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Art Naturals Hair Straightening Brush – Review 2017

Last update: Jul 11, 2017 13:28, April Williams

Hello, my name is April, and today I am going to share my experience and tell you some important details about hair straightening brushes. So, I have been seeing this type of brush floating around on social media websites such as Facebook, and I have been wanting to try one.

My hair is very wavy and thick, and it reaches halfway down my back. It takes close to an hour to flat iron it. I do not have that much spare time every day. Plus, the heat from the iron has really dried my hair out. I use a heat protection spray, but my hair still feels very dry and has a slight “burnt” smell after flat ironing it. I know that this is caused by having to utilize so much heat to get my hair straight.

I thought I would try this brush from Art Naturals in order to get flat hair without damaging it. Let me tell you… I am so glad that I decided to give it a try!

Using at first time

I was surprised at how quickly it heated up. The brush has an LCD screen that shows the temperature you have it set at. This leaves out any guesswork. I had it on a medium-high setting, and it was ready to use in roughly one minute. As I stated before, my hair is pretty thick, so I divided it into two sections (top and bottom) and began brushing.

At the medium-high setting, it took a lot of the waviness out of my hair, although I wanted it to be straighter still. So, I adjusted the temperature to the highest setting, and it worked perfectly. Each section of hair that I brushed took two or three strokes to get completely straight.

The design of this brush is very sleek and user-friendly. It is not bulky, nor is it difficult to handle. It really feels and reacts like a normal brush. Although it may feel a bit lighter than some other styling tools, it is due to the fact that the body and bristles are made of plastic.

Just because it is lightweight does not mean it is not a high-quality product. I actually appreciate how light it is. This makes it easy to put it in my gym bag for touch ups should I need them. With as much hair as I have, I appreciate a lightweight tool so my arm does not get tired of using it.

The head of the brush is oval in shape, and, therefore, it is not bulky like a square or rectangular one. Combine the light weight of this product with its sleek style, and you have the perfect styling tool to carry in a gym bag, handbag or backpack.

Another impressive thing about Art Naturals straightening brush is that it does not burn my scalp, hand or fingers. I say this because I also have a clipless curling wand, and I have to use the glove that came with it to keep from burning my fingers. Using the glove is aggravating. Thankfully, I do not have to worry about that when using this product.

As far as usability is concerned, I could not be more pleased. Aside from it heating up very quickly (up to 450° F in about three minutes!), I really love the rotating power cable. It pivots 360 degrees where it enters the brush and keeps the cord from tangling. The cord itself is about six feet long, which is much longer than that of any other styling tool that I own.

Art Naturals in technical aspects

The heat setting for this brush goes up to 450°. This is the highest temperature you can find on any hair straightening brush. I was a bit concerned that the high temperature of this brush would burn my scalp if I were to accidentally bump it. But, there is a row of bristles on the outer perimeter of the brush head that is not heated. Even if you should happen to bump the brush against your scalp or hand, these plastic bristles will prevent a burn.

The surface of the heating element is made of ceramic. This material heats evenly, so there are no hot spots on the brush head. Ceramic is a much better material than metals for hair styling tools. I could tell from the first time I used it that my hair did not look or feel as dry. Nor did it have that burnt odor like it did when I used my metal-based flat iron.

This product also supports 110-220 Volts with its dual voltage design.

Another great thing about this product is that it comes with a free bottle of Argan oil. I applied just a bit of this oil to my hair while it was still damp from washing, combed it through, then dried it. My hair was so shiny and soft after using it! It conditioned much better than my normal conditioner. When this bottle runs out, I will definitely get some more!

My conclusion

Overall, I would recommend hair straightening brush from Art Naturals to anyone who (like me) has to spend time every day straightening their hair. Aside from working much better and more quickly than my straightening iron, my favorite feature of this brush is its auto shut-off feature. I get in a hurry sometimes, and I forget to unplug things, so this safety feature is a great bonus.

It straightened my hair quickly, did not make my arm feel tired and heated very quickly. Because it has unheated bristles around the edge to protect from scalding, this would be a great product to use on children who have a hard time sitting still while you do their hair.

The lightweight design by Art Naturals makes it perfect for my gym bag. I even put in my purse to take to a friend’s house to show it to her. I could barely tell that it was in there!

As far as the product’s cons are concerned, I would say that this brush may not be useful for people with very short hair. You do have to have enough hair to actually glide through the bristles in order for it to work.

The temperature control buttons are on the brush’s handle, so they could be bumped by your hand if you are not paying attention. But, on the other hand, this is a brush, so the places where the buttons could be placed are limited.

If you have wavy/curly hair and are in need of a quicker, easier way to straighten it, then you will love this product.

9 comment(s)

  1. I can’t afford to spend as much as I would want so this brush sounds very tempting right now. I usually straighten my hair once or twice a week but my straightening iron just died so I need a replacement quick! I think I’m going to give this a go.

    1. Agreed, this seems like a very good budget-friendly option, not to mention if you get it on sale! My mom suddenly decided to straighten her hair but she didn’t pick a brush, she just wants me to buy her one that works ok without being too expensive.

  2. Can this straightening brush work well with really short hair, like 1.5 – 2 inches???

    1. Trina

      Unfortunately, this product is not designed for really short hair. For best results, the straightening brush is most suited to medium and long hair. Since your hair is short, it is a good idea to use a brush with a rectangular shaped head as you will be able to get right close to the roots of your hair.

    2. I have very short curly hair about 2 inches long and it works perfectly. I love it!???? I looked for a long time for the perfect hot air brush and this is it.

  3. How long does it actually take to straighten with this? – More or less than a regular flat iron?

    1. Trina

      It takes me 10-15 minutes to get my hair completely straight. I have thick frizzy hair; with a flat iron, it takes me nearly an hour. If I wanted my hair completely sleek and straight; I would spend the whole hour on my hair, using my straightening iron but that would be on occasion when I am going out somewhere nice or have a special event. Every other day I am at work, rushing around with the kids and always on the go; this straightening brush is perfect for me as it takes away the frizz and I am completely happy with how my hair looks every day.

  4. Is this a plug for the USA?

    1. Trina

      It is indeed.

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