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Conair ¾” Ceramic Flat Iron

Last update: Sep 22, 2017 06:58, Alice

I was on the hunt for a mini flat iron that I could take traveling and I came across this the Conair ¾ inch flat iron. To be honest, I wouldn’t usually pay attention to a flat iron with “ceramic coated” plates simply because I’m aware of the fact that they’re not as reliable as those that are fully ceramic but flat iron by Conair is an exception for a few reasons. Firstly, I needed a mini straighter to take traveling with me pronto, secondly, I know Conair doesn’t manufacture crap and thirdly the price is such a bargain that I had nothing to lose because it has a 2-year warranty!

Conair Flat Iron Features:

  • Dual Voltage
  • Lightweight – only 6.4 ounces
  • 25 adjustable heat settings, max 400 °F
  • Ceramic coated
  • Fast heating – 30 seconds
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Turbo heat indicator light
  • 2-year warranty

Price of Conair Straightener:

~ $12*

* Approximate price


First Impressions

When I first picked it up I noticed how lightweight it was, and also how comfortable it felt in my hand. It weighs in at less than half a pound! It’s the first flat iron that’s I’ve seen with a curved handle like this one and think it’s quite a comfortable detail.

Conair Flat Iron Usability

I took this on my trip to South East Asia and just needed to purchase a plug adapter and the voltage switches automatically. When I plugged the device it, it lived up to my expectations from the advertizing and really did heat up within 30 seconds. If you require the highest temperature setting, that takes 1 minute.

This hair straightener by Conair is small but powerful. I was shocked when I saw it had 25 adjustable heat settings. Now, it’s not every day you see that. It has ceramic coated plates which provide an even consistent heat distribution throughout. The turbo mode really worked, and it’s perfect if you’ve only got a few minutes to get ready.

It’s Just What I Was Looking For

My hair is not super thick or fine, I’d call it something in between, it’s frizzy and wavy (not aesthetic beachy waves either, more like out of control waves). I have found this straightener to be perfect to take traveling, it’s fast heating and would be ideal for anyone needing to straighten their bangs in a hurry or if you have short hair, it’d even be ideal to keep at home as your main straighter. I have specifically purchased mine for traveling, but also take it with me to take gym or whenever I go overnight to a friend or family members place for the night and I don’t know if they’ve got something that I can straighten my frizz and fry-always with. This tool is absolutely perfect on-the-go straightener.

I Will Mention a Few Cons

  • This ¾” plate flat iron is obviously not intended for people with long, thick hair, the plates are so small that it would take a long time to straighten. People with these hair types should opt for a flat iron with a larger plate size.
  • The plastic handle feels a little flimsy.
  • It actually doesn’t cool down very fast, usually about 15 minutes. So you can’t pack it straight away after using it. I got into the habit of sorting out my hair as the first part of my routine then I’ll dressed, brush my teeth and do any other things I need to do to get myself completely ready while the device is cooling down. You need to wait for at least 10minutes before packing it away.

As a wrap, I’m glad I took the chance and purchased this tool. It performs better than my expectations. It’s compact and lightweight; I think it’s absolutely perfect to take traveling and on-the-go general. If you need biggest size, see 2 inch Conair flat iron.


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