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Asavea Hair Brush Straightener Review

Last update: Jan 20, 2017 13:04, April Williams

*In this post we’ve reviewed AsaVea brush. AsaVea has a wide range of different straightening tools:

This is the review of one of the best things ever made as far as hair care is concerned. I just can’t keep this to myself; in fact, I shouldn’t keep this to myself. If you are a woman or a man who has long hair, then you must know about the Asavea Hair Straightening Brush. This amazing model will definitely blow your mind for all that it is – a brush and a hair straightener.

My First Impression

Well, it is not often you see a brush with an electric cord. Think about it! Brushes are usually simple in the structure used basically just to brush hair.  I have noticed so many amazing things about this particular product. First of all, as a woman I love bright colors, just anything that makes me glow, luckily enough I got the pink version of this brush, how great is that! To me, first impressions say a lot, so the pink color already had me. I found out that it comes in other colors as well and even mix of colors. There is pink/white, purple/white and rose gold. Take your pick! Mine came in a black cardboard box, I’m not sure if the color varies for the packaging but I think black is great.

The shape of its head is oval like most brushes, so don’t fret about getting something strange. Further down is an LCD display which indicates when the brush is switched on and what temperature it is adjusted to.

It is made up of plastic materials which put overheating and hair burn in check. You can be sure not to experience that high disturbing heat close to your scalp and it isn’t hot to the touch.



Like I briefly mentioned earlier, this brush has a 360-degree rotating cord which is very convenient during use. Why do I say that you might ask: the reason being is because it is quite difficult to control brushes with unmovable cords as they end up twisting which might reduce the span of the brush. The electric current from the socket passes through the wire and reaches the brush; this is what makes the brush function. On the other hand with this brush from Asavea, no matter how much you move the brush, it just easily moves in the direction your hand takes it, so there’s no twisting.

On the front of the brush, you will see the power button, the temperature decrease, and increase buttons. It has seven temperature levels which range from 330˚F to 450˚F. When switched on, it is already been set to 355 ˚F, you can adjust the temperature by pressing the plus or minus buttons to suit your hair type. It takes about a minute to heat up which is actually really quick. Furthermore, whether you are located in a cold or hot country, this brush beats the weather owing to its universal voltage system. So when I finally get to take a trip to Africa, I’m glad it will come in handy.

It has an anti-scald structure design which is a preventive measure for burns and hair pull. Its metal ceramic heater (MCH) makes hair smooth and shiny, plus this heating technology straightens your hair in a very short time compared to flat irons.

I am someone who looks for quality in any product I purchase, but I do take into consideration the cost as well especially when trying it out for the first time. I’m sure many would agree that it hurts when something is expensively purchased but doesn’t deliver. But trust me this brush is multifunctional, inexpensive and still does a good job on your hair. It’s exactly what I wanted.

I remember one time I forgot to turn it off after using it and went out to get something from the supermarket, thanks to the automatic shut off there wasn’t any disaster. It had already automatically shut-off before I returned and I quickly removed it from the electric socket when I noticed. Well, you should of course always switch it off after each use, but in a situation like mine, there is a safety measure to avoid what could have been.

This brush is amazing on its own, but I will let you know what the manufacturers added along with the straightening brush; they include a user manual, a handy cleaning brush, and two hair stickers.



Having said all these, the Asavea hair straightener is the one for you.

  • It works perfectly for all hair types.
  • It has an adjustable temperature control and universal voltage.
  • It comes in a variety of beautiful colors.
  • It heats up very quickly.
  • It has its own heat technology which makes hair shiny and smooth.
  • Three useful gifts are included in the package which is great.
  • Your hair is straightened in a much quicker time than flat irons.

One issue would be that the buttons are displayed where you hold the brush during use, so it’s possible that your hands might frequently disrupt the settings. But this to me is not too bad at all; I got used to it and learned to be more careful about it. If my hand did happen to change something, I just reset and continue working. The final result is what matters.

Secondly, it is suitable for only dry hair, so do make sure your hair is completely dry before using to avoid damaging to your hair.

I also would suggest that you quickly use a normal brush or comb to get rid of tangles prior to styling because you need to work this straightening brush slowly through your hair to achieve maximum results. Tangles might just get in the way. So a pre-detangling makes it all much quicker.

I am indeed pleased with this brush; I have achieved soft, smooth, frizz-free and shiny hair in just a few minutes compared to flat irons. I am certain this would work for you as well.

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  1. I have the combo 3.0. Absolutely Love it. Have thin hair,and it gives my hair shine and volume. It is 5 star. I am ordering another one for a gift. I have at least 7 different irons , this is the best

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