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Dafni Ceramic Hair Brush Straightener

Last update: Sep 21, 2017 09:00, April Williams

This is a DAFNI hair brush review, it’s an electric hair brush straightener – a brush that straightens your hair. Among the many DAFNI brush reviews on the internet, I am going to provide thorough information on the features, characteristics, pros, and cons of this model. This product claims to be “the original ceramic hair straightening brush”. First off, I would like to start with saying the DAFNI ceramic straightening brush is very easy to use and highly effective. It’s one of the most well-known hair brush straighteners and many say it’s the best straightening hair brush to date. I believe the DAFNI definitely works well although it does lack several features which would make use of the device more convenient. This hair straightening ceramic brush doesn’t have the cheapest price compared to some other models on the market but it certainly delivers and I can now say with confidence that it was worth every cent.

(Please note that this review is for the newly released U.S. Edition DH1.0B designed for 110/120 volts AC. This is important due to the fact that European models may have different features.)

Upon opening the box, there were no additional items to be found. The box contained only the electric hair straightening brush. There were no instructions included either, but this wasn’t an issue as these devices all operate in similar fashion with similar controls and as I said before it’s very easy to use. At the same time, it would be nice if a carrying case or bag was included.

Dafni vs Simply Straight

The Dafni and Simply Straight hair straightening brushes are both equally as popular as each other. The Dafni appeared first on the market, and made straightening brushes so popular in the first place, while the simply straight was advertised on TV making it well known among many. While both of these brushes have their similarities, they certainly have their differences too. This comparison chart should help you decide which the best option for you is. Depending what features are most important for you will help you make a decision.

Dafni Simply Straight
Materials Ceramic plates & plastic matte body Ceramic plates & plastic body
Dimensions 15.5×6.5×4.6 inches 11×2.8×6.5 inches
Weight 28.8oz/1.8lb 15.2oz./0.95lb
Voltage 120V 110V
Design Oval head shape 3D Oval head shape
Temperature Fixed 365 °F/185°C Adjustable 365 °F – 450 °F
Heating time 60 seconds Max temp in 2-3 minutes
LCD No, set temp – not necessary. Yes
Bristles Ceramic, 3D, and contour of bristles contours to head shape, fixed. Ceramic, 3D, fixed.
Cord 2.2m long, no rotating swivel & no hanging hook. 6ft/1.8m long, it has a rotating swivel, no hanging hook.
Ionizer No ionizer Has an ionizer
Auto Shut off No 60 minutes
Price $100 $30
Warranty 1 year Available on request from manufacturers.

From this comparison chart, you can easily see the differences between these two brushes which look quite similar at first glance. Both brushes comfortably glide through the strands of hair and straighten hair with ease, but to decide comes down to your personal needs and which particular features are most important for you.

Exclusive Dafni Design

Dimensions: It is difficult to not take notice of the sleek, modern look of the brush. The coloration is quite striking as is the geometry of the bristles. The actual dimensions are 15.5×6.5×4.6 inches. I will now go into more detail about these and other points.

Layout of Buttons: There is only one control on the handle, and that is a simple on/off button. That means that the only available operating temperature is the factory setting of 365°F (or 185°C). When the button is pressed, the device quickly heats to that temperature.

Materials: The body of the brush is made entirely of plastic. The matte finish is low profile yet classy looking, and it ensures that your hand will securely hold onto the handle during use. The only other material on the exterior is ceramic which is what the heating bristles are made of. Ceramic is an excellent conductor of heat and provides a consistent surface temperature. This is great because it has a consistent performance every time and the final results are always as expected.

Bristles: The head shape is the standard oval. What makes the DAFNI straightening brush stand apart from the competitors is the design of the bristles on the head. This hair straightener utilizes a patent pending 3D (three-dimensional) design. This design spreads the heat out across multiple points of contact with the hair to ensure straight healthy hair with faster results. Also, the contour of the bristles complements the contour of the user’s head.

Color: The brush is only offered in one color, and that’s black. This is fine though as it contrasts with the blue coloration of the head for a striking, yet visually appealing contrast.

Usability of DAFNI Hair Straightening Brush

Heating time: The brush takes about 60 or so seconds to reach the operating temperature of 365°F (or 185°C). This makes it practical for someone who is often on the go and needs quick yet reliable results.

Cord and hanging hook: This unit has neither a rotating cord nor a hanging hook. In my opinion, these items are both ideal for a straightening brush. A rotating cord is a favorable feature to have as it helps to keep the cord out of the way. A hanging hook allows for temporary storage that is easily accessible yet out of the way.
3D unique bristles of Dafni brush

Technical Aspects

Temperature: This DAFNI hair brush does not allow for user selected temperature settings. The unit is either on or off. It runs only at 365°F (or 185°C).

Ionizer: It features an anti-scald design in that the bristles do protrude from the ceramic heating element. There is no ionizer.

Heating element: A strong pro is the fact that this brush utilizes a ceramic heating element surface. Ceramic is the optimal material for this application because it supports even heating across the entire surface. At the same time, it is a gentle heat that doesn’t harm the hair. The bristles protrude somewhat from the element so the heat does not touch the scalp, just the hair.

Automatic shut-off: The DAFNI brush does not feature an automatic safety shut off. It is designed for 110/120 volts AC at 60 hertz. For international travel, an adapter for higher voltages is a necessity.
Dafni hair straightening brush


The Pros

Having clarified that this brush is

  • basic;
  • no frills; and
  • easy to operate.

It is what it is, as the old saying goes. It will give you straight hair reasonably fast (within 10 minutes for average hair with a heating time of approximately 60 seconds). Thinner hair types should be quicker, and thicker hair types will possibly take longer.

  • There is only one control button, which is the on/off control.
  • There is no control lock.

It would be good to have a control feature though because the location of the button makes it quite easy to accidentally press it causing the unit to shut off while it is in use. There is no way to dial in a preferred operating temperature. Push the solitary button to turn the unit on, wait about 60 seconds, and it will be ready to go at the full operating temperature of 365°F (185°C). This operating temperature has been proven time and again to be safe for hair yet effective at the same time. The ceramic heating element ensures that the temperature will remain constant across the entire head.

  • The black body with the blue head makes the brush visually appealing.
  • The biggest advantage of this unit is the geometry of the bristles. The patent pending 3D technology provides multiple contact points with the hair to give faster results than competitors’ offerings.
  • The heating time is fast! The heating element goes from room temperature to operating temperature in about one minute!

The Cons

Although merely a minor point that takes nothing away from the functionality of the brush is

  • the fact that operating instructions are not included.

Again, this is minor only because once heated to operating temperature, this unit operates in the same fashion as other hair straightening brushes on the market. As a matter of fact, the only item in the box was the brush itself.

  • One item that would really be nice for the straightener to include is a carrying case.

This way, it could be stored more easily and would also be easier to pack in a suitcase for traveling. It would just be useful if one was included.

  • Lack of a rotating cord is a letdown as the cord has a tendency to be a little awkward.

This is easy to get used to, though the lack of a hanging hook is a bit of a letdown as well. I say this because a hanging hook would cause it to take up less shelf space in the bathroom, keeping it near the point of use but out of the way at the same time. In reality, these are fairly minor points that again do not detract from how well the brush works.

dafni-goIn closing, the DAFNI hair straighteners functionality is a fairly basic unit but it performs very well. The few negative points about it are really minor in the grand scheme of things as they do not take away from how well this brush performs. Also you can see more chipest model Dafni Go.

The Luma brush looks just like the Danfi and has a price of just $70





12 comment(s)

  1. It’s cheap, it works more than ok, and it’s not an eyesore, the Dafni straightener brush is one of my favorite so far. You might be fooled at first into thinking this isn’t that effective but it works like a charm, even if your hair is a bit thicker.

  2. Is there a warranty in case the teeth start falling out after using it for a period of time?

    1. Trina

      No need at all. The teeth are not attached; they are completely connected like little arms. This brush is completely strong! It’s extremely durable.

  3. I just received this as a gift today for Christmas. I tried it and it works beautifully! I am so impressed! I have extremely thick and very frizzy/curly hair and this product worked quickly and amazingly! It heats super quick which is amazing, and you are able to purchase a case and a little black holder for it (I received these as gifts with the brush). I have tried so many straightening products and this is by far the best and fastest way to get my hair straight. LOVE THIS PRODUCT, totally worth the money!! But do not cheap out, I purchased another brand that you could adjust the heat, had the swivel cord, and was a bit more affordable in price (was around $100 or a bit less) and it does not work near as well or as fast as this brand. Amazing product!

  4. Can a heat protectant product be applied before using a straightening brush?

    1. You can and you should. Make sure your hair is completely dry though otherwise, it will steam. Clean your brush after using it too so that you don’t get a buildup of product in the bristles.

  5. I have wavy hair with a bit of frizz. I wanted something fast and easy to straighten my hair for work in the morning. This tool has made it fast and simple. It has met my expectations. 🙂

    1. Good to hear Tegan Jade!

  6. One of the black teeth did somehow fall out on mine. Is it still safe to use?

    1. Really! – I have believed up until now that it wasn’t possible for the teeth to fall out.That’s a shame. – I know it’s not a cheap brush. It actually has a 1-year warranty so you can totally send it back if you haven’t had it for a year already. But to answer your question, I believe that it will still be safe for you to use unless it pulls at strands? – check it with caution, brushing slowly to be sure that it won’t pull at your hair.

  7. Does this brush work well with extremely curly and/or thick natural (African American) hair?

  8. Hi All,
    I have a problem with Dafni. I just unboxed and on it …it become red and after sometime it starts blinking with red and green light with bip sound. Can anyone help me how to solve this ?


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