How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener: 4 Best Methods

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Us girls love something new, fresh and beautiful. This is why we are constantly experimenting with our looks and hair is ideal for this. How do guys manage to have the same hairstyle every day? How? I know there are also girls, who follow this rule. But if you are reading this, then it is obviously not about you. Just spend a few extra minutes in the morning, and you will catch admiring glances all day long.

Hair is the weapon of a woman, which is always right on target. If you use it right, it is almost impossible to miss. You must admit that pretty curls are able to make an impression in any situation, but many girls give up this kind of styling, as they believe that it is very difficult to create this hairstyle and that it will take a long time. Maybe they just don’t know how to curl their hair with a straightener, but actually using one of the best iron is much easier and faster than with many other methods.

There are several ways to curl your hair with a straightening iron, but they all have the same preparatory stage. You should wash your hair with shampoo and condition it. Your hair should then be dried and treated with a protection product that will defend it from any negative effects from the hot iron. Next, heat your iron to the maximum temperature and start curling your hair.

Method 1: Fast Simple Curls

This method is suitable for almost any hair type. It is distinguished by its speed and ease of implementation. You will need only five minutes to transform your hair into beautiful curls.

Quick and easy curls

  1. Divide your hair into strands: 3-5 sections, depending on the thickness of your hair.
  2. Take a strand of your hair with a straightener horizontally to the curl at the height, where the curl will be starting, move downwards, and then place the iron upright, having made one revolution around its axis. Repeat this step several times with each strand.
  3. If you have done everything correctly, you will get spiral curls, as shown in the figure above.
  4. Carefully divide your curls.
  5. Apply soft or medium hold hair spray to your curls and enjoy your hairstyle.

Method 2: Casual Curls for Long and Short Hair

Now we`ll discuss a very trendy technique of curling hair with the HSI flat iron. It is no more difficult than the previous method, perhaps even easier.

Casual curls for long hair

  1. Separate a strand and clamp it with the iron at the root.
  2. The straightener should be in an upright position. Remember, the thicker the section of strands, the larger the curls will be.
  3. Next, rotate the straightener over the entire length of hair about 180 degrees.
  4. Curl each strand with these movements. It is not recommended to curl the same strand several times.
  5. Spray the finished curls with hairspray, and voila, your fashionable hairstyle is complete.

Casual curls for short hair

Method 3: Attractive Beach Curls

This is another way of how to curl your hair with Karmin G3 hair straightener. Using this method, you will be able to create “beach” curls.

Attractive beach curls

  1. Strands should be much thinner than how they were in the first method.
  2. Each strand should be twisted (make a rope) and clamped with the flat iron.
  3. The entire length of the strand should be spiraled. If you like, you can leave the ends untouched.
  4. Apply a soft or medium hold hair spray to your hair. Your “Beach” curls are finished!

Method 4: Adding Volume to Thin Hair

Did you think that was all? – No! I have one more method for you. This method can provide volume even to thin hair.

Extremely volume loose curls

  1. Twist thin strands of hair around your finger.
  2. Fasten each strand to the roots with a bobby pin.
  3. Clamp the fastened strands with the flat iron.
  4. Gently release each strand. If some strands are not wavy enough, improve them with the straightener, but the main shape will already be formed.
  5. Now all you have to do is spray your curls with hairspray, and you’re done!

There are other ways of how to curl your hair with an iron, but we have discussed the most popular and proven ones. As you can see, you just need a little time and effort in order to transform your appearance. If you have a hair straightener, I suggest you to not put it aside and create beautiful curls today. If not, you can buy one of this.


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  1. I am getting married in a few months in Bali and will be using one of the techniques you have shown to do my hair for the day or get a friend to do my hair. I’m pleased we have some time to practice these methods to see which will be best for my hair. Although, I need to know; do hot tropical climates have a major effect on the curl and if so what would you recommend to stop it from dropping throughout my special day? If there is nothing to resist it from falling, I will just go for an up-do! 🙂 I would just prefer to know prior.

    1. Well, first of all, congratulations!
      Ok, so about your curls on your wedding day; you will be battling against humidity. If your hair is naturally wavy, then there is more chance of your hair holding the curl. Now this is very important, do not wash your hair, it will help the curls stay in place throughout the day. Freshly washed hair is too silky and they can fall out easily. You can purchase anti-humidity sprays too, which will make the style last longer.

  2. It all depends on how thick you want the curls, and how thick your hair is. If you have thick hair, you should break it into 5-6 sections.

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