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Babyliss Hot Air Brush Review

Last update: Jan 4, 2017 13:13, April Williams

Do you need something that adds volume to your hair? Are you searching for a product that works well with your limited time? Does your heart yearn for a tool that requires less energy to use?  Or, do you want a product that stands out among many others of its kind? Now it is possible to find the answers you want to all of these questions with one device! This is the review of the Babyliss hot air brush.

Just like every product, this one has pros and cons. I’m sure that as you read further, you will be able to decide if this is the one for you or not. Well, I can certainly say that your answer will realize as you read further.

Hot air brush from Babyliss picture 1

First Impression

This is a big round brush (cylindrical to be exact) that has been specially constructed this way for a purpose. The interesting fact is that it is a rotating blow drying brush.

Its dimensions are 3.5 x 13.8 x 6 inches; 14.1 ounces, but the barrel which holds the bristles is only 2 inches of the whole tool. The barrel is metallic (titanium), while the rest of its body is made up of plastic. Its weight is about 1.7 pounds.

I got mine in a beautiful blue color. I’m not sure whether there are other existing colors of this brush, though. When I purchased mine, I only saw it in blue. I do hope they make it in other colors as well to suit the different tastes of women.


It doesn’t have a rotating cord, but it’s actually not necessary here as its head does all the rotating that is needed. The 2 buttons at its neck determine the direction it rotates. One ensures that it rotates inwards (towards your scalp) and the other outwards (away from your scalp). This is the way how it styles your hair; rotating inwards will give you a nice voluminous bob while rotating in the other direction will give your hair a nice flick like feathers. You may be wondering how I know this, well I have been using this product for about 2 months and love to look different pretty much every day (well as much as I can and as long as I have the time to play and experiment with my hair).

It does not feature a hanging hook and comes with no other attachments. The brush is a whole package on its own which I have determined by its multi-functionality.Hot air brush from Babyliss picture 2

Further Inspection

It has a 3 level heat setting: low, high and cool. I would just like to state this now that although it is a rotating brush when it is set to “cool” it does not rotate. This is because the cool setting is specifically to set your hair to the style you want (good thinking right!) meaning you don’t need to keep a regular brush at hand. I praise the manufacturers for this.

It uses Nano titanium technology which conducts a stable heat supply, especially in high temperatures. In addition, this technology comes with far-infrared that ensures your hair is styled without any damages. During use, it emits ions which give your hair a smooth, shiny and frizz-free finish.

It doesn’t have an automatic shut off function, so you must make sure you switch off after use. This would not be much of an issue because it is a noisy tool like normal blow dryers, so switching it off isn’t an action that could be easily forgotten.

Hot air brushes Babyliss picture 3

A Few Things to Note:

The rotating movement of the barrel can be quite confusing the first few times, as it was the case for me, but I got the hang of it in due time. You’ll just need to master it and once you do, I’m sure you will be ecstatic!

To be on the safe side, apply heat protectant spray or oil to your hair before actually using the brush because it could get really hot. You don’t want to take any chances.

Thirdly, make sure your hair isn’t very wet before using as this will avoid any tangling. Plus it might not fully dry your hair especially if your hair is thick like mine. I usually use a blow dryer to dry my hair focusing mostly on my roots. Sometimes it’s difficult to reach the roots with the brush. Also when the brush gets really hot, I don’t put it anywhere near my scalp.

After you have pre-dried your hair, it is best to quickly comb through your hair or you could use the brush itself without switching it on, just to get rid of any tangles that came along after washing your hair. If you do this; I can assure you that the brush will glide through your hair with ease.

Lastly, section your hair in small amounts. A large amount of hair can easily get tangled and probably pull your hair. No one wants that!


In general, this is a great product from its features to its usability. Less energy is required when using this brush. Before I came across it, I used to use a round brush and a blow dryer to achieve the results that this hot air brush gives me. I usually spent about 30 – 40 minutes as I have a full head of hair. It was time-consuming and tiresome, so I always blow dried my hair a few hours before going out, so I would have some time to rest. As time went on, I began to care less about the voluminous bouncy look as the time and effort it took to get my hair looking the way I wanted it to I felt wasn’t worth it. I was stuck with carrying simple straight styles all the time. As fate would have it this, hot air brush came along, solving my problems and making me happy.

There is less pain on your arms as it automatically rotates, so you don’t have to do that.

As I am all for variety, I like that it styles my hair perfectly and if I need something different, I just set it to the “cool” temperature and create the style that I want.

There are a few disadvantages:  It can get really hot, but there is a solution. If the heat is unbearable, all you need to do is set the tool to a low temperature if it was on high, or simply switch it off for a few seconds and continue styling. It is big a size, so if you have small hands, it might not be the most comfortable and the tool could keep slip out of them. The bristles might begin to flatten after a while, so I try not to use it too frequently.

Having considered all, this is definitely a product worth trying. It pretty much covers the functions of a brush, a flat iron, and a blow dryer because it can brush, straighten and dry your hair all at the same time.

Furthermore, my hair time has been reduced to 20 mins which are a necessity for me. In that little time, I can achieve smooth, shiny and voluminous hair just how it’s done in a salon. It is definitely worth its price.

Cheers, to hair styling made easier!

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    1. I actually can answer your question!Together my sister and I own both of them; my sister owns the Babyliss and I have had the CONAIR Infinity for years. I have to say that the Babyliss is a superior tool; the titanium leaves your hair with a beautiful shine that I don’t achieve with the CONAIR Infinity. Don’t mistake me, though, the CONAIR is also a brilliant rotating brush but if you are looking for shine without the aid of many products; then I’d go for the Babyliss. I have also found that the Babyliss has a quicker reaction at stopping the curl when I change to the opposite direction to release the curl.

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