’s no need to worry about burns.
• The temperature is easy to change with a roller adjustment lever and the temperature is clearly indicated on the LCD screen.
• It has a temperature lock which activates after 3 seconds of inactivity, to change the temperature, simply press the button twice and it’ll be activated to change.
• The ionizer deeply nourishes the strands and promotes healthy, shiny hair as a whole.


• Automatic shut-off gives peace of mind for those mornings leaving the house in a hurry.
• It heats up and is ready to use within 1 minute of powering on.
• The wall hanging hook provides a way to store it out of the way but also makes it easy to switch on and grab at any given moment with ease.
• The 360° rotating swivel cord prevents twisting of the cord and keeps it out of the way while styling.
• The length of the cord is very favorable as you can reach all areas of hair without any difficulty.

How to Use

eboot21. Ensure your hair is clean, completely dry and tangle-free.
2. It’s recommended to apply a heat protectant of some kind, to keep your hair from getting damaged. A straightening brush is less damaging than a flat iron, but it’s still an application of heat so there still can get damaged if you’re not careful.
3. Plug the device and power it on by pressing down the red scroller/button.
Select your temperature depending on your hair type.

Here’s a temperature guide:
230°C/450°F is best for thick curly, wavy hair
190°C/374°F-210°C/410°F is for normal slightly curly hair
170°C/338°F is best for dyed hair
130°C/265°F-150°C/305°F should be used for thin, fine, bleached hair.

– In any case, your first time using the device, you should start with low temperatures to see what’s the lowest temperature that’ll be appropriate for your hair because, the lower the better, as far as protecting your hair from heat damage goes.
– The temperature will automatically lock after 3 seconds, so if you need to adjust it, you should press the one and only button/scroller down twice and it’ll be unlocked.

4. While you’re waiting for the brush to heat up, section your hair, clip the top up first and make the sections reasonably small if you want a thoroughly straightened hairstyle.
5. After a minute has passed, the straightening brush will be ready to use, so grab a section of hair and move the brush gradually from top to bottom. Wear your heat-resistant glove to hold the hair that’s had heat application.  The density of the bristles ensures all strands in the section get straightened properly.

– The heat resistant glove is not intended for preventing burns, as the device itself is anti-scald, but instead it’s for handling your hair when it’s hot, because after running the brush through your strands, they can be too hot to touch and sometimes you can’t afford to wait for them to cool down before sectioning off the next part of your hair.
– Carry on throughout your whole head of hair and enjoy the smooth results.


The Eboot hair straightening brush heats fast and straightens fast. It’s just what I needed and has kept my hair in a healthy condition, but it looks better as there’s no frizzy curls and flyway’s which used to be my daily hairstyle before I purchased this awesome tool. My hair is shiny and smooth after using the Eboot feels healthier than ever before. I recommend it for sure. I can’t even think of anything that I’d change about it or want to be improved and I’ve been using it for 6 months – that’s got to say something!





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