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3 Most Popular Hair Styling Tools

Last update: Sep 22, 2017 06:33, April Williams

Unruly bed hair, just wildly curly or frizzy hair can be very difficult to manage without the help of hair styling tools. Thanks to a large variety of stylers that are available at the tip of our fingers, hairstyling is possible without too much effort.

Heated hair styling tools have grown massively in quality and effectiveness over the years now providing not only a gorgeous hairstyle but also protection to the hair strands from damage.

Hair can now be styled and look shiny and smooth in the fastest time in history. That delightful feeling of freshness and glamorous hair doesn’t have to exist only after an appointment at the salon because advanced hair styling tools have been designed to make hair styling easy for anyone! It’s now possible to style your hair from the comfort of your own home in a way that looks as though you’ve been to a salon by using one heated tool and often times, only one hand!

This is why so many women use electric hair styling tools and the majority of women have had one in the past, have one or want one.

There are 3 most popular hair styling tools available and the tool that is perfect for you depends on:

  1. The hair style you want to have as a result
  2. Your hair type and,
  3. Your time allowance for hair styling.

Three hair styling tools which are the most multifunctional and easy-to-use, which we are going to go over to help you decide which hair styling tool will be the best for you to tame and style your hair. On today’s market, there is a wide range of hair straightening brushes, flat irons and hot air brushes which are recognized as the best hair styling tools for regular use, because of efficiency, effectiveness, and protection.

#1. Hair Straightening Brush

Hair straightening brushes are a revolutionary tool favorable among many people thanks to their ease of use, fast styling and less damage to the hair. A hair straightening brush provides a naturally straight looking hair style that makes the hair look smooth and shiny. With the wide variety of these tools available, manufacturers have provided a hair straightening brush suitable for everyone who needs to style their hair in a matter of minutes which makes the tools differ in ways including their form, temperature range, protective measures and ultimate convenience.

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Overall the pros of this tool include:

  • Fast hair styling
  • Easy to use
  • Less heat damage and safe to on a regular basis
  • Naturally straight look
  • Provides volume to the hair
  • No burns due to anti-scald design of the electric brush
  • Bristles become a scalp massager which improves blood circulation and furthermore hair growth
  • Affordable price

And the cons:

  • For those with extremely thick, curly hair a hair straightening brush will not be able to replace a flat iron that gives your hair a pin straight look.
  • Some tools have inconvenient button placement making it easy to change the temperature or turn the device off completely.

#2. Flat Iron

Flat irons are well-known and most people have either owned or used a flat iron in their life! They are ideal for thick hair types and can straighten any hair type perfectly. Flat irons are multifunctional tools with the ability to not only straight hair but also to create beautiful curls. These electric straightening tools range widely in price from cheap to professional expensive tools.

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flat iron

Overall the pros of this tool include:

  • Flat irons can straighten even the most frizzy, curly and unruly hair perfectly making them effective for ALL hair types and all hair lengths.
  • They make your hair smooth and shiny
  • Multifunctional tools, providing the possibility to create gorgeous curls without too much effort.
  • Flat irons are trusted devices as they have worked for people for years.
  • The hair style will last all day long.

And the cons:

  • Can cause severe hair damage, especially if used without heat protection or too often. The ends of the hair will become dry and brittle as the flat irons clamp the end of the hair together.
  • Requires some time to achieve the perfectly straight hairstyle.
  • Over time hair straightening causes your hair to lose its natural shine as it dries the hair out.

#3. Hot Air Brush

Hot air brushes make it possible to give your hair a gorgeous blow-dry by using only one hand. I admit I have always found it difficult to manage to brush and create the hair form in one hand while holding a blow dryer in the other. These tools are ideal for creating a voluminous hairstyle!

There are: Babyliss Rotating Air Brush


Overall the pros of this tool include:

  • Numerous possible hairstyles
  • Smooth and frizz-free hair
  • Voluminous hairstyles
  • Suitable for all hair lengths
  • Fast styling

And the cons:

  • May take some practice if the brush is automatically rotating
  • Some brushes require new brush heads after a period of time
  • Not ideal for fragile hair to use the tool on a daily basis
  • Some hot air brushes have a big roller and aren’t suitable for people with really short hair.

I believe that all of the above electric hair styling tools have their purpose and can serve the needs of different people with different hair types and styling objectives.

From my experience, I used a flat iron for many years which always provided long lasting straight smooth hair but of course, the frequent use of this electric device took its toll on my hair and the ends of my hair became very damaged, brittle and dry. I searched for a new method to style my hair which would be more kind and I found out about hair straightening brushes.  The difference in the quality of my hair is indescribable.  I achieve a naturally straight look that looks shiny and smooth with ease. My hair is styled the way I want it in a much shorter amount of time than when I used a flat iron in the past.

As for hot air brushes, I don’t own one myself but friends of mine do and I absolutely love using their tools to style my hair before a night out together. Hot air brushes make give the hair a glamorous, rich look full of volume.  I am a fan of all of the electric tools listed above, obviously I love my brush the most because it’s keeping my hair in a healthy condition, but flat irons were my #1 tool for many years and I know that many people require them to achieve a pin straight hair style if they have thick curly strands.

Hot air brushes are a novelty for me as they make it possible to look like you’ve just left the salon by only really using one hand.  If you analyze what’s important for you to have in an electric hair styling tool, then you will be able to easily realize which tool is perfect for you and your needs.


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