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BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

Last update: Aug 18, 2017 08:37, Trina

In the following review, I will discuss the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron. I will discuss my impressions of the tool and point out all features as well as the pros and cons. Finally, I will try to help you decide if it’s good value and whether it’s the right product for you.


This is definitely a compact unit. It has a very attractive sleek look to it. My first impression is that this straightening iron proudly shouts out, “I am perfect for traveling!”.

First and foremost, this is a compact design. Its measures are 1.8×7.7×4.8 inches and weighs a mere 4.8 ounces. With that being said, there is no room for an LCD display. It features only an on/off slider switch and a power indicator LED. The remaining space on its body is where it is held in your hand while in use.

The body of the tool is made entirely of plastic. The heating elements are made of ceramic, and they are covered with titanium.

The shape of the plates are rectangular and are large enough to process a two-inch section of hair at a time.

At the moment, the BaByliss flat iron is only available in blue. Lucky for me, as blue is my favorite color.

There are no additional items included in the product box. Also, no instructions are given. This is totally fine though as the tool is pretty much self-explanatory. You plug it in, turn it on, allow the elements to heat up, and use it. It does not get much more simple than that!


This straightener is surely the easiest to use on the market. The simple on/off control is all there is to worry about.

The unit heats up to the full operating temperature of 430°F in just 30 seconds. This furthers the feeling that it is a useful hair tool for the traveler.

It sadly does not feature a rotating cord; Nor, does it have a hanging hook. These are fairly minor disadvantages, though.

As I stated before, there is only one control on the unit, which is an on/off slider switch. There is, however, a LED power indicator located next to the switch.

Upon Further Inspection

The BaByliss PRO only operates at one temperature, 430° F. There are no means of changing to other temperatures.

Because of the fact that the heat plates are smooth, which allows the hair to gently glide through, it can be considered an anti-scald design. You do have to make sure that you do not touch the plates while the iron is in use, though.

There is no ionizer; so, in order to promote perfectly smooth hair, the use of a hair oil is recommended.

The heating elements are made of ceramic and are covered in titanium. This is a good combination as ceramic provides a consistency of heat and titanium acts as a very good insulator of the heat. This way, once the unit is heated up, it will remain uniformly hot across the entire surface.

There is no automatic shut-off feature. You must be sure to turn it off after you are done. As is the case with most small electronics, unplugging after use is highly recommended.

This hair straightener is, however, dual voltage. It automatically switches between 100 and 220 volts when it is plugged in. The plug is only compatible with North American outlets, though. So, an inexpensive plug adapter is required for use in most countries outside of North America. These are generally available at all travel stores and many department stores that sell travel equipment. They are also widely available online.

Babyliss mini flat iron


The BaByliss PRO Nano is an exceptional hair straightening iron for what it is; that is, compact and lightweight. These features make it ideal for travel usage as it doesn’t require very much luggage space to store it. Also, it does not take up much space in a hotel bathroom which is typically quite small, to begin with. The iron automatically detects the voltage from the power source and internally switches to it. It can run on 110 or 220 volts AC. Although the plug is the North America type, a simple and inexpensive plug adapter allows it to be used worldwide.

The operation is very basic. Plug it in, turn it on, and within 30 seconds you get the full 430°F operating temperature. You cannot realistically expect anything more elaborate than this given the small size of the tool. This is definitely not a detraction though as the iron works quite well for most all hair types. Its ability to cover a two-inch section of hair at a time puts it on par with most of the competing models currently on the market.

An interesting innovation that appears on this model is that the heating elements are made of ceramic which is coated with a thin layer of titanium. Ceramic is the best heating surface medium for a straightening iron as it heats evenly across the entire surface. The addition of titanium provides a solid insulating layer. The combination results in a heating element that holds a temperature steady throughout each use.

The downsides are the fact that there is no automatic shutoff and lack of a rotating cord. Again, these are fairly minor in the grand scheme of things; you just must always remember to turn the power off after each use. Unplugging is also highly recommended as it always is for small electrical products. A rotating cord (sometimes referred to as a swivel cord) helps to keep the cord out of the way during operation and the Babyliss does not have this so you just have to remain aware of where the cord is while you are using the tool.

Finally, I would like to say that it is a good investment as it performs really well at home or away. It takes up very little luggage space and is highly recommended for this purpose.


4 comment(s)

  1. What is the LENGTH of the plates? -I know they are 1 inch wide.

    1. Trina

      This tool is very small; it’s perfect to travel with or to just quickly straighten your bangs. I have just measured the length of the plates from mine for you and they are exactly 2.5 inches, about the size of my index finger. It’s more than enough to work with a 2-inch wide section of hair at a time.

  2. It’s so cute! I think this would be perfect for me to take with me anytime I’m away from home. Does it come with a little travel case/pouch?

    1. It really is so cute! 🙂
      Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a travel pouch, that’d be the perfect additional item to come with this brush but to be quite honest, it’s so mini that it can fit in your makeup bag or a pencil case!

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