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Conair Supreme Hot Air Brush Review

Last update: Dec 29, 2016 09:33, April Williams

This is not just an ordinary brush that blows air, as it might seem at first sight. This hot air brush is often used as a curling iron, and the bristles are very soft. It is very convenient because you can get curls and straighten your hair if necessary with only one instrument.

Based on my own experience, I can say that this hot air brush delivers better functionality than any other hot styling tool does. This appliance will certainly give you smoothness as well as volume. It comes with two interchangeable heads for styling your hair. These are a small 1-inch nylon bristle brush for defined curls and a 1.5-inch curling brush with hard plastic bristles for large, voluminous curls. The brushes are detachable, so you can easily clean them.

I purchased this hair tool to straighten my hair, to curl it, and, of course, to create wavy alluring strands. In short, now this is my magic wand that helps me to get any hairstyle I wish. Be sure that with this tool, you will be able to create luxury straight hair, soft voluminous curls or tempting waves in a split second and without any efforts. And its built-in safety stand and cool tip provide safety and convenience.

My hair is thick, coarse and shoulder length; I can say that styling my strands with this brush is the easiest way to handle my extremely straight hair. My hair is difficult to curl, but this tool allows me to cope with this task without any problems. Moreover, this appliance will not tangle your hair up as most brush dryers do. It is much easier to use this hot air brush than to hold a brush in one hand and a hair dryer in the other.

Its Main Advantages and Features

If you do not want to buy a variety of styling tools for different hairstyles and to spend a lot of money, but your dream is to create various hairstyles according to your mood and desires, the Conair is definitely what you need. It comes in two colors; “black and gold” and “black and purple”. It will provide you with the following benefits:

The most important thing is that it has two interchangeable attachments

You can use either a brush or a curling iron (small brush) depending on what result you intend to have. It is very easy to interchange one head with the other one. There is a dial at the top of the handle, which you use it remove the brush or the iron from the handle. Just position the head you need and when the head is attached to the unit, lock the dial to keep the head from falling out. That`s it!

It will save you time

This tool heats up very quickly, which means you can style your hair immediately after you have switched it on. Both attachments possess multiple vents that let hot air out. This gives you an opportunity to dry your hair while brushing and styling it. This instrument will help you out in the morning when you`re in a hurry. It works by air flow to the roots of your hair, giving it volume. In other words, this product will save you so much time without compromising the quality of your hairstyle.

The product is portable

It comes with a dual voltage plug. So, if you like to travel or you often have business trips, you can take it with you anywhere you go. Moreover, it won`t take much space as the Conair hair styler is small and compact. That`s why the Conair can become your personal stylist while traveling.

It has a beautiful and simple design

This unit has only three buttons (including two heat settings): “high”, “low” and “off”.

Tangle-free cord

The cord doesn`t twist around itself or get tangled thanks to the swivel at the base of the handle. As a matter of fact, it is approximately 6 feet long.

Sound level

It is quieter than a regular hair dryer.

Conair Supreme hot air brush picture 2

If compared with similar hair styling products

The Conair hot air brush is a real treasure for every woman who wants her hair to look well-groomed. Previously, in order to create different hairstyles every day, you had to obtain curling and straightening irons and hot air brushes, having spent a lot of money. This unit offers you all-in-one. Won`t it be great to have this tool and forget about numerous, sometimes even useless hair styling tools and just have one that does it all?

What about disadvantages?

In my opinion, it is better to dry your hair a little with a hair dryer before using this product; but this is only what I am used to. I just think you will get the highest quality result in this case. You can towel your hair dry and use the tool on damp hair or you can let your hair dry partially to save time. Generally speaking, the Conair has no drawbacks at all. A few customers have said their lock dial is broken or they have had problems with the tool overheating, but these cases are uncommon and you have an opportunity to order a replacement. Besides, a one year warranty is provided.

What about the price?

The price will pleasantly surprise you! The brush is absolutely inexpensive! You pay 20-30 dollars and you get a styler of your dreams that will make your strands look gorgeous within a few minutes.


As far as I understand, the Conair brush has a lot of positive reviews from completely satisfied and happy customers. Many girls claim that this product ensures salon quality results at home. My review is no exception. It is no more a problem for me to style my hair quickly and without getting stressed out.

The manufacturer says it is perfect for all hair types, i.e. it does not matter if your hair is thick or thin, short or long. The Conair hot air brush will do its job splendidly. The aluminum barrel of the brush provides a superior heat transfer, which is ideal for long-lasting hairstyles. I can confidently say that this is one of the best hot hair stylers I have ever used. It adds volume at the roots of your hair while providing a lovely shine and quickly makes it look silky and flowing!

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    1. It does, but it’s not very powerful. It gently blows hot air and of course will not quickly dry your hair like a regular hair dryer like some other hot air brushes can. My hair is in between thick and thin and it takes me about 15 minutes to styles and dry, which I know is not too bad at all really but there are many more available with a stronger dryer. If your hair is short and fine, it should do the trick just fine. 

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