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Apalus Hair Straightening Iron: Serious Tool at Funny Price

Last update: Sep 22, 2017 06:59, April Williams

Straight, smooth and pleasingly shining hair has always been my dream. However, as the owner of thick and slightly wavy hair, I found it extremely difficult to achieve perfect styling. A hair straightener turned out to be the best option for me, but unfortunately, the results were never long-lasting. While in search of devices that could possibly handle and tame my hair, I saw an advertisement of Apalus – a revolutionary hair straightener. I became aware that there was also an Apalus brush hair straightener on the market which intrigued me but I was wasn’t sure if it could cope with my thick persistent waves. It could be the best hair brush straightener and I’d still feel hesitant because I know my hair and it will not be smoothened out without a fight. Despite the positive reviews, I decided to stick with something I knew works, a flat iron. Perhaps I should be more open to trying new things but anyway I am pleased in any case because I can now say with confidence that I have found the best device to help me manage my hair, the Apalus hair straightening iron is the best electric straightener I have used.  Here is my experience with the device…

Appearance: First Encounters

The flat iron immediately caught my attention with its modern and stylish design. The elegant shell of gray anti-scratch plastic sat very comfortably in my hand. The LCD-display shows the temperature has a very pleasant blue backlight and bright red plates that effectively stand out against a dark background quite strikingly. Of course, it is hardly necessary to give such great importance to the design, but every single detail added some importance in my overall conclusion of the product so, in my opinion, it is, in fact, all necessary!

I want to talk about the plates. In contrast to conventional ceramic, titanium and even tourmaline surfaces that are in fashion today, these plates are made of fiberglass, which has been recently applied to hairdressing tools. According to the manufacturers, fiberglass plates have the following advantages:

  • They seal moisture in the scales of the hair, protecting it from drying and maintaining their health.
  • They provide a perfectly smooth result, with an immaculate sliding surface from the fiberglass plates.
  • They are amazingly durable and can work effectively for a very long time!

Recognition has been given to Apalus thanks to the fiberglass plates as an innovative way to create beautiful hair styles.

Let’s Test It: The Functionality Of Apalus

I kept on being pleasantly surprised from the very moment I opened the package! As it turned out, the kit contains some very useful accessories – Including hair clips, a travel pouch, and even heat protection glove. Of course, thanks to the special rubberized coating on the shell of the iron, your hands are safe from burns, but if you are rather clumsy like me, a glove probably will come in handy.

Apalus flat iron set

The cord was the first feature that came to my attention as it’s favorable for two reasons. It’s a rotating cord, meaning there’s no need to worry about constant twists or knotting; and secondly, it is about 2.5 meters long, so you can style your hair, even if the socket is far away from your mirror!

As I started to use the straightener, I found it quite heavy; it weighs more than a pound. Although for me and in my opinion, taming my thick wavy hair requires not only a high temperature but also enough pressure and the weight actually aids this. However, those who ignore doing morning exercises, creating a hairdo may now become some form of exercise because you could actually become a bit tired!  Anyway, this is quite an insignificant matter, let’s get into more important matters.

The most enjoyable aspect for me is the ability to work in different temperature regimes, especially the use of high-heating. For fine hair, you should set something low such as 195°C (365°F), but I know what my hair needs which is why I immediately selected the maximum of 230°C (450°F). By the way, the mode of 210°C (430°F) is recommended for all hair types!

The most amazing thing is the final result, I was utterly impressed with how the Apalus transformed my hair like no other straighter had ever done before! My hair was smoothed very quickly –  I just needed to press and glide through each strand once. My hair became straight, lively and shiny, no longer dry and lifeless! The styling also retains the volume, so looking in the mirror, I couldn’t help but admire the result. I looked good and felt good too, I had never been so close to the image of my dream hair before!

Apalus straightening brush

The next surprise that Apalus prepared for future owners is the care for their budget and security. I put on the operation mode, after a while I found that the buttons wouldn’t press. This is an extremely handy function providing protection against any accidental operation and misuse. To unlock the keys you just need to press the switch button twice and then you’ll be able to change the settings.

If you don’t use the flat iron for more than five minutes, it goes into standby mode automatically lowering the temperature of the plates to 120 degrees. Thanks to this, you save up to 30% of energy consumption – and your time as well. Once you have gripped the straightener again, you will be able to work in your former mode within 30 seconds! Also, if you didn’t use the Apalus tool within an hour, it automatically shuts off, so you don’t need to be afraid of an accident!

Summing Up

For anyone with the same thick unmanageable hair as me, I have found Apalus is a real godsend, as I said before, it’s the best electric straightener I’ve ever used. These advantages have been especially appealing to me:

  • Efficiency – the fiberglass straightener tamed my unruly hair with ease.
  • Ability to maintain the health of the hair and gives an attractive glitter.
  • Security – this straightening iron cannot cause burns to your hands, and it has protection features from an accidental fire or malfunction.
  • Convenient to work with, thanks to the rotating cord and an informative LCD-display.
  • Several temperature modes.
  • Pleasant and useful accessories for creating hairstyles with comfort.

In my humble opinion, the sole disadvantage of Apalus is just solid weight. However, this is not really a disadvantage in my eyes, it just gives an opportunity to improve your strength. 😉 Most importantly, the device works perfectly and has the best safety measures of all!


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  1. Why does the temperature of the flat iron decrease when I place it down on the table?

    1. Trina

      This flat iron actually has an energy saving function. The temperature will automatically decrease if you don’t use it for 5 minutes, and it will heat back up within 30 seconds after you have picked it back up. I’m not sure if you’ve heard the ball sliding inside the straightener while you are holding it. This is used for the energy saving function and when you put the straightener down, the ball will not move anymore which mean the energy saving function will become activated. In my opinion, I think this is a brilliant feature for a flat iron to have!

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