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Balayage Technique + 5 Fresh Ideas For Hair Coloring

Last update: Jul 7, 2017 12:58, April Williams
  • For coloring, it is best to choose the shades of your natural color.
  • The main purpose of balayage is to highlight the beauty of your natural hair color with minimal changes. Do not presume the number of shades and changes will enhance the final appearance.
  • First of all, decide on best hairstyle, and only after that think about coloring. Balayage colors the haircut, not vice versa.
  • This type of hair highlighting is gentle, but that doesn’t mean that you do not need to strengthen your hair. Use nourishing masks and conditioners for fast hair repair.
  • Experiment with a new procedure no earlier than 1,5 months after the previous one. Otherwise, you run the risk of damage and weakening your hair.

How to Emphasize the Face Shape

By coloring, you can emphasize your strengths and hide what you are not very satisfied with.

Coloring helps to improve your face shape:

  • The dark color at the temples and above the forehead along with light hair against the cheeks will help balance triangular face (broad forehead and narrow chin). The face will appear more oval.
  • If you are ashamed of your chubby cheeks, you need to visually pull the face. To achieve this, the temporal hair should be dyed dark. But the crown, by contrast, should be lightened.
  • If you have a very narrow face, the hair should be dyed the lightest shade possible that suits the color of your skin and eyes.
  • If you want to soften a square shaped face a little bit, choose gentle colors; the shades should smoothly flow into each other.
  • In the case of a rectangular shape of the face, light colors will look good; the temporal strands should be the lightest.
  • If your face is a trapezoidal (pear) shape, the hair should be lighter above and darker below. This will balance the narrow forehead and the larger chin.
  • Those with a diamond-shaped face, often want to hide wide cheekbones. For this, the hair passing over the cheeks is dyed dark.

Also, the right color can visually emphasize or even improve the complexion:

  • Women with pale skin are recommended to dye their hair with bright, warm colors. Never become a brunette or your face may look unhealthy.
  • The owners of dark skin better use dark colors, to make the hairstyle look more voluminous you may dye the individual strands — make them a few shades lighter or darker than the base color.
  • If you have yellowish skin, rich chestnut, ginger or even reddish shades will suit you.
  • Cold light colors will suit women with pink skin.
  • If you have olive skin, it is best to dye your hair dark.

Ideas for Balayage

The fashion for naturalness, the effect of sun damaged hair and natural highlights dictate their own rules. Even brunettes try giving their hair a look that is more specific for blondes and women with light brown hair. Balayage has its own peculiarities, and we present 5 of the most successful ideas that you can use.

Striking Contrast

best ideas for balayageIf you have dark hair and you do not want to change your main color, try balayage with a striking contrast. You can leave the crown as it is or darken it a little, but make the ends of the hair much lighter. This contrast will allow you to look spectacular.

The most important thing is that the transition from very dark to very light should be gradual.

Multilayer Coloring

woman with multilayer balayageThis technique not only contributes to the creation of a multilayer deep color, but it allows you to postpone your next visit to the salon. Nobody will be able to determine, whether it is deep roots or part of a masterpiece on your hair 🙂

Red Color

balayage on red hairNo matter whether you have natural red hair or you choose to color — you will surely attract attention! But the hair will look even more impressive if you perform a radiant method with levels of volume.

For coloring, red-haired girls and women can choose various shades of copper and bright red, and you can also lighten the ends of the strands and dye them amber.

woman with a balayage on blond hairBlonde Color


Given the sensitivity of the scalp, coloring for blonde hair should always be gentle. You should choose ammonia-free dyes. Hair coloring for colored blondes necessarily implies hydration prior to the procedure and a series of following restoration treatments. To avoid mistakes, accurately select the color. Ash balayage looks great. The best colors for blondes are pearl and wheat, gold and honey. Balayage for straight blonde hair requires carefulness, as the defects are especially noticeable when the dye is applied to blonde hair.



balayage technique on short hairShort Hair Coloring


The shorter the hair is, the higher the skill level of a specialist should be. This is the only way that will give you full confidence in a perfect result.

At first, it is recommended to have your hair cut. Experts say that balayage looks good if you have a blunt bob. However, there is no real difference in the application of technique depending on the length. Also, if you have a short haircut, you need to straighten your hair before coloring. You can use special straightening tools for boys haircuts.

Asymmetrical hairstyles are also great for this technique of coloring.

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  1. bookmarked!! I really like your website!

  2. Really love these hair and Ombre colors.

  3. Currently, my hair is completely blonde. I want to let my hair grow out and for it to be as healthy as possible. Do you think balayage would be a good option for me since I won’t have to keep bleaching my regrowth every six weeks?

    1. Trina

      This is the perfect solution for you to for your hair out! One of the best things about balayage is that you don’t have to go to the salon every few weeks for touch ups because your natural regrowth won’t be obvious so it’s so easy to maintain! The hairdresser will put a darker color though the top part of your hair and you will be able to grow out your natural hair color easily while looking super stylish at the same time!

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