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Balayage Technique + 5 Fresh Ideas For Hair Coloring

Last update: Jul 7, 2017 12:58, April Williams

Balayage is a pretty young, but very popular technique. It comes from France. The term may be translated as “painting on hair”. The color is applied to the hair without the use of foil with a brush or fingers according to the pattern. As a result, there is a color contrast effect between the ends and the hair strands or between the roots and the rest of the hair.

The most daring experiments involve the use of not only two but three different colors with a gradual change from the ends to the roots. The contrast may be either soft or sharp. One of the most important tasks is choosing the appropriate colors that will not only go well together but also blend in well with the skin tone and eye color.

The fact that balayage is suitable not only for young girls but also for mature ladies, is one of the benefits of this technique.

Benefits of Balayage

Thousands of women all over the world choose this cosmetic procedure because of its many advantages:

  1. It is fashionable and relevant. Today, not only the housewives or business women but also the stars of show business, which are the trendsetters, try the balayage effect.
  2. Freedom to experiment. Balayage coloring technique makes it possible to bring the boldest changes in your appearance. You can even use colored hair extensions. It is the most convenient way to try a new color while simultaneously increasing the length and volume of your hair.
  3. Suitable for women of any age. It is a mistake to consider that balayage is popular only among young people. After all, it is difficult to find a better solution in the fight against gray hair for adult women.
  4. Minimum requirements for the care compared to other types of hair highlighting. If you perform this procedure, you do not need to go to the hairdresser every month; 3-4 visits per year are enough. Very low maintenance.
  5. For all. The technique is suitable for all hair types, regardless of length, thickness, and color, as well as for all hairstyles without any exception.
  6. Attractive appearance. Contrast coloring will not only emphasize your individuality and make you look more stylish, but it also looks very beautiful, eye-catching and natural.

woman with a striking construct balayageHow to Choose Colors?

The result of this unique coloring will depend largely on the choice of colors. Trust a professional; an experienced hairdresser will easily be able to determine your season and select the best colors that will suit you. The following pairs of colors represent familiar contrasts:

  • Summer: roots — cendré (ash color), ends — pearl (or roots — hazelnut, ends — bright ash blonde);
  • Winter: roots — eggplant, ends — Burgundy (or roots — blue-black, ends — red devil);
  • Autumn: roots — liver-colored, ends — bronze;
  • Spring: roots — bronze, ends — amber.

Thanks to the contrast of the selected colors that they are so bright, saturated, unique, and supreme. These are the basic implications of this procedure.

Secrets of Ideal Balayage

Contrasted hair highlighting involves a number of details and distinctions that can affect the final results. Here are some secrets from professionals, who regularly perform this technique:

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  1. bookmarked!! I really like your website!

  2. Really love these hair and Ombre colors.

  3. Currently, my hair is completely blonde. I want to let my hair grow out and for it to be as healthy as possible. Do you think balayage would be a good option for me since I won’t have to keep bleaching my regrowth every six weeks?

    1. Trina

      This is the perfect solution for you to for your hair out! One of the best things about balayage is that you don’t have to go to the salon every few weeks for touch ups because your natural regrowth won’t be obvious so it’s so easy to maintain! The hairdresser will put a darker color though the top part of your hair and you will be able to grow out your natural hair color easily while looking super stylish at the same time!

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